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Range Avionics

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  1. Hey Mike, Thanks, info below; We have the ANR kits available and in stock for headsets and helmets, which include the ANR modules, all materials required for the install and the manual. As a power source you can either get the Auto-Shutoff Battery Box, 12V to 9V converter, 24V to 9V converter or USB to 9V converter. Prices as of April: M-001-A Headset Kit - $299.00 incl M-002-A Helmet Kit w/ Gel ear seals - $330.00 incl M-003-A Helmet Kit w/ Gel ear seals - $330.00 incl Auto Shutoff Battery Box - $29.70 incl Panel Mount Power Supply for 12V or 24V aircraft - $80.00 incl USB to ANR Plug Converter - $99.00 incl *Kits differ due to helmet and headset compatibility, not performance. Extra clearance kits are required in some installations. Installation by a qualified avionics technician is $253.00 incl for any compatible and serviceable headset. Main audio cable can also be replaced during the install if required, and we are currently sourcing a main lead replacement with rechargeable power pack and Bluetooth capability, more info to come when available. Julian
  2. Hi All, I know this thread has been silent a while but I have made an account to let you all know that we (Range Avionics) are Australian Dealers for Headset Inc products including the ANR kits. We can carry out dealer install of the kits at a fixed price in most serviceable headsets or helmets or otherwise kits can be installed DIY by anyone with average soldering and wiring skills. Kits come complete with diagrams, instructions and all materials needed to make the upgrade. For anyone interested, feel free to get in contact with us directly or through the forum, I will try to monitor this and provide assistance if anyone needs it. The kits are great and offer an excellent low cost entry point to ANR, half the price of similar performance ANR sets. For a bit more of technical review into them, check this link out; Flyer Magazine ANR Comparisons and Reviews. Thanks and happy flying, Julian P.S. Also happy to answer any other questions people might have.
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