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  1. I’m sure we’d have crossed paths at some point. I’m atrocious with names and faces though, so no doubt I’d have forgotten if we have. I certainly wouldn’t turn that offer down! I’m looking forward to getting around the club and learning everyone’s story’s and experiences. I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to experience what other planes our locals are flying, and I haven’t stepped into anything other than the Tecnam for a long time. Once my navs are done, I’ll be jumping ship straight into the 172 ASAP to begin my RPL conversion. Yes, I heard about Lucy’s little fall last Saturday. I ended up doing my Nav with Sagi so Sue was free for a GA nav. They’ll be kept on their toes for the next couple of months now. Anyway I’ll definitely make myself known next time I’m out there. I’ll try and catch a breakfast or lunch when I’m free!
  2. Hey Kaz! I did actually end up joining the club around 2 or 3 months ago now. Lucy was the first instructor I jumped back in with prior to my BFR in Secure Air's Tecnam. Unfortunately it's been crazy at work lately, so we're working a lot of weekends. I was hoping to make it out to the last Pancake fly in the other week, but as it happens I was on call and was called in to work early morning (I did however manage to squeeze in a 2pm local fly in the Tecnam). I'll definitely make an effort when available and hopefully get to know the other members soon enough. Making my face known might just hold me more accountable to showing up, and I'd love to get to know the others; even though I am quite introverted. Thanks for the welcome to everyone else! As I'm in a really good position with my current career, and still thoroughly enjoying the variety it has to offer, I daresay flying will still primarily remain an enjoyable hobby and a means of transport for exploring Australia with my family. I'll be more than content with gaining my PPL at this stage, but who knows what the distant future might hold...
  3. Morning ladies/gents! Just thought I’d drop a quick introduction as I plan on sticking around for a while now. My name’s Marc and I’m based in Shepparton, Vic, Australia. I began flying 10 years ago in a little Tecnam P52 Echo Super under RAAus. From memory, I finished all my theory and received my RPC with PAX endorsement about 12 months later. My original intention was to continue on through my RPL/PPL and eventually CPL to begin a career in aviation. As it happens, I managed to secure an apprenticeship as a Powerline Worker (Linesmen), so flying took a bit of a back seat and I decided to leave it as a hobby while I completed my apprenticeship. Unfortunately the cost of flying at the time wasn’t viable while I was completing my apprenticeship, so I generally only flew enough to stay current over the following few years. After a while doing the same old flying around my local aerodrome was getting boring, and with the arrival my two little girls, I couldn’t justify the cost of completing my navs. Anyway, fast forward to around 4 months ago, I began flying regularly again (typically once a week), and I just completed my first nav! I plan on doing one a week (where work permits) until I have my cross county endorsement, and then I’ll convert straight to RPL. I hope to have my full RPL sorted by the end of the year at the latest, and preferably be well into my PPL conversion. I’m also looking at purchasing a Jabiru J230 or maybe even a VH registered 430 as they look to be a great all rounder for what I plan to use it for; that will be be a mix of cross country as well as general local flying and hour building. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my backstory. After re-discovering my passion for flying, I’m looking forward to what the next 12 months has in store!
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