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  1. I loved the wizard wing on mine.... Best pig hunting spotter ever.... Dam we rolled some pigs in big numbers with it on our place... Loved it
  2. 55 would also be cool yes..... Christ where does one stop
  3. Ahh cool mate, I had a 52 but really wanted a 50 the whole time. If I had the cash I'd have the 50,52,18t and a 9...but that ain't happening unless I win the us 745 million lottery
  4. Well I hope to see the new toy in the coming weeks move to Brisbane and get me some fun time up and down the coastline
  5. New to this forum. Love my flying. Owned everything from microlight to yak. Fy 172 and 182 mostly, but looking for a yak 50 for some me time. Most of my flying now is just with the kids and gf to have weekends away
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