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  1. Our thanks to both you fellas, and the message is, 'do the job once, and do it right'. But also keep an eye on anything that is likely to fall out or fail. Will meet up with Mark Kyle this Friday and another good bloke Chris who is building a Savannah at Caboolture also. For your interest and 'riveting' stuff, is ends of R/H wing with 'close up' hopefully in the next day or two with the nose skin happening also. Cheers Frank
  2. Excellent stuff Mark, thank you. I will attempt to source your build blog and study it. The fuel system is now becoming very clear thanks to Ibob and yourself. As mentioned earlier in the day I have now modified the original shared pipe, separating the inboard and outboard tanks and ran separate lines to rib #1. Once there it will give me the opportunity to close up the R/H wing and march on. A return tube to the top of the R/H tank is in situ & similar to your system. Your generous offer for a visit is accepted and will give you a call for a suitable time. Frank
  3. I really like what I see, and the fog is starting to clear! I will do as you suggest, and regardless, run the line out of the outboard tank in readiness for a future setup. I will also swat up on Marks work. Question, if I may .... fuel returns from engine to tanks. Currently the design is to return to the TOP of the inboard tanks. If we are drawing fuel from the outboard tanks it would be bad to return to the inboard units , which may be full! It would appear at this early stage in my mind that another form of valving would be necessary to 'use and return' to the same tanks. PS: Lynn is Pahiatua born and I have beaut in-law brothers at Fielding and Taupo (both fly freaks). Again my thanks Frank
  4. Thanks spacesailor for your comments, will keep an eye on the pull rivets we are using. Ibob, your input is what the Doctor is searching for, thank you. The plumbing should be done NOW prior to closing and the separation of fuel supply accommodated. A Savannah located at Dalby is plumbed as you suggest but the respective valves are a tad complicated. If Mark Kyle or Fallowdeer would provide more info I would be extremely appreciative. Cheers Frank
  5. Thanks Kyle for your response. It is a new 'S' kit via Peter Gillespie Aerokits, a great bloke and is trying very hard to assist sales in Australia. We have nearly reached the right hand wing 'close up', but nervous that all is well with the fuel system before doing so. Cheers
  6. G'day there. A new entry into the Savannah world with a kit on the build. Currently finding concern with the build manual and realism with it. No doubt you fellas have experience with it. Is a reliable fuel/tank/engine/duct system available in schematic form that suits long range tanks and Rotax 912??? Cheers Frank
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