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  1. Yeah it really is a different experience . The control inputs felt positive and the whole machine felt solid
  2. Testing the insta 360 one x in a mates Searay . I love this camera and the plane https://youtu.be/EzqWwEKfh_s
  3. It was definitely an awesome experience!
  4. Wow that does sound very antiquated haha the last gyro I saw flying before this was a seat out in the open , very bare , this thing has all the bells and whistles
  5. A ride in a brand new gyro, very impressed
  6. Hi Michael,   congratulations on you superb build.

    Can you share details of the radiator your'e using for the EJ22?

  7. Hi please see video of the Zenith Cruzer VG installation and review also some small mods
  8. Litespeed that is very true , it’s in his DNA, I would of loved to of grown up around aviation, I guess I’m making up for it now and having a blast !
  9. Clinton he already likes watching planes on YouTube, I’m sure I can brainwash him some more 😂
  10. It was a good day for it and a good turn out , might catch you next weekend 👍
  11. Thanks Thruster it was an awesome morning so calm , glad you like it
  12. Yeah the beach is nice , yet around the corner its softer they can be unpredictable though, that’s why I have the big wheels to help float over any soft stuff .
  13. Testing out the off airport operation of the Zenith Cruzer and STOL capability with 160hp
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