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  1. Yep I guess most planes do have wheels........... Now what was that old saying??????? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. Never have I had such an "OMG this is me right now" awakening moment in all my life. As I have now after reading that. But to my credit, it was kinda my plan to do it that way.
  3. Yes Ive now seen that. Didnt realise how long its been going on for. As for the Avatar. Its a Beaver. Its a 1971 unopened Airfix kit. Im very tempted to open it.
  4. In all seriousness. I apologize if Ive opened any old wars here. I simply asked the question as I am new to the world of aviation. And it was a question I thought could be answered here. I'll try and reseach my questions in advance in the future. Cheers Craig
  5. Boy Im glad I didnt ask about electric v's fossil fuel run aircraft in the futureπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  6. That would seem like a counter productive attitude. But then again Im sure theyre not the first orginisation to be so.
  7. OK. Seems to be quite a few threads on the topic. Some going back as far as 2006. Holi moli. Some things move slow.
  8. Gday all. Im sure this question may have been done to death. But Im new so Im gunna ask. I read on an OZ flying sight recently, that RAAus is trying to get CASA to increase the MTOW allowance for RPC holders from 600kg to 750kg (think thats right), so as to allow them a larger range of aircraft and such. Firstly, will this have any chance of happening in the near future? Secondly. What do more experienced pilots think of this idea? Good? Bad? Thirdly. Do you think if this opens the gate to a bigger range of aircraft , like say the Cessna 150/152. Will it inevitably drive the price of such aircraft up, due to a larger market share? Once again . Sorry if this has been covered before. But as a budding (boy at my age. I really stopped budding a long time ago) pilot. These are the questions that one thinks about. Cheers Craig
  9. Nice one. Can I ask what you were flying. Looked like some nice tight turns. Thanks for sharing. Craig
  10. Aaaagh. Have about 10hr up in a J3. Alas only on sim Im afraid. I'd say Im along ways away from novice to tail dragger certified. One day.
  11. Can I ask. Is tha Cub as in Piper Cub?
  12. Mick your absolutely right. I have been in contact with 4 flight schools. And I will be going with the one who yes had an attitude to student and flight training I like the most.(I wont mention names). I look forward to starting. Craig
  13. Is there a site where one can see a calendar for those types of competitions?
  14. Gday all. Thanks for the welcome. Im all ready on the Gympie Aero FB page. Well following it anyway. Yes as soon as Im able to venture afar I will hopefully be able to drop in (or land appropriately )to regional aerodromes. intend to start flight training by mid March. Cheers Craig
  15. Gday all. Hoping to start flight training in the new year. Just thought Id say gday.
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