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  1. Hi Methusala, Thanks for the photos! They are brilliant and looks like a lot of fun was had. Do you still fly them? Dare I ask if the Thruster wheel is due to a hard landing? Thanks.
  2. Hi Farri (Franco), Apologies for the delayed reply. Brilliant photos! Thank you for sharing them. Some amazing stories you have regarding Scouts in the early days of ultralights. Thanks for suggesting contacting SSCBD. I'll try to do that. Thanks again.
  3. Facthunter - I believe it is still open, a few of my mates went there a few months ago. FV - Thanks, and I will certainly let you know if we have any gaps in a friend's collection (once we start going through the magazines they have). Glad to hear the Karasport is flying and I'll be sure to look at the photos you mention. Thanks
  4. FV, that does sound like a rather unfortunate track record with hard copy magazines! Thank you for digitising the ones you have. I believe I know of one other person who has some from of the AUF/ RAA magazines from the early days. But I'm not sure if their set is complete. I'll be sure to log back into RAA and check out which magazines are available online ? Once I've done that, if there are still any gaps in my information I'll be sure to let you know. Which mark is your Scout? I haven't seen a Karasport fly. Is yours in flying condition? Ultralight aircraft projects are brilliant (we certainly have a few on the go), but yes very time consuming. Thanks
  5. Hi Farri, Thruster 88 and Flying Vizsla, Thank you for replying! Thanks for the link to the Scout video, one of our guys flew one only a few months ago. They are certainly a steep learning curve, but amazing to see in the air again. Thanks for the link to the Resources section, I'll be sure to check that out ASAP. I'm currently writing a history of ultralights in the NT and noticed there isn't much written about the people, the clubs or aircraft and sadly the memories (and those who were there) of the early 'good old days' aren't recorded or well known throughout Australia (let alone the NT). I've managed to get my head around the changes in legislation and regulations, but I am a little lost as to where I can find out who, how, when and where AUF (Ra-Aus), ultralight clubs or ultralight communities started. I've a few years worth of RA-Aus magazines, some plans, advertisements and owners manuals from earlier ultralights, but if you know where might be located or can be accessed I'm certainly keen to hear. I now have some statistics on my local ultralight clubs, but if there are Australia wide ones available, again I'm keen to hear more. Flying Vizsla, are those earlier magazines/ newsletters digitally stored or are they hard copies please? Thanks again.
  6. Hi, I'm currently researching the Ultralight History of Australia (specifically in the NT) and wonder if anyone has any suggestions on books/ texts to read please? I've recently acquired a copy of Frank Bailey's Understanding and Flying Ultralights. Any other suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.
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