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  1. I was taught if the engine quits in flight (when checking out in a PA28 Ardmore 1975) ...no hesitation... switch tanks and fuel pump on. Then do your force landing drills, best glide speed, landing area etc...then attempt engine start. Are not these things being taught nowadays?
  2. Hello from the UK. New to the site... Sad to see the fires raging. Operate a Jab ULD in Surrey UK on a private strip shared with an Easy Raider also Jab powered. Getting to learn about Jab motors cooling etc. and find this site very informative. Lived for some years in Melbourne and flew gliders at Bacchus Marsh and Benalla. Then moved to NZ where I did most of my flying hauling gliders up in PA18, 25. PL12 and Agwagons. Will post about an issue on the Jab solid lifter which I think is fixed....also looking for a bigfoot noseleg to fit on my ULD ad posted Thanks an hope it rains soon on the fires lee-wave
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking for a bigfoot noseleg to fit on my Jabiru ULD Calypso.


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