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  1. Jay

    Sonex in wa ?

    Hi Brett Just picked this up - yes, my Sonex has flown since December last ( Bunbury based ), done about 36 hours to date ; there is another Sonex close to completion , also based in Bunbury. My email is [email protected] is you want to contact I am sure this is the first to be completed and flown in WA Cheers Jay
  2. The Avweb article and the Savvy Webinar both by Mike Busch push the same point ; peak EGT and max CHT occur close to one another in relation to mixture , so how to reduce CHT from a mixture perspective (only)? ; use CHT and fuel flow ( lean of peak to get economy, rich of peak to get airspeed )
  3. Thanks, worthwhile reference - interesting that CHT reduction is more sensitive to leaning rather than riching mixture around peak EGT
  4. Does anyone know of a good reference that describes the relationship between manifold pressure, mixture, CHT, RPM and load for a typical modern 4 stroke small aircraft engine?
  5. Jay

    Import cost

    Currently importing a part built Sonex from California, estimate around $10k for a FCL to Fremantle WA, inclusive all landed costs. Have heard around $5k for the kit, generically to OZ.
  6. In the western australia we have a drought. Could use some of that water here.... how bizarre is that!
  7. Syndicate Me too Trying to get s syndicate partner for a Sonex - $25k each required- looks like asyndicate of one as well
  8. Thanks all for the advice everyone - I see the isuue as not the freight, import duty etc, any freight company can do this , but rather the packing of the container ( usually required within 24 hours ), the quality of the packing re damage,checking of the inventory, the payment transaction, all at arms length. May have to get this brokered...., or get there myself...
  9. Any experience out there on organising a seacontainer in the US for the Seller to pack, and commercial settlement methods bearing in mind the scams out there from 'Buyers' which will make Sellers nervous ?
  10. denmit Any idea on estimated completed $$$$ - it's ok , I am sitting down
  11. The Aerovee is 80 hp - in the Sonex 2 seater it is standard fit ( the Aerovee is supplied by them) , and apparantly performs well, even enough grunt for limited aeros in the US. Check the site.
  12. Jay

    sonex performance

    With the USD/AUD exchange rate now , probably AUD $ 30k is a good estimate for the Onex. However may be looking at least 6 months to get testing, US accreditation and kit manufacture done. Then there is the RAAUS accreditation to do, plus a backlog factor on orders... so a long wait for those that are interested Not sure that turbo 100 hp is necessary for the Onex, may be for the Sonex?
  13. Jay


    If you want to train in a 'country' environment, try Bunbury Flying School or the Bunbury Aero Club, 90 mins driving from Perth
  14. Same old problem every winter - we now use the technique of pulling the prop over all cylinders with full prime ( nil throttle ) to get the lighter fractions into the cylinders. So far so good , temps down to 5 deg at night already
  15. Essential stuff , separates high G stall from structural failure modes, something I wasn't sensitive to
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