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  1. Kiwi


  2. merc should be able to answer that...... .
  3. And one of the engine running. Salmson AD-9
  4. Kiwi


    Welcome, Plenty of Savannah's over here, I don't think there is any Groppo Trial's though. Kiwi
  5. "As you near the range from Clifton, dial up 121.2 on the radio and ask for the status of Amberly airspace." Amberly ATIS is on 123.3 kiwi
  6. To glide in from 10nm. I would need to be at 25000 feet...
  7. How is "Power off Pete"
  8. Also regarding the original post..... My Ran S6S has a top mounted radiator with louvers in the top cowl, below is the carbs then the exhaust. The radiator is twice the size of the standard Rotax one but my CHT's are higher than a Savannah (as a example) so I don't believe that the location of the louvers on the top cowl work the best. I also have had issues with the carb vent location due to airflow hitting them from different locations (disturbed /turbulent airflow) which was one of the reasons I fitted a airbox. Kiwi
  9. I for one didn't take the original posters comments too seriously. While he may have had good intentions, from this and other posts he seems to lack practical knowledge about how aircraft work. (no offence intended)
  10. Hi Mark. I have sent you a private message.
  11. Most Drifters that I have seen have this type of boost pump.
  12. Mine has a alloy tube frame with centre brace and the two peice1.5 mm lexen bubbles out. The door frame is about 25mm from the opening. I know the Savannah quite well, I helped a friend build one, it now has hinged windows on the upper half that can be opened in flight. I will try and get some photos. Here is a clip of a door opening (unintentional) in flight ( not mine)
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