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  1. Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I figured why create a brand new thread to ask very related questions: Question 1: What sort of power would be suitable to fly a 293 comfortably? I have a 50hp Valley Engineering Big Twin (reworked Generac) weighing at 116lbs (53kg) which includes redrive, starter, alternator, exhausts and oil. Would this be sufficient? Duncan
  2. Building a new version of the old HM293 Pou du Ciel
  3. Hi guys, As usual, your replies have been very helpful. Thank you. I plan to use them as hinges for my rudder. David Melby posted details of his setup, and I'm wanting to copy his arrangement. This is the part fixed to the tailstock. The rod-end bearing attaches to the rudder (fastened with a nut plate) and fits between the two angles. I plan to use two of these. Here's what he says about it: "My new rudder hinge. The half of the hinge attached to the tail post is made from 1/8" alum angle, and the other half that is attached to the rudder spar is a rod end bearing. I am using one with a 5/16" dia. shaft, and a 1/4" dia hole. The rod end has a swivelling bearing, which makes a great hinge. The rudder moves without any friction at all. Since the nuts holding the hinges will be hidden, I used self-aligning nut plates. the top hinge has 2 3/16" bolts and the bottom hinge has four. I used #2 stainless screws to hold the nut plates in place." The sizes he mentions aren't set in stone, I think. So, as long as the rod end and nut plate threads match, and the thread is long enough to go through the 15mm thick spar of the rudder and screw completely into the thread of the nut plate, I'll be fine. My initial request for 8mm rod ends was based more on the length of the threaded section than anything else. Sorry for not providing the full details to begin with. Regards, Duncan
  4. I love it... A nut plate is a small plate to which a threaded "nut" is attached. This is fixed (via two screws or small bolts) to the rear (or internal) side of a surface that allows a bolt to be inserted through the front face and screwed into the nut plate bolt.
  5. Hi, I've just about exhausted my ability to track down local suppliers of either rod end bearings (metric or imperial doesn't matter) and matching size/thread nut plates. I only need two of them, but can't seem to find a local supplier. I'm aiming for 8mm rod ends. Anyone know where I can get these? Regards, Duncan
  6. Gentlemen, Your comments have been very helpful. Thank you. It's a pleasure posting questions on this forum. Duncan
  7. Hi, So far, this forum has proved invaluable in sourcing tools, wood and services. Thank you. However, I am now looking for a local supplier of .4mm plywood. I have found supplies of 0.4mm Birch Exterior AB/B 3 ply 1220mmx1220mm plywood from Boatcraft Pacific, but I'm not wild about the price ($124 AUD/sheet) nor about the (AB/B) quality, although my experience of this plywood is (as of now) non-existant - so it might well be fine. At 1200x1200 I would need 36 sheets. That's a lot of money. I'd prefer 2400 x 1200 sheets, and I'd also prefer both better quality and a more competitive price. My hope is to build composite wing skins using Ply/3mm Airex/Ply in a female mold. Other possibilities are: (1) Ply/Airex/Glass (2) Glass/Airex/Glass (in this order of preference) Any advice? Any possible sources? Regards, Duncan
  8. Hi, Thanks for the offer. I joined the local Men's Shed, who have a really impressive wood shop - including thicknesser, various saws, routers, and so on. Plus on-hand technical help to make sure I know how to use the tools. Cheers, Duncan
  9. Excellent tip. Thank you. I'll see what I can find there. Cheers, Duncan
  10. Hi, Position, Position, Position. Gotta love it. Thanks for the heads-up. I've contacted Performance Metals, so I'll see what they can supply. But if I draw a blank there, I'll go measure how much I need and get back to you. Basically, I only need enough for the wing attach fittings and engine mounts on my Flying Flea. Thank you. Regards, Duncan
  11. HI, I've resorted to the collective wisdom on this site twice recently - both with great results. Thank you. I'm now looking for a shop which can cut 2mm 4130 plate based on my DXF files. So far, I've not been able to find any shop which has 2mm 4130. Plenty can cut it, but they can't source the plate itself. Any ideas? Duncan
  12. Thanks mate. That's a great idea. I'll check them out tomorrow. Duncan
  13. Hi, That's an excellent tip. Thank you. Duncan
  14. Hi guys, I'm in Brisbane. I need to thickness some Hoop Pine, and am looking for a local company which can do this for me. The amount of wood is fairly small: 7 pieces of 1200 x 42 x 19 to be planed down to 1200 x 30 x 15 1 piece of 1200 x 42 x 19 to be planed down to 1200 x 32 x 15 2 pieces of 1200 x 42 x 8 to be planed down to 1200 x 30 x 6 Does anyone know where I can get this done locally? Regards, Duncan
  15. Hi guys, I need to get some 2mm 4130 parts cut - waterjet/laser - not particularly fussy. Anyone know of a good (and inexpensive) shop in Brisbane which could do this? Regards, Duncan
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