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  1. Nice, not going anywhere just up there for fun
  2. Maybe if we had a direct equivalent of part 103 a revitalisation of popular fun flying might be possible.
  3. Anybody know why the spitfire replica ended up on its belly, didn't look happy somewhat bent and a gear leg detached.
  4. I think your on the right track Garry, for a simple low cost single seater, that as you say looks like an aeroplane. Riveted tube construction sounds relatively simple. A cub type strutted high wing should be able to provide a measure of crash protection for the pilot. Can also be made to look quite good with the right paint scheme and some polished bits.
  5. HITC is this aircraft along the lines you are thinking
  6. The Fournier RF-4 apparently flew well with 40hp - motor glider with long wings
  7. Kyle, all this doesn't sound as good as it could be, gotta look after your health man
  8. The Moyes LiteFlite Dragonlfy - very simple, very slow, not sure how much This guy must not care about over stressing the airframe but it looks like he's having fun
  9. X-Air low level plyon racing youtube clip - Original Micro Air Racing not sure RAAus is going to allow this - seems a little lower than 500ft
  10. A while ago HITC had a lengthy thread with posts about his market research into basic low cost aircraft - some good thoughts there. If recreational aviation is going to grow or at least self sustain, rather than slowing dying out as the old blokes get too old (me included) then we need something that would appeal to the younger people cause we aren't going to compete with jet skis, dirt bikes, 4WD's or even paramotors etc with $60k plus aircraft, many of which don't look cool to the younger eye, or take years to build. A three axis version of a trike perhaps. A simple aircraft that appeals to adventure, looks good, has a sense of fun, trailerable so it doesn't need to be hangered, isn't a full weekend commitment, and must have some sense of style and dash. (As the average rec pilot apparently does 50hrs per year which is really only 1hr per week flying around the patch, scoffing at the 50kt aeroplane is perhaps a little condescending) Anything kit built would have to be easy, the quicksilver/skyranger concept of simple construction method that can be done in a garage with basic tools and without noxious fumes. Aerolite 103 concept perhaps with a bit more pilot protection I'll watch with interest Garry.
  11. paulh


    GoFly at Caboolture in low wings have Texan and Sling aircraft, the Sling is pretty new so I wouldn't think the landing count would be high yet, the green Texan has done done some work tho.
  12. Hi, what's the glide like if there was an engine out? Would it be possible to do a bit or feeling the air - by which I mean some basic thermalling in this type of aircraft (of course all legal with engine running) I've only been for a short fly in an XAir and the owner pilot did make the landing approach a at fairly steep angle.
  13. Dafydd, thankyou for starting and continuing with this thread, to you and all the other contributors, please keep going, it's all very interesting. I have no relevant experience to offer, so have only been reading, but do take safety particularly for any potential passengers quite seriously. Cool looks are nice but seem more connected with image/ego/eye candy factor than they should be So safety is a factor in aircraft selection for me as a low how recreational pilot with no illusions about skill level and reliability of experimental engines Safe predictable handling, glide range, crashworthiness etc all part of the properly designed package Metal space frame type of structure appeals, not keen on composite construction in the garage at home
  14. Gareth and Craig, a wise man once said - never, never, never, never give up. The pain will pass, then get that kick butt aircraft back in the sky.
  15. I know that envy is something to avoid, but, a Savannah, in a new shed/hanger, on a farm - you blokes are giving us a hard time trying not to turn green
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