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  1. Well this thread has drifted so far from its heading Did anybody actually even go to Ausfly? Can you please post some pictures and experiences?
  2. Well.... I had a blast! Me and my wife traveled from WA to make AUSFLY this year. We got held up by weather for 2 days, and we still made it. It was a great event and great success! and the adventure getting there was what it was all about. I was probably among the youngest builder/pilots there. There is nothing worse than grumpy pilots whingeing and complaining about these event, that's what turn the younger generation away.
  3. Hi All I am considering flying my RV6 from (Bindoon) north of Perth WA to AUSFLY NSW Looking for any info tips and tricks from guys who has done this trip before. Especially stuff like refueling, accommodation along the way ect. I prefer to run ULP in my plane but have no problem using AVGAS if that is the only option. I have done a fair bit of reading and got some ideas of what to expect, but would love to hear from others. What places are worth seeing on the way, friendly accommodation, taxi up to browsers ect. Even contacts along the way would be superb. And of-coarse the don't do, and don't forget items :) My range is 600nm until dry, so 500nm would be good for planning. Thanks AJ
  4. What a great fly-in! excellent turn out and what a location! We felt very welcome :)
  5. Thanks KR, appreciate it
  6. Hey Guys Glad to see there is a good amount of RV activity in WA. I have built and now flying my 6 for almost a year (65hrs). looking forward to catching up with all the RV flyers out there. I have a hangar north of Perth @ Bindoon. Is there a forum or facebook page you guys normally communicate on to go for a hamburger run and fly-in on weekends? Would be great to have a reason to go flying every weekend :) Cheers AJ
  7. Hi Raindrops I am currently in a excellent syndicate for a 172 out of jandakot. I have been in it for a while and the benefits of it being your own plane over hiring is unbelievable, even the cost of flying is cheaper, not to mention you can fly when you want and where you want. I am in the process of buying a Kit plane to build and will no longer need my share, So if your interested i might be selling my share in the near future. AJ
  8. Hey All I Did my Training at Air Australia (Jandakot) I originally purchased a share in a Syndicate for a 172, i am pretty sure its the same one you were talking about rgmwa, I must say i probably saved about $8000 over my complete CPL training. Well worth it and you can take it out when and where you want. If anyone is interested i am currently in the process of ordering/building my own LSA aircraft and will no longer need my syndicate. I might consider selling my share in the near future. Enjoy your training AJ 0420365024
  9. Hi Mal I Own a Cessna at Jandakot and head out into controlled airspace most of the time as Vic 65 is a lovely scenic to take passengers over. I found in the beginning it was easier to run through it all on the ground so you can know where to expect freq changes and clearance. Are you still doing training? How often do you go flying... Im always looking for some flying buddies around perth. Enjoy the flying mate, hope the weather hold up :) AJ
  10. Hi Drizzt Yer i did, it was an awsume day!! Rottnest Island is in Class G airspace and is approx 15min flight over ocean, it also has its own CTAF freq so im not 100% sure on what the RA licence is restricted to, but when i landed there was a Cessna 152 parked in the apron if that helps. Although if you decide on going there be prepared for some wicked crosswinds. The runways are east to west and all of perths winds are north to south and yer expect crosswinds 12knots on a good day. :)
  11. Here is some pictures of the weekends flying over perth city and then over to Rottnest island for a day trip! It is such a nice route to fly and is well worth it ENJOY!
  12. Well done Well done mate!! I remember getting my first solo done! I got my PPL about 1month ago, been over to rotto last weekend and its just the best thing! Keep it up Who you flying with at Jandakot? AJ
  13. Thanks Everyone!!! :) Yer i was not too upset about the flight plan as i really just wanted to pass and move forward. So yer getting CTA endorsement should be really easy as i have flown them over 8 times in the past. Cant wait to actually get the old piece of paper saying i am a pilot. So any of you know really good places to see in western Australia?
  14. Hey Everyone On The last day of 2009 i had my PPL checkride booked. The whole day just seemed to fall into place as i was really well prepared. The only thing that really went wrong was the fact that my Flight Plan & SARTIME did not go through so i could not get my controlled airspace Endorsment. But ill just have to book another flight with my instructor to get that done. It is so exciting, just waiting on the paperwork from CASA to come back, wonder how long that is gonna take? Im looking into buying a share in a Cesssna 172P at the moment. Hope all goes well AJ
  15. Hehe They sure are the Rec flying headset.... must say i bought them as only to get me through my training but they are bloody good headsets hey really clear 2. $124.... cant go wrong with that
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