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  1. Xavier


  2. Hi, I think overall it is fairly accurate, I probably was on the higher side regarding maintenance cost and it could be cheaper to maintain, it's hard to say depending on the condition and age of the aircraft.
  3. I was losing about 3 to 5 knots cruising speed on the 912ULS 80HP, or using a bit more fuel for same ASI. It's about $1,600 without freight. The pod is fairly big and well design, you can fit a lot close to the center of gravity. I found that the plane fly a bit differently, the yaw feels different.
  4. Would love to have this on my VG and would be on the market for a set if someone was keen to make it in Oz !
  5. Hi, apologies if I miss the info on the forum but I am struggling to get a clear cut answer CTA/CTR access with a 19 reg aircraft (Savannah VG) PIC : with RPL and CTA/CTR endorsement (or PPL) Aircraft with Rotax 912 ULS not certified Serviceable Mode C transponder Serviceable VHF Radio I look at Civil Aviation Order 95.10 Instrument 2011 Section 6.4 Then 262AP of CAR 1988 and paragraph 6.1 of Civil Aviation Order 101.55 But honestly I am confused... :( Any help is welcome. Xavier
  6. Ok, her real name is Christal, she is the best girl friend I ever had. Never touch anything in the aircraft, does not talk too much and is very happy to let me go wherever I want. She comes with a bit of baggage but I can handle that :)
  7. Hi all, been thinking about this for a while and it is now done. Maybe an idea for other Savannah owners. Needing to securely store items when flying on my own. On the video it's a total of 32KG ( More weight can be added if packed better) This include : Camping gears (tent, sleeping bag, mattress) First aid kit Fishing gear Survival gear Chair Water (3 bottles) Laptop bag Clothe bag Camera bag This leave plenty of room in the baggage compartment for light stuff. Thank you to Grant who designed the bag. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzS58HnrmIw Xavier
  8. Xavier

    Landing light

    Hi all, based on Graham Pukallus great idea, I did a bit of a look around and tried the Magicshine MJ-902 on the Savannah VG. Requirements were : - Not connected to the aircraft power - Small size and light weight but still very bright - Remote control - Being able to switch from Landing light to Strobes from the cockpit - Easy access to battery pack for recharge It's advertised to last 3.2 hours at full bright so I could expect 6 hours in strobe mode. (I manage to have it on full bright light at home for 9 hours) I intend to install another one facing back for the full setup. We the sort of flying I am doing a recharge every couple of weeks is more than enough. $180 with the extended cord and freight to Darwin from the Australian distributor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi6jBl_khxI Thanks Graham for the idea and the conversations. Cheers, Xavier N.B. : This is not an advertisement for Magicshine, they have no idea their product is used on a plane :-)
  9. Xavier

    Arnhem Land

    Can you be a bit more precise where on the North coast of Arnhem Land ? It's a big area. Flying from Darwin ? You can stay at Cooinda which is in Kakadu, very close to Arnhem Land, Camping ground, Food and fuel. Any permission for Aboriginal Land in the NT you need to talk to the Northern Land Council --> Permits | Northern Land Council, Australia Xavier
  10. Interesting, just had a response from Bolly, they don’t recommend putting covers on as it better to have them breath. if I just want to keep the dust off them, they recommend to hang a bed sheet over them.
  11. I checked their website and there is no prop covers but that a good idea, I will flick them an e-mail.
  12. Hi all, I am after a set of 3 prop covers for a Bolly Optima 68in. ( Bolly Optima Series Five – Bolly Aviation ) Any idea where I could order this ? Cheers, Xavier
  13. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 with Headset Audio Cable Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Garmin VIRB Headset Audio Cable Include GPS and great to watch and analise your flights with Garmin VIRB Edit with overlay data. You can see your tracks and video at the same time with ground speed, altitude, ...
  14. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't it already a way to access CTA and CTR in a RAA AUS aircraft (equipped appropriately) ? Just get a RPL with CTA and CTR endorsements. To transfer your RA-AUS Certificate to a RPL : - 2 hours Instrument flying in a VH aircraft (to validate the Navigation endorsement) (need a certain amount of hours as PIC and in X-country) - English proficiency test ( to validate Radio endorsement ) - Certified copies of logbook - One last form and about $50 for CASA Then get the proper CTA / CTR endorsement for the RPL and happy days.
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