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    Cootamundra to Murray Bridge

    Have fun, it will be a good experience.
  2. Turns out that the buildings encroach significantly on the runway clearance, but “Gathering the information required for the authority’s assessment of whether every item in a Draft Master Plan will be compliant with civil aviation safety requirements would be time-consuming and expensive,” says CASA. A CASA spokesman said the DFO building was marked on charts and equipped with hazard lights.
  3. pmccarthy

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Dewoitine d.21
  4. In 50 years of driving I have spun a car at highway speed three times. I was able to recover and point the car straight each time because of a lot of aggressive bush driving off road in my teenage years that taught me how to do it. Recovery also needed luck in one case, no fence or spoon drain beside the road and no trees. One incident was due to inattention, the other two to bad road surface, one of which was a drum of diesel spilled by a truck on heavy rain. anyway, my point is that experience of aggressive driving in safe paddock conditions, to the point of loss of control, is really useful later on.
  5. pmccarthy

    A very cool experimental aircraft

    Looking at the photos I think the engines are about as far inboard as they could go. The front-on photo is misleading because of the perspective.
  6. pmccarthy

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Like the English Electric Wren, they have to launch it with a bungee.
  7. pmccarthy

    Dalby crop duster destroyed

    I have older mates who are perfectly competent pilots.
  8. The scary thing is thinking about what elapsed time really means. In 1965 a 40 year old car was a 1925 Ford or Chev or similar with wooden wheels. Today a 40 year old car is a 1979 model, perfectly modern and useable if you have one, say a HZ Holden. Similarly my 1974 Archer will always seem new to me because it came out when I was already a young pilot and it was highly desirable but out of reach at that time.
  9. pmccarthy

    Cowl Air Temperatures

    I had never heard this. I know a motorbike runs best with cold air, thought any engine would be the same.
  10. I follow a PA-28 FAcebook site and it is amazing what the Americans will spend on them. New interiors, complete avionics upgrades, almost anything you can think of that is legal. They acknowledge that this will not reflect in resale price but do it anyway.
  11. pmccarthy

    Drones close Gatwick Airport

    Would the Cunard Line have suspended sailings over the sightings of a few icebergs?
  12. pmccarthy

    Silly aviation pictures.

    It’s all gone to pot.
  13. pmccarthy

    Clearing a fouled plug

    Today I was stuck in the middle of South Australia with a fouled plug. The right mag had been running rough for months, but the drop was not outside limits. Today it nearly shook the engine off its mounts. i tried running it lean for a few minutes, no go. It’s a Lycoming 0360. I rang a mate who is a LAME and he said do that again, but this time pull in carb heat to shock the plug. I did (a few times) and it worked. Smooth running on either mag. This may be common knowledge but somehow I had missed the briefing, and was looking to spend an unplanned night in a strange town. I had had a spare plug on board, but no spanner. Found out a plumbing tube spanner will fit, from a hardware store. Fortunately that was plan B and not needed. PAX are happy that the delay was only an hour. So my messages are: know how to clear a fouled plug (I thought I did but didn’t) if you carry a spare plug, also carry a tube spanner to fit. a few years ago I had a flat tyre and that taught me to carry all the tools needed to change one. A spare anything is no use if you can’t change it. Happy New Year.
  14. pmccarthy

    Clearing a fouled plug

    EGT was normal for the 3.5 hour flight before this happened. Then I tried running at 2000rpm as lean as I could, maximum EGT, which didn't help. Did it several times. Then doing that with pulling carb heat fixed it. My friend says the sudden enrichment shocks the plug and makes the deposit fall off. Anyway, it works.
  15. pmccarthy

    Calculating the radius of a skidding turn

    I can’t check your maths but others have shown in published articles that the difference in wing speed is insignificant
  16. pmccarthy

    Jacobson Flair

    Just flew 3 and a half hours trip this morning and plonked it down, no greaser but no problem either.
  17. pmccarthy

    Jacobson Flair

    For what it’s worth, I can’t really analyse how I land. Just do it with practice. I read about crosswind methods etc but with practice you just work out a method for your aircraft. Eventually you only stuff up about one landing in five. By which I mean rounding out too high, the usual problem, with a thump rather than a gentle kiss on the runway. If I flew every week I’m sure I would be better.
  18. pmccarthy

    Proposed Wing Spar AD for PA28 and PA32 aircraft

    That video is really scary.
  19. There are probably five times the trees in central Victoria that there were 40 years ago. The Hawke initiative and lots of Land Care and highway plantings have made a big difference.
  20. pmccarthy

    Proposed Wing Spar AD for PA28 and PA32 aircraft

    The formula in the AD means that only aircraft with many thousands of hours and used for training are likely to need inspection. My 6000 hr privately used PA28 will not need it.
  21. pmccarthy

    Drones again

    Lets keep it local. 1000 Jabirus each with autopilot and a 200kg bomb. They couldn’t stop them all. Same cost as a,F35. 😂
  22. pmccarthy

    Tell us about your last flight

    Bonnie Doone at mid day today. Flew YKTN to Mansfield and back, with a look at Lake Eildon.
  23. pmccarthy

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Christavia Mk1
  24. pmccarthy

    BMW Type 111A

    BMW IIIa was an inline six-cylinder SOHC valvetrain, water-cooled aircraft engine, the first-ever product from BMW GmbH. Its success laid the foundation for future BMW success. It is best known as the powerplant of the Fokker D.VIIF, which outperformed any allied aircraft.