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  1. cscotthendry

    "Phantom" radio reception

    I agree. Also, do you fly with an tablet or phone? If so, make sure the wifi is turned off. I found that cured the phantom receptions I was getting.
  2. cscotthendry

    Watts Bridge breakfast on Sunday

    We'll be there and looking for you!
  3. Personally, I'm not a fan of having "all glass" for aviation instruments. In my experience, things go wrong at the worst possible time. Translation: When the internal glass cockpit fails will be the time you find out the the batteries in the external pod are dead. Don't get me wrong, I think glass panels are cool, but I also think they can be a distraction to the pilot playing with the "bells and whistles" rather than looking outside the cockpit. I've seen pilots do this.
  4. cscotthendry

    Test of drone vs. Mooney wing

    Something that wasn't mentioned was the possibility of the drone's Lion battery catching fire inside the wing after impact. If that happened with the fuel in the wing, I'm reasonably sure the aircraft would not survive long enough to land.
  5. Where were the wing walkers? Budget cuts???
  6. Mick: Welcome back to flying and the forums. Very pleased to hear that you've found a way to realise your dream.
  7. cscotthendry

    LSA to get a weight/speed increase

    Will we be able to opt out of CTA?
  8. cscotthendry

    LSA to get a weight/speed increase

    Yenn: As I understand it, everything that goes into a GA plane (apart from experimentals) has to have some sort of certification somewhere along the line. That adds costs from manufacture to maintenance to spare parts. A simple example is the difference between a Rotax 912S and a 912ULS. There is a significant difference in price of the two engines which is mostly down to all the extra certifications in the 912S. Want to put a new airspeed indicator or altimeter in a GA plane as far as I know they have to be TSO. Not so much in an RAA plane. As others have said, in RAA you can maintain your own plane. Can you do this with a non-experimental GA aircraft? And so on it goes.
  9. cscotthendry

    LSA to get a weight/speed increase

    The GA industry is dying because of the regulatory costs created by CASA. Of course we can "just remove the numbers and instal 'VH-" and then bear the costs associated with a VH airplane and the costs associated with the pilots licenses. That was the whole point of LSA and ultralights; to give more people a chance to fly. These changes (IMO) are designed to accomodate some of the very light GA aircraft into the recreational category. That is where GA started, but steadily over the generations, the bureaucrats in the regulatory bodies have generated endless paper chases under the cover of "safety". The major result of all the credentialism and certification regimes has been to push GA flying out of reach of most average income earners.
  10. cscotthendry

    Looking for my next plane

    That's a nice looking airplane.
  11. cscotthendry

    Looking for my next plane

    How about a Cessna without rivets or SIDs?
  12. cscotthendry

    Spill Resistant Refueling ??

    Skippy: Are those LPM figures for pumping to the same height as the fuel container or above it or below it. If above the fuel container, how much higher? I like the idea of this pump and am wondering if it is suitable to refuel a high wing from a container on the ground.
  13. cscotthendry

    Bad fluctuating Oil pressure on a Rotax 912ULS

    My engine also shows a higher pressure when cold than when warm. As I understand it, this is because of a temperature sensitive bypass valve in the oil filter.
  14. cscotthendry

    Trailers for Trikes

    Yes, it was very easy to tow, and very stable. Also with the long wheelbase it was easy to reverse.