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  1. A compilation of some of the pics of my Nynja build
  2. I use the Claw tie downs, but I dont use the rope that came with it. I use the luggage type straps that are rated for the job. Note, I don't use the mechanical ratchet type tensioners. The object is to tie the plane down, not bend it in half. My straps have metal buckles and I don't cinch them up super tight, just take the slack out of them. I also tie the free end of the strap around the running part of the strap to help prevent the strap from being pulled out of the buckle. I use carabiners between the strap and the wing strut hard points. The system is very quick to set up once I have the claws nailed to the ground. Note that nothing is weatherproof completely and I recently saw a video where the Claws were pulled out of the ground. But that was at a place where the ground was relatively soft and there was a significantly strong storm.
  3. Have you checked that the float is floating properly? This is one of the checks for the Rotax engines as some floats can get fuel in them and the don't float at the correct height.
  4. A short flight in our new Aeropilot Legend after some minor maintenance and to test out camera positions and settings.
  5. There was a bit of wake turbulence from the nearby hills just before we crossed the runway threshold
  6. The next instalment. The escape continues.
  7. Every year, our flying club hosts a social flying event called the Poker Run. We went last year and again this year. We videoed our participation last year and decided to do it again this year. As luck would have it, this year WE WON!
  8. This move to the higher weight limit also puzzled me. That is until I looked at it through the administration's eyes. Consider the decision between the two objectives, which to pursue first. Higher weight limit: A higher weight limit will capture some of the smaller GA planes thus increasing the membership count and consequently an increase in revenue for RAAUS. The benefit to members is limited to the new ex-GA owners and those with deeper pockets who want to buy heavier, more expensive aircraft. CTA access: Benefits all existing and potential members, but after all the effort to be expended, only increases RAAUS regulatory obligations without any increase in revenue or membership numbers. It's pretty obvious to me why the RAAUS administration pursued the heavier weight limit first and has put the CTA access in the "too hard" basket, the administration is looking after the interests of the administration first, members second.
  9. The Old Station Fly In 23-25 May 2014 Featuring Matt Hall, Red Bull race pilot as guest speaker and aerobatics demonstration. There was music and food and flying and trucks and tractor pulling and chainsaw competitions and more food and lots of FUN for all. The event was superbly organised, well attended and done for charity.
  10. A flight from Watts Bridge to Gympie in Southern Queensland on a beautiful Autumn day.
  11. We flew out to Murgon and enjoyed the hospitality of Ralph and Deb Percy. It's a great setup there. Very relaxed and friendly. The club members have done a brilliant job developing the facilities there.
  12. A morning flight around Lake Wivenhoe and the dam. Low scattered cloud added to the beauty of the landscape.
  13. Don't know about the collapsed valve clearance on Rotax engines, but Rotax have a procedure for bleeding possible air out of the lifters. From what I've read, it only has to be done when (if) possible air has been introduced to the oil system as in, if the engine is turned backwards or air is allowed into the system during oil changes.
  14. Whoa! Really? You did that? Waaaay cool!!!
  15. Congrats to Matty, he has worked long and hard for this success. He will be champion for life since there will be no more RBAR. I have met him several times and he is a true gentleman, very friendly and approachable.
  16. Gary: Can you post the SB number for that fault pls.
  17. Kermit: I use Cyberlink Power Director. It was the program I found easiest to get up to speed on and was also relatively cheap. Thanks for the comment on the Nynja. I built it from a kit and I'm happy with how it turned out.
  18. The weather gods were kind and the cows were stingy with our landing scores. We didn't get a winning hand with the poker, but we still had a great time.
  19. I bought a cheqp 360 camera to try it and the YT 360 viewer. It was really clever the way Heath overlaid his other two camera views on the 360. I will go back to my camera and have another go at it after looking at Puk's video.
  20. I've been studying the air charts here and comparing what we have at home in Oz. Here's what I've discovered different so far... In Oz, most of our airspace is class G. In the US, it's mostly class E. Class G in the US only extends to either 700' or 1,200' AGL. Then it is class E up to 10,000'AMSL which is class A. If the class E in the US is similar to Oz's class E, that means that anything that flies in class E (ie real airplanes) has to have a transponder. It seems to me that class G in the US is intended for things like model airplanes, drones and model rockets etc. In Oz, I'm not aware of any class B airspace (but could be wrong on this). In the US they do have it. I haven't studied the difference between class B,C and D in the US yet, but I think class D is like our class D, that is like class C with limited hours of operation. Still studying the charts... More later.
  21. Have you done compression (leakdown) tests on the engine? That will tell you what you need to know. There is no other reason I know of for an engine to be "easy" to pull through when cold but not so much when warm.
  22. Absolutely brilliant! Thanks for sharing...
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