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  1. Usually emailed, the distributor/ agent is also asked to contact owners directly, as usually they still have the best contacts. At the end of it I would near guarantee they knew the aircraft was grounded, another reason why I stopped instructing, people won’t listen.....
  2. bones

    Fire Bomber Down

    Yeah I wouldn’t know about any of that 😘
  3. bones

    Fire Bomber Down

    How can someone who flys something like that manage to get into the ring, obviously not thinking very far ahead, what a waste of a big beautiful helo
  4. Hmm I have done “first” solo in 4 completely different aircraft the last one was the hardest (helicopter)
  5. bones

    Lightwing gr 912

    Thanks for the input, it looks like the machine I was looking at is sold 😩
  6. Looking at getting back in the air again I’ve been ground hogging it since I sold my single seat helicopter like 18 months ago, redone my old AUF license ( that should give you a hint of age) to a raaus license near 12 months ago, keep getting close to buying then decide to hold off again. my real question is are the above planes particularly bad for ground loop behaviour or not? I think one of these might be a good compromise between a bit of speed and shortish take off?
  7. Hey are you still flying gyro's around the towers?
    1. bones


      No mate not flown for ages
  8. bones

    Help Identifying Engine

    Looks like a 6 cylinder Mac
  9. bones

    Level 1 Maintenance

    It took 3 month to get my pilot cert
  10. bones

    BalanceMaster testing

    Why not balance it closer to perfect then fit the balance master?
  11. bones

    Camit parts

    ok so, just saying that 1 was to have an aircraft with a camitt engine, are jabiru parts the same/clone, ie. can the jabiru parts for all the engine be used in a camitt engine? what are the parts options? thanks
  12. bones

    912 starter

    be the sprag the drives off the starter not the starter more than likely, ill bet the prop is real jerky?
  13. bones

    Townsville to Goerge Town Tasmania.

    Ron Watson from Innisfail might be interested also, 0404565249 , did you buy the 230 in Townsville for sale?
  14. bones

    SDS fuel injection

    So has anyone put a system in lately? wondering how hard? how long? and the results. very keen to do this, just need a few $ and we set.
  15. I just today got back from a week away visiting my daughter who lives in Katherine, yesterday to fill in the day I dropped into the aviation museum in Darwin, and all I can say is if you have a slight interest in aviation you must visit this place if your in the area, a very well set out and very reasonable priced display of near every type of aircraft, from an actual B52 bomber to a F111 to the earliest ultralights, a gyro, and a whole heap more, motors of near every type made, simply brilliant. I am interested in aviation but I thought I am not the museum type, thought 15-20 mins tops well about 2.5 hrs latter I had to go to other commitments, also stumbled onto I think it was called East piont, there is a stack of military stuff there also, I really enjoyed the day, must be getting an old fart I guess, but it is amazing the things that happened in 1942 to keep our life style as we know it now. To all those who gave and to those who continue to give, thank you, I for one do appreciate it