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  1. aj_richo

    Question about corrosion protection

    I used a product called prekote to clean and prepare the 6061 alloy my Sonex is built with. I then used Wattyl etch primer over the top. It was a lot of work and the Wattyl etch primer may not have been the best product to use as its a little soft and should actually be top coated. But I felt it was a lot better for my health than using products like alodine and two pack with isoncyanates
  2. aj_richo

    Question about corrosion protection

    http://www.protec.com.au/images/uploads/tech_data_sheets/AP-4441_PROTEC_ETCH_PRIMER_Protec_Primers_29-11-16.pdf Note the hardener contains isocyanate, wont meet your requirements
  3. aj_richo


    Yep Fairyland.. I built this 1984-87, from memory it was around $4500-5000 in 80's dollars Last flight before retiring it was in 2005
  4. aj_richo

    Looking For some Destination Ideas

    I know we're completely off topic.. but re-contents of Bex powders: Bex Powders | School of Medical Sciences
  5. aj_richo

    Are bubble canopies hot?

    How hot.. damn hot! I use a piece of static cling film cut to size and placed directly overhead. Hasn't fallen off yet in 3 years. Along with mandatory hat and sunscreen provides a bit of relief from direct sun. Streetwize Static Cling 1200x450mm Black Winter time you get enough solar radiation to keep warm with a light jacket.. until the sun goes out then its fricken cold.. lol
  6. aj_richo

    Where to buy Rotax Engine Oil in Adelaide SA?

    Hi Ralf, Flying Fuels Parafield Flying Fuels, aviation fuel, avgas, jet a-1, shell water detector, SWD Cheers Tony
  7. aj_richo

    Another Icon A5 crash

    Here is a video link of the aircraft prior to the accident and just after - taken by boaties nearby Video shows Roy Halladay’s final moments before plane crash
  8. aj_richo

    Analogue Gauges in Aircraft with Glass

    I've had my Dynon D180 go into a reboot loop at inoportune times, I have a mechanical ASI as backup. Have flown approach and landing purely on the ASI, also takeoffs.. no drama except if heading off on a cross country. A few threats to replace it with an MGL and it comes good after a few minutes.
  9. aj_richo

    Recovering a fabric aircraft

    My hangar partner recently recovered his HyperLight SNS-8 biplane with Oratex, looks pretty good.
  10. This has come a few times in the past, someone else put me on to one of these: I recommend a Vority Dual USB car charger from Amazon. 3.1A and 1A outlets. It will charge my mini iPad and iphone together and most importantly, NO radio interference on the MGL v6 when charging. Oooh bugger - currently unavailable Amazon.com: Vority Dual USB Car Charger 3.1Amp 15.5W (White) 1.0+2.1A Universal Ports, Smart Power Supply For iPad Mini /4/3/2, iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3, Android / Blackberry / Windows Cell Phones & Tablets, Portable Cigarette Lighter Adaptor, Mobile Travel Charging Station 12V Input - 5V Output. Fast & Smart Duo31CC: Cell Phones & Accessories
  11. aj_richo

    154 HP Rotax

    Same guy turbocharged and fuel injected a Jab 2200
  12. aj_richo

    ICON A5 Legalities

    Kathryns Report on the accident Kathryn's Report: Icon A5, N184BA: Fatal accident occurred May 08, 2017 in Napa County, California
  13. aj_richo

    Jacking up your plane

    Peter Anson, Sonex pilot and Engineer extraordinaire has designed and manufactured a light weight jack for Sonex aircraft.. 400+grams could easily be adapted to other aircraft http://www.ansoneng.com/sample-page/products-summary/quick-lift-wheel-jack/
  14. aj_richo

    Prang at Starke Field

    I dont have differential brakes to steer my taildragger.. tailwheel only