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  1. That sounds expensive. Is it people think there's heaps of money in Gladstone. Some people yes but not for all people. Still got people filling the shelves at Woolies. He won't last long. I thought that would be GA rates for a Jabiru. I own a plane I know how much it costs to run and I know he's not a charity. But but I won't be sending anyone his way till someone can justify the cost. You can get a 172 in Rockhampton for $285 with an instructor. Gundy
  2. It was good to catch up. It took me 1.3 hrs to get there and .9hr to get home. Most enjoyable. I think you should fly your plane up after Xmas Mark and I'll pop down and show you around. Gundy
  3. Yeh Mark my mate in Yepoon who owns a Paradise P-1. Why do you ask? Gundy
  4. I love it, but it's a lot of money. Only 6kg heavier than a ground adjustable Bolly or Warp Drive. Marginal difference in take off ground roll but climbs better and cruises better at height. If you want to come over for a flight. Gundy
  5. Our build is going well,need to post an update. Spoke to Mark re problems we have but it seems that these problems are normal .Fus is all skinned off, into the cabin build. Just the placement of the strut / undercarriage plate when we present it, needs manipulating. Out of the black goop. Mark has a spare so will get him to send it including the S/S rivets that go into the sides of the cabin that we cant find.
  6. hey gundy, check out this thread http://www.recreationalflying.com/threads/savannah-cs-prop.40939/
  7. Hi Gundy, Hows is your Sav S going and how many ours do you have up on it now?? Cheers Hadyn
    1. Gundy


      G'day Hadyn the Sav is awesome. Only got 75 hrs on it I've been busy helping other people.I'm Just painting my mates Sav today. How's things going for you. Gundy
  8. I've built 3 Savs now and helped on 3 others. We all used good ol Stag not one problem. One of those planes is five years old with over 600 hours on it. Only thing I've ever been told is wrong with Stag is "it's hard to get the fittings apart once the Stag is dried". I don't plan to pull the fittings apart in the future, if so I'll buy a new fitting. Gundy
  9. Hadyn I've pulled it out because I want to get a Formation endorsement and I believed in another post they weren't good for formation which I agree with. I'll probably sell it now. Gundy
  10. Hayden they were the old trim tab design just ignore them. U could leave them out of fill them with rivets. Up to you. Gundy
  11. Yep I agree Pud. I thought I'd put the wrap on, then found Egt got hotter so by asking the question I get some good answers from people who have seen this before( this is called EXPERIENCE). This is why I'm a member of this forum to get good honest help. Gundy
  12. Thanks Maj and Nev for your responses. After an hour of flying and a Google on the subject plus your info I'm going to remove it. From a safety point of view it sounds good but as Maj and google say it ruins the exhaust metal and fatigues it so a crack can appear with out notice. And Nev I don't need a engine failure from hot valves so off comes the wrap. thanks again. Gundy
  13. Thanks Nev. they are exactly as Rotax say 100 from flange. I never herd of it causing hotter valves. I was looking at wrap for safety as anything that touches the pipes don't burn (nothing surpose too touch I know). Plus my racing mates say its better for motor. Now I have doubts. Gundy
  14. Gday all. I monitor my Egts through a Dynon Skyview which is very accurate. My engine is a 912S which ran a constant 760c on the rear exhausts. Now I decided to wrap all my exhaust headers with special heat wrap to help keep inside cowl temps a bit lower. Since the headers have been wrapped my Egt temps have rising to 850c. I wonder is the higher temps caused by the wrap keeping the temps in the exhaust and the air when unwrapped help cool the exhaust. Any help much appreciated. Gundy
  15. Yeh Mark those figures will work for that prop. It's the best for Cruise and STOL. You can fine tune it for either after like Bill he needs it a bit finer because of his strip and he's happy to rev a bit higher on cruise. You know what I mean. Gundy
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