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  1. I think the reliability is a vedry good reason !! But with the rotax, take off are shorters ans average speed is better (due to the reducter on the rotax) MicheL
  2. Empty weight is X-air + parachute + rotax 912 + 1 hour of gas (+ radio ..... ) max weight is 472.5 kg with parachute, 450 kg without parachute
  3. I was in the rand-kar company las week end (the disigner of the X-air) and I didn(t see that the folding wing was part of the kit may be a matter of weigth (maw empty weight 297 kg with a parachute here) have you got any picture ? (I just see the folding wing prototype 5 years ago) MicheL
  4. I'm not sure there is a folding wing kit include in the hanuman kit .......... I saw the prtotype (folding wing) many years ago and I think it's not a good solution(if you have to fold the wings each day)
  5. You'll have to fly a lot before the "less fuel price" will be the same as the extra cost of the fuel injected rotax The 80 hp rotax with carb isan easy engine (mainteance) and don't use a lot of fuel with a good prop MicheL
  6. Why don't you use bungees from avid flyer or Kit fox (I think the gazelle is a kit fox with a different cowling) MicheL
  7. Hi if you want to buy an hanuman don't take it with the jab but with a 912 rotax engine MicheL
  8. Yes french design in 1925
  9. 4aplat


    http://www.eaa.org/news/2011/2011-05-26_roadable.asp MicheL
  10. Hi Mark here is the link to the cover supplyer http://commerce.ciel.com/ulmtechnologie/Article/Coupole-de-remplacement-profilee_this.aspx? I think you can get it from spruce http://www.aircraftspruce.com/search/search.php There's no pic, just 2 lm555 (or 1 lm556) and 1 MOS transistor I don't know if i will use one controller in the plane or one in each wing MicheL
  11. here is the eurofox manual (in french) Eurofox.pdf
  12. Hi thanks to Sandy that email me the Skyfox CA22 manual I put it on my own server here skyfox_ca22.pdf and the one of the avid flyer avid_MKIV.pdf MicheL
  13. 4aplat

    March JabaChat

    1 wedding 1 retiring 2 others in holidays ..... what a great paper ! and what about engine failure ?
  14. Hi here is a sketch of my trailor (avid flyer and appolo fox) MicheL
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