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  1. I look up every day when they track right over our place. Usually two runs a day. As you said, Marty, there is often a pair travelling within sight of each other (never too close though). I'd judge the cloud base by their height and visualise their view of the tiger country that they were traversing every day. Its rugged country. Although I've never met any of the pilots, it feels like I've lost a friend. Sincerest condolences to all affected by this tragedy.
  2. nomadpete

    Lightwing GA-912

    Time Left: 25 days and 6 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Lightwing GA-912 TTIS approx 2200hrs. Engine approx 500hrs SMOH. New Bolly three blade propeller.(MARAP approved). Recent recovered wings after ten yearly inspection of wing structure and replacement of wing tanks. Recent five yearly rubber replacement on Rotax. Good general condition. A bargain at $20,000 Phone 0435-318-731 for information.

    20,000.00 AUD

    Toowoomba area - AU

  3. nomadpete

    The XPB Stage 1 underway.

    All the best, Bex. Know where you're at. See you soon.
  4. nomadpete

    Lightwing gr 912

    My GA912 is available, if you are still after a Lightwing.
  5. nomadpete

    Lightwing gr 912

    There is a large budgetary differential between Zenair and Lightwing. My only complaint about the Lightwing is that it is a little difficult to get into it. Once inside it is good. When i went looking for an affordable plane I found that my height prevented me from sitting in a Gazelle - my head hit the cross member behind. My Lightwing is capable of ground looping but only if I fall asleep. Fun aero and affordable.
  6. Good to hear. Let him know we are all just a bunch of stirrers and not to take anything we say too seriously.
  7. nomadpete

    Pushing Your Weight Around.

    Also, on the monetary side of things, remember that using "unimproved" ingredients (like grandma used to do) immediately gives a 10% reduction in cost your food bill. At least, I'm pretty sure that raw ingredients don't attract GST. Correct me if I'm wrong. In that case, I'll have to work on my veg garden
  8. nomadpete

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    I don't believe it. That can't really be your shed. You must have Photoshopped it.
  9. nomadpete

    "Phantom" radio reception

    Skip the skip. Unlikely at VHF. Do you have a USB supply for anything in the aircraft? I would suspect that if squelch is opening {without any voice signal) then it is likely to be RF interference.
  10. nomadpete


    Don, there is a Taylor sitting in the back of one of our hangars. It has been there for some time. I heard that it got as far as initial taxi trial runs, but had a problem with the undercarriage. Also heard that the U/C was repaired and/or modified as a result of the incident. I haven't met the owner but if you like, I can seek out more information for you. (Peter)
  11. nomadpete

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    Nice work Marty
  12. nomadpete


    Thanks anyway Planey
  13. nomadpete

    Rust spots on fly wires

    I think there is a big difference between a rusty stain and a rust pit. Also, as any sailor knows, it is the unseen rust inside the wires that are the stress raisers that result in instant failures. Sailboats have been losing masts to this ever since stainless steel started being used the hold masts up. Aviators should know by now. Well done Frank
  14. They were very lucky, if that brick wall was held together with Australian mortar, they sure would have noticed it!