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    BalanceMaster testing

    The 912 balancer makes a noticeable difference to smooth running. After fitting the balancer you will be able to lower the idle considerably without the engine become rough and stopping. The best I have seen is still running at 650 rpm which is well below normal shutdown.
  2. smokeybear

    BalanceMaster testing

    I have been bringing in the Balancers for some years, they do a fantastic job and I believe extend the life of the gearbox & engine as well the reduced vibration throughout the airframe reducing fatigue. I have Balancers on hand for Rotax 912/914 Rotax 503 flywheel Rotax 582 & Lycoming on order.
  3. smokeybear


    Cross wind technique needs some work, many pilots lack this skill
  4. smokeybear

    Pipistrel Virus pulls chute

    It's amazing that virus pilots rarely know how to use their air brakes, the virus should be landed as a true glider, glide approach using air brakes, not powered with a 3 degree ( or less ) approach.
  5. smokeybear

    Rotax 503 has me baffeled.

    Try using a digital master tachometer to check actual revs first, also what oil is used in gearbox 85W140?
  6. The 505 is not a high performance engine and therefore does not require synthetics, castrol Active 2T is more than adequate, low ash good protection and long shelf life. Synthetics no matter what brand only provide protection against corrosion for 24 hrs after shutdown, where as the mineral based oils last for months. Shelf life of premixed fuels also have short shelf life.
  7. CFI L2/L3 PPL Gliding Instructor L2
  8. CFI L2/L3 PPL Gliding Instructor L2
  9. smokeybear

    Which plane to learn in?

    My best advice is to find another school that will teach to fly a taildragger. a Drifter is all u need to learn the basic skills. Most students prefer to learn in a tricycle but this is a mistake. The skills that will keep u alive are being taught less and less because everyone wants to fly the flash plastic, which is not designed for training. I see it everyday, students being taught to fly GA style, huge circuits well outside glide angle to the strip, using power all the way around, rarely a glide approach or an emergency. What you learn now will stay with you for life and will determine whether or not you will be a PILOT.
  10. smokeybear

    WANTED: 65-100hp motor

    I have an o-200 continental in my 150 Cessna that may suit. 330 hrs since top end overhaul.