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  1. Brumby08

    Looking for Photos

    Looking for photos and information on a Pitts 2 seater that was rebuilt at Roma in the mid 80’s by a Rod O’Hara and the owner had painted black with a horse design on the rudder. Rod’s son remembers having a flight in the aircraft with Barry Hemple as the pilot and is wanting to build a model of the aircraft, told him I ask for information here to try and help out. Regards, Tony
  2. Brumby08

    Brumby 600 low wing

    That is our aircraft in the link above and your friend is more than welcome to talk to Paul or Phil about our aircraft, we are about to jump on a flight to Brisbane so will be out of touch a bit for the next couple of days Happy to chat on email at [email protected] but will have limited access. Regards Tony.
  3. Hi I have a Friend who is flying to Cowra today. I have asked him to have a look at your Brumby if he can find it. My interest in the Jab powered Brumby is for the extra ponies and if I replaced the Jab motor with a Camit I think reliability would be there.
  4. Brumby08

    Brumby 600 low wing

    IBails, I just checked the Brumby site and our video has been moved , The Owen Zupp test flight article on the Brumby site is our aircraft. Tony
  5. Brumby08

    Brumby 600 low wing

    IBails, We own 19-5364 which can be seen in the one of the promotional video at the Brumby site, this aircraft has been up dated with the bigger tail and late model cowlings and is currently at Brumby in Cowra. It is fitted with the 3300 Jab and is potentially for sale due to knee issues making it near impossible for my wife ( also a pilot ) to get in and out of the aircraft, get in touch if you are interested initially thru this site. Tony
  6. Brumby08

    brumby facts

    All, The 600 is a fantastic aircraft and inspired my wife to get her pilot certificate after we picked the aircraft up and flew it to Mt Isa, no doubt there are a lot of other good aircraft out there that I have not flown, but the other deciding factor for me would be that we have never been able to fault the service, the willingness to go that extra bit for the customers. We count the whole Brumby team as friends these days. Michele & Tony ( Brumby 19-5364 )
  7. Brumby08

    Kit spit @ Emerald Q

    Built by English Engineering and available as a kit from them.
  8. We are in Cairns, Kewarra Beach.
  9. Frank, That would be excellent and thanks for your response. Tony.
  10. Frank, We are looking for something permanent, I have taken up a role in Cairns and bought a house in Kewarra Beach and as both my wife and I fly we are now looking for a permanent base for the aircraft.
  11. Looking for a spot to tie down or hanger a Brumby 600 in the Cairns area
  12. Brumby08

    stevron -brumby 610

    It was based on a drag bike that she saw, and not having straight lines. The visibility of the aircraft was also a consideration,
  13. Brumby08

    stevron -brumby 610

    We have done 170 hours and the aircraft has been as far as Mount Isa in its travels, our aircraft is 19-5364 that is featured in the video on the Brumby site. I have not flown the 610, the 600 is a beautiful thing to fly. My wife designed the colour scheme on our's. Tony.
  14. Brumby08

    stevron -brumby 610

    We have a Brumby 600, great machines. Tony.
  15. Brumby08

    messerschmitt 109

    Christian, We are living in Idalia, we both have ASIC cards, mobile number is 0427130721 or [email protected] will also find us. Regards, Tony.