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  1. Litespeed


    Perfect for world's fastest Hummelbird
  2. Litespeed

    Western Sydney Airport named.

    Should just be Nancy Bird Walton. We all know where it will be.
  3. Litespeed

    Thruster Photos

    You could start up a Thrusters users and abusers group....... And call it.... In Thrust We Trust.
  4. True the other crew managed to survive and reverted to one of the possible solutions. The other crew used their training and tried what they had been trained. They all died. Maybe a very experienced Qantas crew would have survived. But that is no excuse, Boeing basically sentenced the planes souls to death to save money. I hope they are sued many billions.
  5. Litespeed

    Bloody PTV.

    Yep, youse are all lucky buggers. Sydney is a morgue at night. Friday I went to catch a trail from city to wentworthville. No service only a express train after 11.30 pm. Have to get off at black town for a return service which they announce will be along in 2 hours 45 min. The bus to cover track work, wait one hour. Three hours to get home on a Friday night. F##kin hopeless.
  6. Litespeed

    Jabiru LSA vs 160

    You know it is a bit marginal when the pilot handbook quotes climb in... Feet per hour
  7. Litespeed

    Jabiru LSA vs 160

    "Curvature of the earth", that is funny. But they are not quite that bad. A Cherokee 140 on the other hand relies on the madly sweating pilot and passengers stink to repel from the ground. Even mother nature has a sense of smell.
  8. As a motorcyclist of over 30 years, not all of us are idiots just like not all car or truck drivers are f**kwits. There is a huge difference between a crashed bike and the gyro. If you came across a bike accident where the frame came apart and the headstock and thus the front forks and wheel separated from the bike whilst in use and didn't occur from hitting a solid object, then it would be similar. It is incredibly rare for frame failure to cause a bike crash. If it was to happen you can be sure it would be a very big deal and the model would be grounded instantly. Modern bike frames are extremely strong and very overengineered. Just like in a aircraft accident it is very apparent if a frame breaks apart to cause a accident. Akin to a wing falling off. And lane splitting increases the traffic flow and reduces travel time greatly for a bike. It also means you are in front of the traffic which is the safest place to be, given the tintop drivers looking at GPS, playing with radios, bloody phones, doing makeup etc. If you drive and don't like bikes been faster in traffic from lane splitting, simple get a bike.
  9. No Phil, its what happens when strapped in the seat and you decide not to keep flying the aircraft. It is because no matter how much you try, you can not kiss your are goodbye.
  10. Also they obviously hit the water, so any injuries may have stopped them getting out and then drowned. Sad
  11. Litespeed

    Corby Starlet Wanted

    I reckon at that size you might be a bite o. The heavy and wide side.
  12. Well said Nev. Aviate, Aviate, Aviate.. .......stare at your bellybutton after you get out if the aircraft.
  13. In the end he did well, and looks survivable. Looked like there were better spots though like a road alongside one of the fields. But that is easy say after the fact. Looks more like a modern version of a thruster.
  14. Damn that is a good parking job Just needs a buff and polish. .....
  15. Electric engines certainly are a very bright future for transporting us feeble humans. They are also damn fast and have huge torque. Friends laughed 20 years ago when I said man will fly electric and their use in cars would be common in 20 years. It was obvious when you understand the technology.