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  1. Not flown yet, Going gliding in two weeks at Camden with my son. Weather gods willing. Been a long time between drinks, getting very thirsty.
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  3. Well said. Unless forced I would always do my own. I have never paid a engineer or mechanic. Always myself that way I know the job and machine down to nut and bolt. Also if I can't fix it myself, I can't afford to maintain it properly. Naturally I seek advice if needed, I am a cheap skate but not stupid. As a sport the last thing we need is $500 oil changes.
  4. Ah the old sinking boat problem.... Lots of ways around that problem, firstly by shutting the seacocks after finishing with the boat. Or changing to keel cooled or other variations of freshwater cooled. Wet exhausts can also be a issue if not designed well or maintained. But you can convert to a dry stack and no issues. If you maintain it and follow simple rules, sinking is not a issue. Having auto bilge pumps and a alarm is also very very sensible. Some are set to call you and get your arse to the boat. Generally failure to maintain, just like with aircraft is a really quick path to burning money. Or worse.
  5. I know of lots of ferro boats and they all have local insurance and full access to any marina. The access is not a issue anymore than other construction types. It is purely whether you are insured, and that is dependant on condition. Any ferro boat around today is likely of very high quality. Any bad builds have long since rusted or sunk. For the unaware, ferro is a composite and includes expoxy. It is extremely strong and gets stronger with age. It is the toughest material for a boat. Done correctly it does not rust. It is the easiest to repair as well. Long term ferro is considerably cheaper to own and maintain. The quality of a boat is not just about what its made from. Bit how it is built and maintained. Yes there are crap ones about but same with wood or steel or glass. Unless damaged by impact a good ferro hull will only ever need a belly scrape and antifoul. Nothing needs less work. Steel rusts, wood rots and glass delaminates with age. Ferro just gets harder. Almost all ferro boats around today were professionally built hulls and very sound. Cowboy builds are easy to spot. Ferro can be great
  6. Also for bigger boats, oil burners are you friend and far cheaper to run. A 40 ft motor sailed or power cruiser boat can do 6-7 knots on a 6 litres a hour. Better ones do it on 3 litres. If your not in a hurry, they can be cheap to run. Some sailboats it is as low as 1 litre a hour. Not everything guzzles
  7. Ah, the beauty of the sea. You don't have to spend a bomb, get a boat someone has spent the bucks on and buy when they loose interest, often winter. Now is a great buying time. Never pay ad price esp for a sail boat. Often go for 20-30% less, haggle they are often for sale for months and costing fees and maintenance. Pick a construction type you are willing to work on, is wood, steel, glass or ferro. If you live aboard it is far cheaper and easier to maintain. My bro has a 23ft, works and cost $200 and it will sail. My glass dingy is 13ft and a sail cum power boat. Was free as it came with a $200 trailer registered. Solid. Stable and great as fishing cum utility boat. Add a old but strong Johnson 15 and she rocks. Does what would cost 20 k as a new alloy and motor setup. Yes I need to redo gunwhales but that's fine and will do some mods for more comfort. This is a unsinkable boat with huge built in floatation. It does not have to cost a bomb. Never buy new, let someone else loose the depreciation etc. Just like aircraft, speed costs money.
  8. Vote 1. Farri for minister of aviation.
  9. Old Koreelah, Some lights are all bright and no Penetration. Hence the need to carefully evaluate the lights you get. As they are very cheap this allows some experiments. A trick motorbikes do is the addition of a bright blue led, it can gain attention and has proven value. Can be strobed or just on. It provides a clear distinction and car traffic takes notice when otherwise they claim to not have seen you. This could be a solution. I am not talking about just using a bluish white light but a separate blue bright Led. Yes it is legal, just do not add a red one as well. The cops use these colours for the attention they grab.
  10. If you look carefully the 737 max is just the latest of many scandals that have been covered up. 737 neo was built in ways completely different to that mandated by type approval. This has meant survivable rough landings have killed as the fuselage breaks apart with faulty parts. 787 been built in southern states are so bad some airlines refuse to accept it unless it was built in Seattle. Workers refuse to fly them. The new air tankers are been refused on build quality and safety grounds. These are the air tankers Airbus won the contract for but Boeing sued and had law change to give them the contract. The litany of dodge just keeps coming .
  11. Whilst the Aveo lights look nice at that price, I wonder if a better and far cheaper one could be made and possibly marketed? Would we happily pay $300 for a better one or is the market small and just after a big name? For that matter a good landing light setup?
  12. I am with Downunder, the eBay style lights can be excellent value and bloody bright. I have used them with motorbikes and can attest to the great light at low wattage. You can get spit and flood variety's and combo versions. Nothing needs great lights like a fast motorbike, I bet my life on em. I have used slimline ones that are flood and spot combo 5 inch long. Alloy body for heat removal and waterproof. Could smash it with a hammer and would still work perfectly. And dirt cheap, enough to buy lots of different ones to get a perfect system. Wing tip lights are another matter but are sortable. A good system can be had for landing lights that will illuminate hundreds of metres ahead, use very little power and not cost a bomb. I would not worry too much about battery drain if the landers are only used for landing periods. A small extra battery could always be carried to cover the extra load for the loads if running long periods. A small SLA battery will run a set for a long time.
  13. My bad, CASA will do the investigation, apparently.
  14. Agreed Facthunter, Reminds me of Ralph Nader's book about pathetic car safety in the US of the 60's etc. "Unsafe at any speed". It should never have received certification irrespective of training. Did anyone pick up the fact the pilots manual only mentions MCAS in the glossary of terms, not how it works, how to overcome it or diagnose a issue with it. That's from a 737 pilot. That really says enough to me. Corporate manslaughter times 300 for management. At best but really second degree murder on mass. All 737 max should be pernamently grounded and scrapped. But what of the workers ? Sorry keeping a job is no excuse to allow people to die for aircraft sales. And the shareholders? Deserve total loss and chapter 11 bankruptcy, live by the sword, die by the sword. You can bet if it was Airbus that's what the yanks would demand.
  15. So what part would the police know that is not apparent in the minimal facts presented? It was a training flight. They were practising procedures for forced landing. The engine stopped for real and CASA called it engine failure. Given it was a instructor, we will assume they quickly did all the correct checks of mags, fuel etc, which they had been practising prior to engine failure. They recognised the engine had failed. Thus it was a real event. They continued to aviate then communicate a ",mayday". They avoided all public ie didn't try to land in a house or road nor do anything silly like stall it when turning. They picked the best available landing spot that was in glide range. They ensured they cleared the houses and any possible obstacles like power lines. The managed the speed and decent rate to avoid landing too short or long of the intended landing spot. They did not become fixated with the tree in the paddock. They executed a perfect landing. They exited the aircraft once stopped. The instructor and student are unharmed. The aircraft is undamaged, subject to a careful check over and obviously determination of the cause of the engine failure. And rectification/ rebuild? Etc The ATSB will determine why the engine failed. Or are you assuming either the pilot in command made a significant error causing engine failure or the student did. And then told the police they caused the engine failure? They ran out of fuel and told the plod as such? Or that the plod due to his immense experience chasing cars, catching criminals and saving little old ladies from holigan bike riders. Was able to determine some fault in piloting or that he would have done better. Or maybe I didn't read where he was a aviation expert? Irrespective of the actual cause of failure, which is yet to be determined- they did exactly what they trained and executed it perfectly. Maybe plod expected them to repel the forces of gravity as well.
  16. I agree, I will bet he new the area well and was side slipping to get it just where he wanted it. Officer plod might need a gentle slap on the pork chops for a dose of reality. Should have said " the flight instructor did a professional forced landing, ensuring the safety of the public and calmly landed safely in a paddock."
  17. Fugmeister mk1. Has special fugly adaptions to repel it from the earth.
  18. OK I admit I would keep my polished beasty in a hangar. And it would have nice curves.
  19. From my knowledge of friends, the services pretty much treat personnel as assets to be used,abused and desposed of when faulty. Not exactly known for a caring attitude to rehabilitation or treatment esp after leaving the service. I doubt the worry of a few claims- which are normally buried under paperwork is the real reason. In practice defence just ignores claims, hides problems and wait for the injured to give up or die. They effectively are a law unto themselves.
  20. All really good aircraft have a polished finish. Paint is a waste of money, time and weight. I agree with wrap where needed. Easy to apply and remove without effecting the skin.
  21. Some say a fine and maybe some jail time is required. I think a fine unless it is say upwards of 20 billion plus full compensation of all airline losses and a minimum of 5 million per death to the families and jail for manslaughter for those who signed it off. Unless this costs Boeing really big then it is all a joke. VW group have paid many billion over diesel gate and no one died. All 737 max should be scrapped as inherently unsafe for a passenger aircraft, it is not a fighter that needs computers for stability. Been too big to fail, is no excuse. All execs and shareholders should pay big time. They can bankrupt the company, under chapter 11. That way it survives, jobs survive and keeps making aircraft. But the owners of the company forfeit the value of shares. Otherwise any cost is considered just a business expense rather than reparations for manslaughter on mass.
  22. Perfect for world's fastest Hummelbird
  23. Should just be Nancy Bird Walton. We all know where it will be.
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