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  1. Nice clip for us Tayloraphiles. However , not much build advice assistance forthcoming yet........maybe I'll just buy a used Jab.
  2. Have you built or flown a Taylor Monoplane ? I'd be interested to hear more about their performance and handling qualities. I'm also wondering how wide the cockpit is and how much weight the aircraft will lift.
  3. Contemplating building one of these , I need some questions answered. Where in Sydney , can I purchase the wood and hardware for the project ? Who inspects and signs off on my work ? I'm an RAA member ...do I need to join another organisation ? I hold a Pilot Certificate. All advice on home building the Taylor would be welcomed.....John.
  4. I don't want to highjack the thread but........no part of those cars come from a Falcon or a Commodore . They are just steel tube frames with plastic panels glued on. They are NOT Fords or Holdens. Sports sedans and not very good ones. I fly a Jab as well. The engines seem to be a lottery.
  5. How about a Blackburn Dart or Ripon?
  6. This is my old C/L Nobler, I've just completed it's third rebuilt. Replaced some oily wood, new controls , hinges , fitted a new radial mount, new Fox.35 and recovered with tissue. The Gee Bee style paint job turned out O.K. The model flies better than ever, Noblers are great....John.
  7. A very entertaining 30 minute listen. Nothing to do with sheep, an aviation short story written by Frederick Forsyth. Nice to be read to for a change.....John.
  8. Did you check what the Lycoming piston to bore clearances are ?
  9. Well actually OME, 4 thou. is a very generous piston clearance and would be considered " a rattling good fit " by any engine builder worth his salt. i.e. worn out.
  10. Usually 45 mins., Liverpool to The Oaks. Hoxton Park was 10 minutes away from home !!!
  11. Go for it David. I managed to get my Pilot Cert. a couple of years ago, aged 62. Very glad that I decided to learn how to fly, my grandchildren think its pretty cool as well.
  12. Just coming up to 50 fun filled hours........John.
  13. As my 9 Y.O. grandson Daniel had recently joined the Air League, I was asked to take him up for a short flight. We did one circuit to see how he'd go, he really enjoyed it. I think he's still grinning. The video was taken at The Oaks using a phone camera.
  14. Did you know Top Flite currently market an ARTF C/L Nobler?
  15. I have to agree with you there, especially the small diesels.
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