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  1. Apologies to all concerned as this isnt aviation related, but its put here because Im sort of desperate.. Desperate for an car Air Conditioning mechanic who knows his or her stuff Cars involved are a W124 and W140 MB If you know your way around these two models, or know someone who IS, then PM me. Cars are located in northern victoria.
  2. Saw this today. (sat 7.2.15 on FR24).... Aeroprakt A.22-LS Foxbat 7979 tootling around the Bay.... Now,would this mean he has an ADSB on board? I see a lot of gliders based around Tocumwal on FR24, and surmise they too are fitted with ADSB.. am I right in thinking that?
  3. Coming from behind a news camera, its what the COPS tell us that counts. I've been to plenty of crashes where the cops have said one thing, and the pictures state the bleedin' obvious... BUT the editor will go with what the cops said.... that way, the company will have an escape clause. Then the calls requesting corrections come in....
  4. Hi Ian, Would it be possible for you to delete the thread I started concerning the conflict at Shepparton.. I was on R36 and a flight was coming in on the reciprocal.. Matter now a CASA investigation... Cheers, Ben
    1. Admin


      Done, thanks Ben
  5. Having a read of the posts, how does this fit in with the theories that abounded? Perhaps a lesson in distinguishing fact from theory... Kudos to the young man who kept things upright.
  6. He had an emergency landing and walked away. Bloody good airmanship and brilliant flying skills.... I would be glad to be his passenger any day. Now, tell us, what are the issues with the Lycoming engine, and are they only with a specific batch or affecting only one model of them?
  7. So, have any of the conspiracy theorists found the plane? Guess not. Have any of the conspiracy theorists been actively involved in the search? Guess not. *sigh* Ben
  8. Jen (the photographer) counted at least three major bounces, and a pronounced drift from the runway to the grass on the eastern side. The engine noise did not vary at all in pitch or volume - she said it looked like an attempt at a go around, but there was no positive rate of climb. The AC hit the tyres at the end of the runway, which amputated the undercart, and then he went sideways onto the fence as seen above.
  9. It was going to be a great day for the Tyabb air show - their major biennial event that draws hard core aviation buffs from around the nation to see some of the rarest aircraft in history. Loads of spectators were arriving by air, including the rather beautiful RAA rotary engined biplane that had been seen at Benalla only a few days beforehand. Without pre empting any investigation (THREE Casa inspectors were on hand) this beautiful aircraft has had the engine and undercart amputated following a collision with the fence at the end of the runway. Uber aviation photographer Jen Clark (and student pilot) said she was photographing this plane because it was rather cute, and noticed a series of rough bounces and the AC was heading for the grass. Alas, for some reason, the AC hit the tyres at the end of the runway before meeting the fence. This is the beautiful before pic.... and the sad "During" If there is any good news, it is that the pilot was out of the aircraft and walking around before help arrived. Lets just hope he can get this gorgeous and unique aircraft rebuilt and back into the sky.
  10. Im with Alf.... You did a sterling job under extreme circumstances, and you are both here to tell the tale. Aircraft can be replaced. You and your daughter cannot. Well done on a difficult day, and having to make split second decisions that WORKED. I would fly with you, anyday. Ben
  11. ABC News are reporting two men have been killed in a plane crash in Victoria's northwest. The men were found dead after their plane crashed at Walpeup Lake Road, at Timberoo, west of Oyen. The incident happened at around 8pm local.
  12. When; Sunday 24.8.12, 2pm Shepparton Airfield. What; Cessna JVB with one POB doing T&G. Runway 36. (GA aircraft and pilot) Weather.; Winds from the west to south west at 15 knots, gusting to 21. Thunderstorms and heavy showers, averaging five mins between downpours. Observation; Saw the aircraft take off immediately after a heavy shower. Saw AC do circuit. As I was driving past, lobbed in to strip to watch the crash, er landing. Saw AC doing a great dance in the sky with full rudder to maintain heading in 21 kt wind at close to 90 degrees to the strip. Wings dipping and rising madly. AC managed to land... THEN did T&G and took off again as heavy rain enveloped the field. Repeated excercise in heavy rain with 21kt wind. Questions; Would you go flying in such conditions? Would you undergo training in such conditions? Discuss.
  13. RA and GA? Mate, there is only one place to go. Shepparton, Victoria. Really social club, and avid flyers, with TWO schools on ground. Gawnes or Secure Air. BOTH are recommended. Both CFI's are brilliant. Easy access, and easily found, and close to accommodation if required. Your choices of planes; Tecnam p92, Cessna 172, Piper Warrior or C 152.
  14. I remember my CFI doing a preflight on his Chieftain prior to returning from Cantberra after a day trip. There was a birds nest in one of the engine cowlings.
  15. WOW.... is that confirmed? that is, he is unlicenced, and also the AC unregistered? As in Confirmed, for a fact... not just a wild rumour?
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