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  1. When I was training I found that looking at how hard the instructors hand was squeezing his knee was a good indicator of when to flare
  2. Well spotted Mike re: Class 2 exclusion. But I've been tripped with high blood pressure, under control within a few weeks of diagnosis, due to medication taken, nailed with CASA audit, then type 2 diabetes, no medication, just diet control. All tests for the last 4 years clear but CASA still insisting on ~$1k/annum for additional tests. So, the medical tests are good in one way, but given my DAME (and previous DAME) think they are unwarranted and both are happy to sign off my class 2, CASA experts are concerned that i'll drop of the perch without the additional tests. With hindsight, I'd recommend going to a different GP than your DAME, getting normal health checkup, then deciding if you want to let CASA in on your health history.
  3. Problem is when you fall over the ECG stress test limit, even for class 2. Pretty easy to do, all you need to do is be over 60 for a male. Unless you have lower than average cholesterol or blood pressure to give a -ve score. My DAME thinks it's a joke all of the testing, similar comments from the Optical and Stress test people. I've given up paying ~$1k/annum for a class 2.
  4. There'll be a point to this discussion eventually, can someone let me know so I can skip over all of the member measurement?
  5. Why spoil a site tradition of rushing into a conclusion. Hope all praties concerned are ok.
  6. The 'nagging problems' isn't just a couple of the members of this forum posting their usual is it?
  7. Or you could stop being pedantic, remove head from orifice, consider the intent of the regulation and don't drink and fly. If you're worried about the threshold of how much booze is in your system, then there is a fair chance that you've had to much. Reckon you could nail a piece of string to a post and some of you guys would argue about it for days.
  8. I'm guessing that's a couple less Christmas cards i need to send out this year. I'll get on with my travel plans to the land of sexual congress then.
  9. Article dated feb 2016. Has it got any further traction in the last 6 months apart from registering a company?
  10. Watch the instructors hands, when they go tense and white gripping their knees it's time to flare. Look at the end of the runway as you round out
  11. It's just like Airservices updating new documents every 5 minutes, just because they can. Leave it alone. Get a different hobby.