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    Murphy renegade???

    Can anyone tell me about th Murphy Renegade, what are they like to fly? how much room in cockpit? & anything else that you wise forumite might like to pass on. Pete
  2. pete8862

    A Morgan from a plan????

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me if you can build a morgan Sierra from scratch, I have looked at what you get in a kit & to me it looks if you got the steel sections the rest is just raw aluminium that all needs to be cut drilled shaped & constucted. Is this right or have I missed something. They look like a great aircraft to fly & build. Pete
  3. pete8862

    A visit to Morgan Aero

    I had to go to Sydney for a wedding & talked my dear wife into visiting the Morgan factory, I was impressed with the way that Garry showed me as much as he could & explained all about his planes & kits. I think the kits look simple enough to build so I should start saving. Thanks Garry for the tour Pete
  4. Moreton looked rough last weekend, didn't get to close though
  5. pete8862


    Anyone able to get their hands on the passenger list, I believe I have a friend on the flight?
  6. pete8862

    Finally started

    Well at last I have acquired a Sierra fuselage to start my dream of having my own aircraft, I don't mind saying its a little daunting. Most of it is together now just some bracing to finish this step, thanks to the guys at Morgan aeroworks through a few phone calls its looking great
  7. pete8862

    Great to learn in

    I fly in a Lightwing for my lessons and I love it, I would buy one but they dont carry enough fuel Pete
  8. pete8862

    Morgan Builds under way and completed

    I have a fuselage kit that I just can't find the time to work on, will part with it if someone is interested Peter
  9. Just heard who it was, John was a very nice guy, my heart goes out to his family he will be missed
  10. Does anyone know if this fellow lived at the air park
  11. pete8862

    Finally started

    Thanks Gareth, I'll give you a call
  12. pete8862

    Finally started

    I would love to come & have a look at someone else's build, could I get a phone number?
  13. pete8862

    Cessna 140 registration

    I was told it would not be permissible.
  14. pete8862

    Wet Weather strip?

    Do'es anyone have a wet weather stip near ipswich that could be used for a oneoff pickup? Pete
  15. pete8862

    Old Station

    Might make it, in the car though:crying:
  16. pete8862

    3 aircraft offers wanted

    I only wish I had some spare cash
  17. pete8862

    I've had enough

    Well after only two years of flying the thrill has past, I've decided to hang up the flying jacket & go back to boating. I'm not sure what happened to the need to fly like i used to have, could have been the recent spate of aviation related accidents. Thanks to all the people who offered encouragment while I was getting my pilots certificate. Hopefuly the urge will return. Pete
  18. pete8862

    RAAus Fails CASA Audit Again

    I'm glad that I didn't start to build. Pete
  19. pete8862

    I've had enough

    Thanks Guys, I have enjoyed the flying, & I would love to get back to it later. It has been very helpful being able to read the advice on this site & to talk to experienced pilots. Pete
  20. pete8862

    aircraft missing from Monto

    Any more news??
  21. pete8862

    aircraft missing from Monto

    Just looked on a site called plane finder, looks like the Dornier is doing a seach pattern now
  22. pete8862

    3 aircraft offers wanted

    Hi Garry, would you mind posting photos of the Sierra please Pete
  23. pete8862

    flying wild Alaska

    I love this show, not for the flying, for the people & the countryside, I would love to go for a visit. Pete
  24. pete8862

    Why do you pay??

    The fact that we will pay, is why they will charge Pete
  25. I would love to go again but I don't think it will happen, to much work not enough flying Pete