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  1. Surely only a third world airline would allow animals in the cabin.
  2. The vehicle will survive long after he goes broke. I get hucksters calling me to invest in Tesla "have you heard of this company?", I tell them unfortunately I know too much about it and would get an equal return plus some warmth from setting fire to bank notes.
  3. Meanwhile in cars we have cameras and sensors to cover blind spots and autonomous emergency braking if you don't see something in front (and now behind also when reversing). Maybe in a decade or so someone will jerry-rig a camera to a tail dragger, progress!
  4. Welcome Shiv! Tell us about flying in India...?
  5. Welcome Baz! If you're looking GA I'd suggest going with a Vans. Might seem too vanilla but the kits and support are outstanding for a first build this is important, a less common / specialised build could easily take twice as long.
  6. I blame global warming. Or possibly Tony Abbott, they are similar I'm told.
  7. The inference being "haha, that's good" right? RAA being on our side, member organisation and all.... Why don't they help by printing a list of these fascist run airports we should avoid?
  8. Yes, welcome to the new Left-stralia. Even Chinese people I know laugh at the number of laws we have. With the proles like the refueler that ask for your ASIC ask them to firstly show their ID - both ASIC and drivers licence - and photograph them with your phone.
  9. In this day and age I suggest it's probably not the best to joke about this sort of stuff on a public forum (especially in a country that has no constitutional freedom of speech). And no lion jokes either, very offensive.
  10. Well the recent migrant cultures frequently tend to get their way by going nuts and breaking things, government apparently only responds to goat herding third world activism. Technique now adopted by 'antifa' but with limited success as they lack the culture.
  11. 0.4mm is very, very thin, a single veneer is usually 0.5mm so the price is no surprise. You could call around the timber / board importers but that thickness is quite a speciality item.
  12. If you rarely need it then you could print you own ID card and wear it, it's quite cheap to do. If you are asked, no you don't have an ASIC but you have a ID card with you photo on it plus other ID available. Then if asked why no ASIC refer to the rules which state only required for frequent access and that you rarely visit (info is on this forum). If you believe they are likely to demand it call ahead and tell them no ASIC so they are required to escort you. Wow that brings back memories! Not any more of course, a more docile and supine group of sheep you would scarcely find.
  13. A Lion! That's nasty no? Didn't see that bit, I'll go back and have a read. Anyone know how this poor chap is doing? Is he healing OK?
  14. Yes, if the injury is minor as implied this is a good outcome & one to be happy about. I wish him well! It's sad there are so many head injuries in light aircraft accidents, really need better design / cushioning / head protection. Something that was largely sorted out in motor vehicles decades ago and further improved since.
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