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  1. Onetrack -You are probably correct about the Kenda tyres of that size not being suitable for highway opps. My nose wheel , a Mitas 12 X 4 28J B1, is rated at 100 kph. Mitas is sold through : Trelleborg Wheel Systems Australia Pty Ltd 83-85 Midland Highway Bendigo Victoria 3551 ABN: 16 607 373 062 Tel.: +61 3 9391 8788 [email protected] Technical help For technical help, please contact us via phone or e-mail: Tel +61 03 9391 8788 Fax +61 03 9391 8766 Mail: [email protected] ATEC aircraft do 6 in tyres for about $85 (inc tube) freight & GST on top of that. One little point - dont be too quick to tell a potential supplier what you will be using the tyre for. Some suppliers get very anxious when you mention an aircraft application.
  2. I have used Kenda tyres to great effect. They are usually available in highway specification. Can often be supplied with up to 8 ply rating. One additional point that I would make to Onetracks knowledgeable offering: If possible select tyres with smooth highway tread (not chunky off road). Three reasons: The chunky tread will be more likely to "windmill" in the air stream, which can make for annoying vibrations in the air. Chunky tread will be more likely to grab/dig in if you have some slight side slip on landing. Smooth highway tread does not pick up as much mud on a damp grass strip
  3. I always take a manufacturers figures with a large dose of good humoured salt but even with this level of scepticism, its a very handy performer - a two seater would be more practical. As usual Nev - all true! BUT all aircraft are a compromise. Once you accept that, you work with what you have to the get the best result.
  4. Did they perform as well as they look ?? (V hot!)
  5. The "type" (if there is such a thing) of person who is willing and able to do this sort of work can only be marveled at, none more so than the flight engineers involved. I have tried to imagine sitting in my "office" being bounced around as if in spine dryer , without any direct control of a very dangerous situation, while trying to do my work calmly & consistently. Some minutes must be like days and yet the do it every working day - that takes the whole equation to a much higher level. My awe is not sufficient.
  6. I must be getting old & cranky - I was quite happy with the last iteration of the OR This latest development(s) seem to have just added complexity for changes sake .I find it nowhere near as intuitive for my geriatric brain. Comments ??
  7. Very few aircraft accidents have a single cause - the old Swiss Cheese theory, holds good for most, if not all.
  8. FYI - I did not suggest there was no fatigue management - my informant suggested that the operational hours for crew on these sorts of missions was potentially much more than for, say an airliner. Juan Brown (see Kyle Comms comment) video briefly mentions this possibility.
  9. True Nev! I hasten to say that the crew hours/fatigue possibility I put forward has not been verified, although the person who suggested it has some knowledge of these matters.
  10. I have seen, what I presume to be, this aircraft (same crew ??) in operation - spectacularly low & slow maneuvering in very difficult air/terrain conditions. (all mentioned in erlier comments) made for a heart stopping display of daring/skilled airmanship. In addition to these very dangerous flying conditions it has been suggested to me that fire fighting aircraft crews are not subject to "normal" commercial flight crew hours - should this be true, fatigue may have a significant part to play in all this. I mention these points not as a criticism of the pilots whose valour/skill is without dispuut but as potential contributing factors (Swiss cheese).
  11. Oh! one other point, the title of this thread is a little misleading - it would seem you want to realign one of the engine coolant pipes - Downunders excellent advice. The "water pump housing" however can simply be rotated, to better accommodate the angle of the radiator hose or to clear an engine mount stay - from memory at least two positions are available.
  12. Sounds about right - BUT - as with all things care should be applied in bucket fulls. You might want to try using a heat gun rather than a blowtorch and be carefull with the "grip" device least it leave some nasty score marks, a noarow (than the ID of tube) bar might be less aggressive..
  13. Whats with the "3 quarts" ??? 3.5 litres, or thereabouts, sounds very much better to me.
  14. supposedly the equivalent of 36 fags/day - does this mean I will have to go on a quite smoking plan when the fires are all over & done with?
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