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  1. skippydiesel

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    And yet the rogue business man/politician seem to be alive and well (maybe even admired) in our society. By good fortune, I have met some of his descendants - perfectly ordinary nice people. So you can transcend the lottery of genetics.
  2. skippydiesel

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    It would seem that Macarthur was/is the blue print (more or less) for all his Australian entrepreneur and political heirs - a thoroughly unpleasant scoundrel whom the bureaucracy of the day couldn't/wouldn't deal with appropriately (jail & probably flogging). Yes he started the wool industry and yes his direct heirs were influential in the wine & dairy industries but to out this syphilitic scoundrel on any sort of pedestal is to countenance the means always justifies the ends.
  3. skippydiesel

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    Maaaate! - non of the criminal activities you mention came down in the last shower of rain/or immigration. Drug distribution has been around from whenever man found out he could get a high from chewing certain leaves - our Government just made it way more profitable (& attractive to the young) by making it illegal. I lived in Moree, a zilion years ago, there were under age gangs robing homes & bushiness back then and the perpetrators were decedents of the first ever human immigrants into Australia.
  4. skippydiesel

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    About 12 months ago I helped an old mate out and did a stint of 3 months driving a full length semi in Sydney. It wasn't the "hoones" that pissed me off , it was the lane hogs, the mums (with kids) cutting me off coming up to the lights, the sudden lane changes sometimes with a single flash of indicator after the fact ,the luxury sports cars failing to give way to my turning signal/manoeuvre (usually resulting in a stand off with me straddling two lanes and them somewhere between trailer & tractor bogies - the funny bit was the the soundless pantomime I could see in my mirror - lots of mouth opening and colourful sign language, while I just had a good laughed.
  5. skippydiesel

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    Driving is inherently dangerous. The skills/knowledge required, to be let loose on the public road should be hard won and once achieved highly regarded. We have made it a right, so almost any idiot can obtain a license and except in a few circumstances keep it for the rest of their active life. In my humble opinion the authorities should put strategies in place to minimise the chance of reckless/unskilled drivers being on the road. In recognition of the potentially lethal machines that vehicles can become in the hands of the wrong person, the standard of driver training and testing should be very much higher. Shonky training/testing organisations should be arrested and jailed in recognition of the danger they have unleashed on the unsuspecting public (no different to drug pushers). In recognition that we are all human and that skills/knowledge can deteriorate, regular re testing (BFR if you will) should be introduced. Accidents will happen with the best training & intent, cant be totally avoided but lets not "throw the baby" out with the bathwater and punish all for the misdeeds/incompetence of a few. Why do we never seem to hear of the courts banning someone from holding a license for life. I know of; Individuals who have been involved a many rear end collisions, that is people have driven into them - the other driver is a fault. It would appear that no one has ever asked how come this person is so unlucky. Many others who can not reverse park, have no understanding of how a traffic circle should work, hog the right lane because they fear merging when the left lane runs out - in the main these are drivers who consider themselves to be safe and responsible . an astonishing number who never check their tyre pressures and so on and so on To me its a fact that we have taken an inherently dangerous machine and dumbed down the requirements to operate one to the level of potty training.
  6. skippydiesel

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    Thanks for the "good points. No - I live in the outer fringe of Sydney (which I avoid going into whenever I can). Ref: Seat belt/helmets We should NEVER have laws imposed on us that protect the individual from their own stupidity. Laws should only ever be mandated to protect the individual from the majority or the majority from the individual. Before they were mandated, I wore set belts & motorcycle helmets but bitterly reject/resent any law forcing me to do the same. I believe in protecting the young from their immaturity & the neglect of adults, so laws for them to wear set belts, be in capsules, wear helmets, make sense (to me). As an adult the decision to take stupid unnecessary risks should be mine alone. There are better ways to encourage people to "do the right thing" than making it against the law.
  7. skippydiesel

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    In the real world it s not just about deaths/injury its is also about the unnecessary time lost to roads clogged by poor drivers (40 minute commutes turn into 1.5- 2hr ones)- the total (death/injury/damage & time) cost to the economy must be in the billions per year I would introduce: Much higher standards for driver training - driving is a privilege not a right. Five year testing for ALL drivers Complete overhaul of the road & driving rules, the way speed zones, advisory signs (inc white lines), stop/give, parking directives are implemented (probably remove from local authorities) strive for consistence. Maximum duty times for ALL truck drivers - 9 hrs behind the wheel, 12 hrs total duty/work time NO EXCEPTIONS Policing of driver behaviour (including basic skills like driving to conditions, appropriate use of indicators keeping to the left) not just speed, seat belts/helmets (which should NOT be mandated for adults) and RBT Consistent and appropriate penalties for driving safety violations We humans are hardwired to take risks, you diminish us by trying to create a cotton wool world of no risk and no responsibility, some death/injury will result . That the price we pay for being what we are. If you want mindless drones, legalise cloning.
  8. skippydiesel

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    Real drivers actually drive to the conditions - Zombies operate in autopilot beyond caring about road conditions or other road users. The road did not cause the accidents the lack of driver skill did. No matter how good/bad the road is or the prevailing traffic/weather conditions, the only brain is between the ears of the driver. He/she makes the decisions, no one else. Not the vehicle, not the road, tree, alcohol, kids in the back, fatigue .......... whatever ITS THE DRIVER!!! - TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!!!!! quit looking for a scape goat. Does everything in our world have to revolve aground the lowest common denominator ? - cant we aspire to something a little better than trying to design a cotton wool world where irresponsible people can live safe little lives ???
  9. skippydiesel

    Cowl Air Temperatures

    You may get some "venturi effect" but other than after engine shut down there will be little if any convection. Most likely the cowling will be pressurised, to some degree, by prop wash/forward motion, forcing air through/over engine components & out of whatever exit apertures are available. Movement (speed/volume/direction) of air through & around the engine bay & engine components is difficult to predict without the aid of wind tunnels , pressure, speed & direction monitoring equipment. Just making an entry/exit smaller/larger, adding another, facing forward/back can have surprisingly counter intuitive results. Very well engineered cooling/air delivery systems are often surprisingly small (entry/exit) check out VH-SGS http://www.worldrecordplane.com/aircraft-development-story Note: Despite many sales/manufactures claims to high speed Rotax 912 powered aircraft (often very sexy/speedy looking) few have been subject to third party review /assessment like SGS - view all other claims with extreme scepticism.
  10. skippydiesel

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    (Lords Name !!) I couldn't bring myself to read through all of the previous threads so apologise if someone has already picked up on the following; Almost all of you focus on speed - WRONG!! So are debates about road conditions, trip times, drains, trees, safer cars, etc etc this is all just a diversion from reality. The problem is always has been and continues to be (until driver less vehicles) the moron behind the wheel - nothing else. Lack of road/driver courtesy is the main problem, followed closely by general driving skill. Road design & conditions has never killed or injured anyone. No vehicle has killed anyone - a person, usually the driver, sometimes the pedestrian, very very occasionally the mechanic/engineer/designer (all people) are at fault. Examples: At great cost the the taxpayer, we have 5 + lane freeways - where 98% of the idiots use the OUTSIDE 4 lanes going slower than the 2% who use the inside lane (% are illustration only). Our heavy vehicles are allowed to use all lanes & often do, creating moving barriers (UK HGV's MUST keep to the left and can not use the outside lane on a 3+ lane hwy). In NSW, keeping left ,only applies on roads with an 80+ speed limit (& isn't policed anyhow) - go figure. Forward parking is the norm (sometimes mandated by councils) despite all the evidence showing that reverse parking is infinitely safer. Roundabouts/traffic circles - 35 years or so after their introduction not only do drivers still not know how to use them, councils dont know how to design them. We have confusing/inconsistent road rules, speed & condition advisory signs, arbitrary speed limits (I totally reject the idea that there is a strict formula applied to speed zones), very very poor driver skills AND almost complete indifference by the authorities to anything other than speed & RBT (which I agree with). In NSW we penalise the elderly driver ,WRONG again. This is discrimination of the worst kind - we should ALL be subject to 5 year driving tests - cant reverse park FAIL!, driver under the speed limit (road conditions allowing) FAIL! incorrect use of indicators FAIL! incorrect use of traffic circle FAIL! not keeping left FAIL! swan neck turns (long vehicles excepted) FAIL, speed up when being passed FAIL , failure to facilitate merging FAIL, etc etc etc - whats age got to do with it ??? Yep I dont live in the real world. Its dog eat dog out there on the hwy. Just pause for a moment and visualise a road system where most people actually kept to the left when not passing, used their indicators (correctly would be good too) at traffic circles and drove to conditions, facilitated merging - trip times would be very much quicker and safer ,saving the whole country billions per year.
  11. skippydiesel

    A very cool experimental aircraft

    Please explain (more detail) Seems to me that Rotax (& in the past others) have shown that geared engines are a viable design option and if you go this rout then a left & right rotation gear box would be the way to go. It must be very expensive to manufacture the few concentrating engines demanded by the industry, I suspect a gear box much less so..
  12. skippydiesel

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    M61A1 - I support the general thrust of your argument regarding road accidents. After a driving life, spanning 50 years, in 4 countries, motorbikes to semi's, I long ago realised that the focus on speed as THE cause and the main regulatory focus, is at best a Government convenience and a bit of propaganda that will have little impact on vehicle accidents, as long as we are allowed to drive at speeds that will result in fatalities when a vehicle is caused to stop very suddenly. Excessive speed (almost totally unrelated to posted/legal speed limits) for prevailing road conditions is but one symptom, out of many, of poor driver training/skill and misdirected policing. The authorities would seem to have little interest in addressing the rout cause of road accident focusing instead on the simple easily identifiable symptoms. I have a strong suspicion that the medical lobby (Dr's) have had a lot to do with this oversimplification - science and impartial investigation has been "thrown out the window". What gets me is 95 +% of the public go along with this BS.
  13. skippydiesel

    Cowl Air Temperatures

    Only city people drive on dirt roads in close "convoy" - much cheaper to let leading vehicles have sufficient distance to allow dust plume to move off road. Another tip for the city folk - when on dusty, road drive with windows up, full fan with outside air selected (air con optional). Vehicle approaching temporarily select recycle air until past dust.