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  1. Hi - does anyone have a left hand side main gear leg for a Gazelle they would be willing to part with? Mine is bent, not enough to be U/S, but I would like a straight one.. I have also got a call into Coastal Aviation. Cheers Alex
  2. I've advertised for sale a brand new unused SUB4 redrive to suit an EA81 in the classifieds section. Was purchased for $3500 NZD and has been in storage since. I'm open to reasonable offers. I also have some EA81 engine bits. Located just outside Canberra.
  3. I can't add much but Graham did tell me that he had to literally hang his arm and much of his body weight out the sides to get the thing to roll. After he got it on the ground for the last time (which was effectively a crash landing) he kicked the shit out of it to ensure it '....would never fly again'. He was a huge fan of the concept and the aircraft itself but its flight characteristics unfortunately left a lot to be desired.
  4. My description of Techniglue's consistency would be: a bit less paste like than toothpaste. Perhaps like yogurt. Or good old Araldite mixed with some micro balloons (or sawdust). It's good at filling gaps and not running out of joints. I guess the noteworthy thing about being 'built to a standard' - and carrying a MIL spec - is that you have a baseline. In general, MIL spec on aeroplane glue is a bit of a Furphy, but I would much rather repair a certified aeroplane with glue that has a MIL spec than one that doesn't. Especially when it comes to the regulatory authorities. I certainly wouldn't consider using Resorcinol in this day and age. Cheers
  5. It's been awhile since I did my research on adhesives, but somewhere along the way I came to the conclusion (as you probably have also) that adhesive manufacturers are pretty sharp with marketing techniques. They tend not to report data on their products in the same way their competitors do, obviously making it difficult for a consumer to make a direct comparison with other products on the market. I'm using Techniglue on my Himax project. Not sure if you've given it a thought - It's relatively cheap, quite forgiving with it's gap-filling properties and I believe you can buy two different speed hardeners for it these days. It is also readily available around here. I've used T88 and the Bote-Cote products in other projects and found Techniglue to be as good as, if not better, to use. It doesn't come with a MIL spec like T88 (which gives some people that warm fuzzy feeling), but it's more than adequate for the application. My Dad built the fuselage and empennage of my Himax project using Techniglue and there is absolutely no sign of degradation in the glue joints after some 15 years of it being stored in a tin shed, in a temperate climate. Some slight yellowing of the epoxy which is to be expected, but it's held up well, as have the test pieces that were made up with each batch of glue. The proof is in the pudding for me.
  6. Normally, I wouldn't bite. Ok, I think it would do you good to note that even the true linguistic experts of this world say no to zero tolerance on grammar and spelling errors. Enjoy what everyone who attempts the English language brings to it - it has travelled a long road with no end in sight. To whine publicly just seems so arrogant... Or, perhaps ignorant is a better descriptor.
  7. Dodo - Tony Lamarra from Goulburn would be your best bet. He owns plenty of hangar space, seems to mostly be storage for his furniture business at the moment but he does lease space when it's available. Tony is also one of natures true gentleman and can tell you all you would ever want to know about the airport and Goulburn. I Havent got his number handy but Google should turn it up. There is a private strip on murrumbateman road at the Gundaroo end - I live just around the corner (just moved here) I haven't yet plucked up the courage to ask the owner about it but the place has been advertised for sale in the raaus mag. If your interested in buying/building a hangar at Goulburn I would be quite interested in a joint venture/syndicate/long term lease if your considering other options. The airport fees may make it prohibitive but split two three or four ways it could be a good option. Cheers
  8. FFS, the last thing we need now is for RAAus to toss about wasting time following 'due process'. Darren has been helping out since the proverbial hit the fan last year. He is hands down the best fit for the job right now. He's got the skill, experience and now, the 'corporate knowledge' to get us through this mess. He (and Dean Tompkins) are being good Samaritans. They could just as easily throw up their hands and say 'this is all too hard , bugger the lot of you'... But they have chosen to try and sort this technical mess out and neither of them played any part in creating it. As for the 'jobs for the boys' comments. Appointing Darren is not even remotely like that. If you ask me it's a solid and affirmative action on our new managements behalf. Like someone else said above, lets stand back and let the new mob give it a red hot go before we sit comfortably in our arm chairs and fire out the ' expert' advice/opinions. And just quietly, I don't think Darren is even close to the retirement age.....
  9. Howdy Wondering if anyone has been through this before. I've purchased new shock struts for my Gazelle from Coastal Aviation (they werent cheap, but I am not complaining). Any pointers on installing them? I'm thinking I will need to use a saw-horse type framework to support the fuselage and take the load off the mains. (I would have the aircraft balancing forward slightly with the weight balanced on the saw-horse and nose wheel) then unbolt the old and bolt in the new. Other ideas/suggestions? I'll get the local level 2 to have a squiz, but thought I would put the feelers out there to see how others have done it. Appreciate hearing from anyone that has been through this before. Cheers
  10. It's been more than two months since the last update. Anybody heard anything more? Cheers
  11. You can put me down for the course Bubbleboy. I'm located in Canberra. Cheers
  12. I reckon the best place for us to direct our energy is at CASA, its board (or even particular individuals within the agency that are personally responsible for this intractable situation, if you happen to know who they are); the Department of Infrastructure; federal and local MPs; and dont forget the opposition. I've copied in a list of email addresses for all the Senior Executives (and MPs) that carry the aviation 'baton' in this country (that I know of) - at least at a federal level. A quick Google search will unearth them. The only way to get us 'ungrounded' is to get CASA to be reasonable with RA-Aus and their approach to the audit and arrive at some sensible alternatives to the current situation. Sure, there may well be/have been some admin deficiencies at RA-Aus; and we can probably all be accused of being either a little confused at some point about what the Techincal Manual and its previous carnations really required/meant, or complacent, or just down right ignorant of the paperwork that gets us in the air. After all we're mostly in this for the fun of it. I think the reality is, the vast majority of our registered (or currently awaiting renewal) aircraft are perfectly legal and only missing a photograph or two on their paper work. The aircraft (and individuals) that have caused the bigger problems for RA-Aus are outliers (there is politics in every 'club', just seems to be a little magnified in the aviation sense) - this is why CASA needs to be much more circumspect and grown up about what they are trying to achieve here (i.e. is someone really trying to stitch RA-Aus up? - after an exercise like this, you would have to start to think very seriously about their modus operandi, wouldnt you?). These people will no doubt have triage systems for managing their email, but I know from experience - they see everything that is sent to them - they might even be readng their email on their Blackberries, in bed. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
  13. Thanks for the update Mick. Mind if I ask how many hours you put into the build? And was it plans build or did you buy any prefab stuff? ie. wing spar.. Sounds like you've got all the 'bells and whistles'. I've run the materials list through Aircraft Spruce and Wicks and there is a fair amount of difference between the two. But, they are miles away from local Aus prices.... Anyone know why al extrusion costs so damn much in this country?? More than happy to purchase plans from David himself and agree he is on to a good thing here. I just thought I'd see if anyone had bought a set and decided not to build - give them an opportunity to recoup their outlay too. Cheers Alex
  14. Nice looking CX4. What powerplant and prop combination are you using? I assume you went with the VW? What HP? I'm also looking for a set of CX4 plans and builder manual, and any info anyone has on getting the raw stock (in Aus) as cheap as possible. I note the CX4 has a lot of Aluminium angle in it and that stuff doesnt come cheap in Aus (by my research anyway). Cheers Alex
  15. Still for sale = PRICE DROP - $12,500. Check classifieds section for up to date ad (this one isnt entirely accurate). Call on 0438 002 775 for details.