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  2. Perhaps a call to Mike Smith re whats good to fly over water and take a look at his around the world flight video powered by Rotax.
  3. 4 aircraft departed yyrm on sunday24th of july 1x Jabiru,1x kitfox, 1x whitman tailwind and 1x eurofox 3k heading for Lake Eyre. First night at Mungo Lodge, second night Broken Hill and a tour around the area plus the use of a car thanks to a bloke named Bruce along with a chat to Laurie who at 85 did a trip around Aus by himself. 3rd night at William creek after flying over Marree man and the sth end of the lake 4th night at Wentworth and a night on a houseboat with Bruce Hammet 5th night Bendigo and fogged in next morning after a delay with fog back to Yarram via Kilmore gap YLTV and over the hill back home in silky smooth air. pilots Alan Jarvis,Geoff Boyd, Jim Christinson and Brian Lucas great trip and good company
  4. Had the same problem and worried like mad about it being the the Bose A20 headset but they worked perfectly in other aircraft, so first step check them on other aircraft. The radio was changed and the problem went away
  5. I think bit of over thinking is going on in regards to the structural attributes of the damaged savvy I say three cheers to the savvy and that no one was hurt.
  6. the headset works in a different aircraft so does this make it the h/set or the radio?
  7. Im wondering if anyone has experienced this problem : I am hiring the local school savanaha s which has a xcomm radio approx 2 mths old and when I plug in my bose a20 headset l can hear everything thats going on but when l try to transmit the tx sign comes up but no audio is going out, the other pilots say they can hear the carrier but no audio. The cfi did a master reset before any flights on saturday and the radio worked fine until l came along and when l changed headsets the radio wouldn't tx and wouldnt on the others that had been fine earlier, l then gave another pilot the bose to check in his Aircraft and they functioned perfectly so it would seem as if they are not comparable to the xcom any clues?
  8. After watching for a long while I too have gone solo today , at 55 I was worried I may not be able to cut the mustard but under CFI Allan Jarvis and at the Yarram aerodrome it came together beautifully BRL
  9. Gooday all After starting to learn to fly in 1998 and never finished due to work commitments etc etc I am about to have another crack at it. I was recently in the USA and took the oppurtunity to drop into John and Deb Mcbeans and had a look over their facility and aircraft and it looks pretty impresive to me. Was just wondering what thoughts are out there on the kitfox? brl
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