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  1. thanks john, david, and glen thanks for the welcome and the info i cant find much info on this trike either i am told it came with this wing, but who knows im going to try to get in touch with a dealer tomm but havent had much luck so far flies great i just want the bar a little closer to me to be a little more comfortable when fling thanks guys matt
  2. hello everyone im new here and to the trike scene,i have a question for yall.. i have a spartan dfs 2 place trike with a 15 meter strut braced north wing, im trying to move it closer to me, almost 6" !! moving the collars what we call a safe amount (3/4" each way) doesnt seem to help, any ideas??? with a 200# person the bar is almost touching the front brace and it flys with my arms fully extended (im 6' tall) with another 200# person its against the front brace taking off and lots of runway.. thanks in advance for your time and any information thanks matt
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