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  1. Story now coming out showing that Trump's attempt to make partial concession to N Korea were undermined by the 2 lunatics Bolton & Pompeo. It figures that a deal maker is frustrated by agents of the MIC. what hope is there?
  2. Report just now from ABC that 2 US captains had unexplained nose down pitch immediately after engagement of a/p. Disengagement of auto pilot allowed normal climb to continue. Problem seems greater than Lion Air crash.
  3. Already noted that it was on fire before impact. Points to more than runaway trim
  4. China has grounded their fleet replaced with older 800 series a/c. Captain was very experienced with 8000hrs. Unlikely that he was not aware of the Lion Air reports. A/c reported to be on fire as it descends. Catastrophe for Boeing.
  5. This is a disaster for Boeing. It raises serious issues about the re-engining of the 737. It may require more than merely re-writing the pilot's manual.
  6. Methusala

    Thruster Batten Needed

    Might be able to help but won't be back in oz for 2 weeks. See how u go. Don
  7. Methusala

    Western Sydney Airport named.

    I met her out at Temora once. What a snob! Would not even talk to us common aviators.
  8. Methusala

    Bungendore incident

    General circuit direction is to the r/h to avoid overflying noise sensitive dwellings. Nev, I didn't take offense. I am in total agreement with Poteroo re: aviation and road behavior. Don
  9. Methusala

    Bungendore incident

    This accident illustrates the variability of factors which can conspire to bring an aviator unstuck. Hindsight is often 20/20 and gives observers a comfortable leg-up. The purpose of this section of the forum(I believe), is to give us the opportunity of putting forward our observations for the consideration of more fortunate pilots. That is we can respectfully offer our opinions for others to debate. No disrespect meant by me. Don
  10. Methusala

    Bungendore incident

    The Piper failed to negotiate the ridge by a matter of a few ft. There was no ground impact prior to the wing striking a tree which resulted in a 180 impacting the other wing. The tail cone was almost detached and the prop tips were sheared by impact. I think the engine was delivering full power and the plane struck with a high nose attitude. The passenger's side was deformed inward. The pilot should be buying a bucket full of lottery tickets.
  11. Methusala


    Quentin Campbell, ex AUF tech manager built a BD5-J in the late 90's. Powered by a French Micro turbo jet acquired from the naval air museum at Nowra. Sold to a Texan who needed to re-engine it as it required more thrust. I believe it ended up in sth America somewhere.
  12. Methusala

    I kid you not

    Greetings, Rip van Winkle. Don😁
  13. Methusala

    The joy of THRUSTer

    Yeah, I have been flying Thrusters for that long and I love it too. We picked up a Jab powered Vision last year but the wheels are small and the landing gear stiff so not so much of a rough field performer. Will cruise at 65kts tho if you want to go somewhere which I seldom do.
  14. Methusala

    Project Karatoo and hello from Brisbane

    G'day Justin, Is that a Hornet? Nice looking ride whatever. I had a Volksplane VP-2 for 11 yrs. I ended up with a 2l Aeropower which I EFI'ed with original VW Bosch Jetronic hardware scavenged from a 1600 TS and a Haltech ECU. It never let me down over 550hrs. It would climb out at 3600rpm and then cruise at 3100. Don
  15. Methusala

    Bungendore incident

    My home base. Weather was 15kts from the east blowing over a ridge. In those conditions I would turn right after take off to avoid the rotor off the ridge. There is a power line up there so lucky to avoid that and also extremely fortunate there was no fire. Some times I am with CASA, ie. the fewer people in the air the less chance of a catastrophe!