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  1. Methusala

    What`s Happening???

    Have been doing a bit in the Vision and the Thrusters. Have a couple of mates with MS and am working on a system to transfer them into the cabin. They are amazed at the freedom of flying in the open.
  2. HARS Connie flies. It's story is even more fantastic than this but the Qantas management won't allow the word Qantas to be applied in case it is lost in an actual airborne accident. Support HARS, it is a wonderful museum full of operating treasures and is very accessible.
  3. Methusala

    Temora and Narromine airpark.

    Feet or inches?
  4. Methusala

    Visit Albury

    Just head for Mt Beauty or Porepunkah instead.
  5. Methusala

    New Iranian fighter

    We built Mirages in the 60's
  6. Methusala

    Can't turn, Can't climb, Can't run: F35 problems

    Probably Airbus or the Russians could help them out... oh wait, haven't the Amie's pissed off all of the really sophisticated mobs already? Sounds like the LNP are running US defence.
  7. Methusala

    What`s Happening???

    This is why Driftering in Canberra is not on in winter. Don
  8. Methusala

    DooMaw - building a STOL

    Fly-ins died when the nuts from CASA started to attend and do ramp checks. Someone that I know was hauled over the coals for fitting an un-approved but very much improved tailwheel to his Drifter. We all know that Austflight will not provide spares and that the fabled Robinson bros, who own the type approval for Thrusters are not interested. Ultralighters go about their business quietly and with the great store of practical knowledge accumulated over the years. Happy flying.
  9. Methusala

    What`s Happening???

    Thanks Wayne for posting your stunning images taken from Frank's Drifter. My wife and I were in Cairns this week. Frank and Frances treated us like kings (as usual) and I was accorded the extraordinary privilege of taking the front seat (after an audition). Frank shows us the true delights of ultralighting to which I'm addicted. Recreational aviation is not necessarily the same as this. When I want to travel I use cars, airliners, trains etc. Flight like this is the true expression of freedom and adventure. While in Cairns we were also able to catch up with another group of aviators as well as reef gazing and visiting the Atherton tablelands. I recommend all southerners take a trip up there at least once a year. It truly relaxes and invigorates your winter depressed soul. Don
  10. Methusala

    Thruster Photos

    Great job for Thrusters and Drifters and circumvents the stupid bar on using these great machines as working tools. Fence and stock inspections and getting fodder to stranded stock in floods as well. They can also be used economically for small scale chemical application. Boo to 'jobs for the boys' CASA
  11. Methusala

    Nose Heavy!

    The Napier Sabre, according to a history that I read, had far more potential than the Merlin. However Rolls Royce had the inside running through connections with the Air Ministry "done 'cha know", and so got the inside running. Sabre's development was severely curtailed. All Sabre engines were destroyed at the end of the War.
  12. Methusala

    Nose Heavy!

    The US blew any chance of claiming moral authority at least with the unleashing of WMDs upon Japan when she was on her knees in the dying days ofWW2. Australia, objectively has not done any better since the 1st Fleet declared Terra Nullius , poisoned and shot natives and stole their land. Anzac was an illegal invasion and Vietnam, Korea and Iraq? Let's just trying to forget the chestthumping and stickwithaviation. Don
  13. Methusala

    Asbestos exposure

    It's said that asbestos fibres can divide to diameters that are small enough to penetrate the wall of the cell's nucleus and physically damage genetic material. I knew a guy who was employed cutting asbestos water pipes with a 9" B&D saw in the late 50's. Died a pretty horrible death 30 years later. As a young plumber, I would make circular penetrations in the soffit lining for vent pipes using dividers. Dust would float all around me. Have heard that mesothelioma only gets a small percentage of those exposed. I know that exposure to dust in the construction industry has scarred my lungs but I'm lucky so far at 67.
  14. Methusala

    Thruster Photos

  15. Methusala

    Drifter For Sale.

    Reno 10had a serious problem with rear end weight bias. Handling was only just acceptable with a cement bag in the(front) luggage area... diabolical without!