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  1. One of the better engine out vids (sick) that shows exactly why we are taught hight, equals time, equals safety, with no substiutes, hope they were ok, he was able to ask at the end so maybe so, cheers hargraves
  2. Hargraves

    Polluting Aircraft

    I,m by no means any sort of expert on this subject, but for my two(sense) worth it seems to me that most are almost completley missing the issue, (as in being in a forest but can,t find a stick) as already correctly stated jet engine efficency has vastly improved over the last 50 years espessially in power output and emissions control, but does anyone consider why this is the case overall, in both nature and engineering you still don,t get something for nothing, the amount of oxygen required to burn that fuel and produce that power is exponentially a much more serious problem that any form of polution generated by it. As a complete layperson In the eighties, as now, it was once simlpy explained to me by a very savvy pilot, that if we could view oxygen usage by high altitude jet engines in the same way we can view the contrails they make, the (skytubes) for each would be hundreds of times bigger for each engine than the contrails themselves. But then again I,m just a igorant storch pilot pickin on me tablet. Cheers hargraves
  3. Hargraves

    I kid you not

    All i will add to this important topic is that I chose to travel, by road for 2hrs each way, passing probably half a dozen flight schools to the persons,school and aircraft that I choose to train me (J3 cub) because I wanted profesional training only. No cowboys for me thanks. Cheers hargraves
  4. Hargraves

    Any Site Problems...Site Support

    Hello their I have not recieved the normal saturday night forum email for nearly 6 weeks now what is going on, has the service been cancelled.
  5. Hargraves

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    Look no further than the panavia tornado if you want to see how multination built combat aircraft turn out, a good multi role aircraft for sure but exceptional and standout not, in some engagements royal marines in Afghanistan preferranced american close air support for its accuracy over the RAF tornados. Hargraves
  6. Hargraves

    Low-Life, Thief!

    I,d be very suspicious that this is a specificly targeted theft from someone with a commercial interest and intent due to the technical nature of the stolen goods, in any event I wish him or them bad health and many accidents for the future, mongrels all. Cheers Hargraves
  7. Hargraves

    Any Site Problems...Site Support

    Hi their hargraves here ,i have not recieved the usual saturday night rec forum emails for three weeks could you look into it for me please. Thank you cheers
  8. Hargraves

    Please Vote

    Recreational Flying and aircraft. Covers exactly what I started flying for and isolates any confusion with comercial or career intent. Its what we do. Thanks for your very good work Ian cheers Hargraves
  9. Hargraves

    Another Historical tale of Valour.

    G,day again Phil iv,e had a play trying to transfer and post that photo with no success, so an easier way would be to flick me an email to [email protected] and i,ll just fwd the whole email back to you if you like sir cheers Mick
  10. Hargraves

    Another Historical tale of Valour.

    I,m sure your right about that Phil in all theaters as well, My brother has just returned from a Mediterranean holliday and sent a photo of a plaque monument from Crete dedicated to the troops that defended against the paratroopers that invaded it. In one particular battle a maroi trooper stood up from their prepaired defensive positions on sighting the enemy advancing and gave them a full hakka inspiring the aussie and kiwis defenders to leave their positions and charge on mass driving the enemy back. I recon their all bloody heros myself eh. I will try and post the emai photo of the plaque if i can, having never posted an email pic befor, cheers Phil Mick
  11. Hargraves

    grab a bargain GT500 $10k

    Yep no toe or heal brakes their but a good synchronized mains hand brake and an excellent lockable park brake and all airframe fittings and brackets cnc cut and formed.
  12. Hargraves

    Another Historical tale of Valour.

    I don,t think a single VC was enough for this bloke Phil bloody incredable eh. Hargraves
  13. Hargraves

    grab a bargain GT500 $10k

    I,d buy a 500 ahead of any other rag and tube equivalent aircraft, but i,d be a little wary of the 582 not being turned over or runup for so long a period, two srokes love being used most eh. Still be good buy i think. Cheers
  14. Hargraves

    Dawn Patrol

    G,day Phil Cecil Lewis is without a dought a genuine hero of incredible valour, who could see and view the total futility of it all but did his best anyway. All those mentioned are excellent reading as well, cheers Hargraves
  15. Hargraves

    Where to begin...

    Welcom fly adventure, re aircraft types the main point to remember for our aircraft category at present is one pax or 80-90 kg of luggage. Not both. For touring our country this is a Major disadvantage that either means you need lots of money or be prepared to (very) rough it. Soake up all the training and information you can eh. Cheers and good luck, Hargraves
  16. G,day astroguy thanks for sharing your experience and reasoning, it very much reflects the circumstances of lots of us latter days pilots who simply could not afford flying as well as working jobs, kids, family and all the other day to day stuff that came befor flying could be achieved. I am 67 and have only been flying for 8 years. For the cost of a PPL here you can have your RAA pilots certificate and buy a used entry level ultralight aircraft to achieve your dream. So if you just want to fly and not pose around like your someone special, thats the way to go. I also believe in your basic philosophy of, do it now because their is no absolute guarantee of tomorrow, it may be an age and experience thing i guess eh. Nice to hear from you sir, cheers hargraves
  17. I would agree on a two axis control system but alteratly bending either side of a very flimsy box kite wing design, would only Just qualify as a third axis control measure and was quickly realized as a major design fault and again I suspect was the R&D result of obseving the structure flexing of its own accord in earlier development, all good but, they did it, and thank Darwin they did eh. Cheers Hargraves
  18. A very interesting and facinating topic to read on the forum, and I suspect, like all of us i have my own opinion of the wright brothers moterized box kite R&D development such as the VERY slight wing curvature being the result of forward air speed and angle of attack on an extremly flimsily supported steched fabric which once observed was replicated in design. Its just a shame that their interest in commercializing the concept almost completly ignored any credit of all of the R&D from around the world that they combined to get powered flight started. good reading on a wet sunday morning though, cheers Hargraves
  19. Hargraves

    The Backyard Flyer

    Thats a wonderfull concept and aircraft and full marks for his work, the only caviate I would need to adhear to would be a certified tig welding process and a clamp system inplace of through bolts on the landing gear sprung suspension tube
  20. Hargraves

    RAA against freedom in medicals

    If any recreational pilots require evidence of the intent and self interest that the so called RAA board has in its direction, you only need to look at the recent cancelation of our pilots certificate in place of a plastic club membership card. These people have an agender which is the opposite of recreational ultralight flying, they have percieved an opertunity regarding GA dysfunction and are deliberatly working towards completly changing and downsizing ultralight flying to incorperate GA pilots instead to build their boys club empire. Wake up people the removal of your pilots certificate is not a small part of their planning, and as a by the way what cost benifit is it to cancel a plastic pilots certificate and issue a plastic club membership card instead. We need to replace these (club boys) ASAP. cheers hargraves
  21. Hargraves

    Birdsville Again

    Good on you sir a little thumpy on that route i,d think eh.
  22. Hargraves

    Freddie from Brisbane

    Wecome to the new world of flying Fred, a very dear and close friend introduced me to it ages ago ( we flew ofer the Missouri in sydney harbour once you,d get shot down if you tried it now eh) Fred,s gone now but we had some great flights together and i,ll keep on peddling the storch and 500 around a good bit yet eh. Cheers Hargraves
  23. Hargraves

    Some good news from RAAus

    You are absolutely correct Ian as the latest example iv,e experienced is indicitive of. I recieved a (membership) card instead of my pilot certificate when i renewed it, I am a member of four clubs already and my association with RAA is for my pilot certificate only, their (club) they can shove eh.
  24. Hargraves

    Birdsville Again

    A loverly report thanks John and your right that app is bloody amazing cheers
  25. Hargraves

    Fees to fly

    Spot on Mike i,m nobodys (subject) and I don,t recognise superiors only seniors.