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  1. Well done Heath, a great journey, thanks for letting us share it, sorry to hear about your ops, I sincerely hope that is all behind you now, best wishes Michael (Skyranger Swift)
  2. I had eye surgery for short sightedness and cataracts and to fix a skin growing over the back inside of one eye, I had to talk the surgeon into it as he said my eyesight wasn't too bad, I knew otherwise however, I could not believe the result after surgery, a couple of years later and I still can't get over how good it is. If you contact me I could tell you the details Regards Mike
  3. Hi Kyle Looks like a very professional rebuild/ restoration, well done to you sir. Mike
  4. Hi , I've had cataract surgery in both eyes, all I can say is I wish I had done it earlier, You won't believe the difference. I was also concerned about my eyes being touched, but you don't feel anything, Regards Mike
  5. Hi Dunny I trained in Warriors and Archers as I also decided to get a PPL a few years ago, I would have to say I wish I had begun in the RAA system, I found the Warriors did not get you using your feet, and when I transitioned to RAA, the learning curve was not instinctive , what you learn initially will stick with you, so a really good instructor is in my opinion the most crucial item. Best wishes with the training, it's great fun, Mike
  6. Hi Dan Sorry I am afraid I may have misled you, we had a clearance issue below the engine and altering the curve of the lower cowl with alum angle was how we cured it. Glad you are having a good run with the Sav, we have a couple at Penfield, they seem like nice aircraft. Regards Mike
  7. Hi Canada Dan I have a Skyranger with a similar issue, we cured it with a short length of aluminium angle bent to make the lower cowl bow downwards slightly more than standard. The angle was riveted on the inside of the cowl, which also added some stiffness. Hope this helps Michael.
  8. spitfire


    Dear 4aplat, Yes thats the one.they are a bit rare in Aus, do you have one or have flown one? Regards Michael
  9. spitfire


    Skyranger Hi Doug, Many thanks for this, yes thats the aircraft. 500 hours is do able I reckon, Ive really trawled over the website but cannot see too many details on the Ninja.(I know its a bit dearer.) What sort of a background do you have Doug, (I'm used to building houses not aeroplanes) So I'm not sure if I am able to undertake such a project. (The wiring in particular seems a bit daunting.) Also a basic idea of cost of the "not included" items (instruments etc) would be great, and why do you think it is such a great aircraft? Many thanks Michael Slade
  10. spitfire


    Hi, just wondering if anyone out there has built a skyranger?
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