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  1. His crash was exactly the same as many before him and many after him. It happens to the best of them. Believe what you like, but there is no glaring alternative.
  2. What the guy said was "Graveyards are full of indispensable men". It is a quote often attributed to Charles De Gaulle, that means people who thought things couldn't go on without them end up dead. It's about people pushing on when they shouldn't. Pilots with "get thereitis" are a very good example. There is no suggestion of conspiracy in that statement.
  3. M61A1


  4. Perhaps I could have been clearer as well. I’ m talking about the maintainers who interpret the maintenance documentation and damage limits in the manuals. The original article seems be be inaccurate also....they say employees have concerns, when the reality was, an ex-employee had concerns.
  5. The problem is in the interpretation. Sometime the manual leaves much to the interpretation of the maintainer, and that is where some sense and experience is required. I have seen maintainers make items unserviceable for "corrosion" because there was a reddish discolouration on a stainless steel part. It clearly wasn't from the the part in question and wiped of with a rag, but once written up a fix and a reference must be also written up. It would be interesting to see exactly what was found and also what the limits are. Without seeing it, it's hard to determine whether it was an issue or whether someone was just making it an issue. Given that CASA had no concerns might give you a clue.
  6. Another article here.... Airline Regional Express (Rex) temporarily suspended ASX trade on Monday as it hit back against claims of shoddy maintenance practices. A 17-page document sent to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority by the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association raised concerns about a “culture of fear” at Rex and urged CASA to revoke the carrier’s authority to service its own aircraft. Among the allegations made by ALAEA, was that Rex committed serious breaches of safety regulations and discouraged employees from reporting mechanical defects. The document was received by CASA in late May, and a spokesman for the regulator told The Australian they were taking the allegations very seriously. “We’re still working our way through the document and as yet we have not found anything that would warrant immediate attention, but it is an ongoing process, and one that will be addressed thoroughly,” he said. The company’s shares resumed trading on Monday morning after a brief pause. Shares 17 per cent dropped to a 22-month low of $1.16 during the morning but by mid afternoon had recovered some ground to be down 7 per cent at $1.21. Among the avenues open to CASA as part of the investigation was increased surveillance of Rex’s work practices. In Rex’s statement to the ASX, chief operating officer Neville Howells said ALAEA had advised the airline it was CASA, not the union, that made the complaint public. “Realising that these baseless accusations are not getting any traction, some are now taking the despicable and cowardly approach of launching anonymous malicious attacks on Rex,” said Mr Howells. “Rex had already invited senior management of CASA on June 18, to have a full briefing on the matter as well as to discuss the professional failings of the disgruntled engineer (who authored the document). “We believe that our safety culture, as part of the Safety Management System is second to none.” He went on to say CASA had even written to Rex on May 22 to advise that the regulator had no current safety concerns with the carrier. “CASA is satisfied that Rex is meeting all of its obligations,” said the letter which predated the engineer’s complaint. Mr Howells said it was now up to CASA to decide if its safety culture was lacking in any manner. Two years ago, Rex made headlines worldwide when a propeller came off a Saab 340B aircraft mid-flight, landing in dense forest southwest of Sydney Airport. As a result, additional inspection steps were added to propeller shaft worksheets for aircraft engineers, although the problem was ultimately the fault of the engine manufacturer.
  7. When I spoke to them at Avalon, they were looking at LAME/L2 maintenance for training aircraft only and owner maintenance for private ops, although it was suggested that CASA may decide otherwise. It’s a pointless exercise if they get 750 kg but need LAME maintenance. It’s not like the aircraft are any more complex. We need simplicity, but we will probably get the opposite.
  8. Have a read a bit further down past the first line of the SI you quoted..... Also the events of the OP could easily be explained by excessive water in the coolant mix, lowering the BP and boiling off at localised hot spots and especially so if the cap is not holding pressure. A high risk.
  9. You seem to be concerned about the expense, on that basis, why would I throw it out when it’s all working perfectly? Also, if you read the SI it says you can mix glycol coolant with the Evans. Realistically, if you’re stuck, you still need coolant, you can’t just add water because it lowers the boiling point excessively. If I can get coolant at a servo, I can change it then and there. Not a big deal.
  10. It was recommended to me, so I gave it a try when I first got the machine going. I had no coolant temp sensor initially as well, only CHT, that has since been changed. Had no reason to change it yet (200hrs in 13 months) as it generally runs quite cool even when it's 40°C OAT I have already made the decision to replace it with my preferred coolant and water if I need to change it. According to the Evans people, it can be mixed with water for a "get you home" scenario.
  11. That is 100% correct. The heads are the only bits with coolant passages and there are no head gaskets. I use Evans waterless, it doesn't leave much visible if it leaks in flight, but is easily seen during a ground run, also has a distinctive smell. Another giveaway.
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