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  1. M61A1

    Bing carbie

    A few things to check on a Bing... vent tube location is important is the stackup between the main jet and needle jet in the right order? It’s possible to put bits in upside down. Is the diaphragm spring correctly seated and not bent up? is the diaphragm and slide in the correct location? You will notice a little alignment lug on the diaphragm that sits in a little rectangular socket. Does the needle and slide move smoothly in the bore?
  2. Yes there is something special about the rotax thread. It's metric, not BSP and it seals using a copper washer under the flange.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has an old 912 fuel pump laying around. I don't want the pump, but am after the screw in inlet fitting with the hose tail on it. Happy to pay reasonable price and shipping. PM if you've got anything you want to part with.
  4. M61A1

    Bing carbie

    Float bowl vent tube?
  5. It depends on which epoxy you use. One type I use has to be hot cured at 96° C minimum (180°C max cure) or it won't be properly cured and is good to 120°C in normal use.
  6. Actually.....She's my ex because she's a fat, lazy, petty, manipulative, religious nutjob and spendthrift, getting rid of her was an expensive exercise, but worth every cent.
  7. Take me to the taxidermist, have me stuffed and use me as a hat stand (naked) at my ex-wife's house.
  8. I made one at high school, we made the components as an introduction to the the metal lathe. I've never used it.
  9. Really easily.....Visualise a Watt and multiply by 1000 or if you need old terms visualise about 0.74 of a HP. For Newton Metres visualise about 0.1 Kg applying force at 1M. Simple. BTW a lot of the modern hot rodders do use kW and NM.
  10. Why? Very strong...Yes, but brittle, cracks easy, corrodes easy and fatigue life is limited. Not a homebuilder friendly material. I'm thinking along the lines of your signature line......just imagine how easily a homebuilder can find ways to mishandle that material.
  11. Warp Drive has one too, but after posting I found that neither of them factor forward speed. That calculation can be done using your rotational speed and you forward speed to get a vector. Generally you want the largest diameter you can get allowing for ground clearance and tip speed, then look at pitch to get the right airspeed. This get s a bit variable as draggy aircraft aren't as efficient, so some experience helps.
  12. Funnily enough....There are some prominent scientists out there who believe that climate change is real that also think that the current climate change hysteria is virtually a religion.
  13. Yes, but only if you are stationary. You will need to factor in forward speed as well. Culver Props has an online calculator. I'm sure you could find others if you look... http://www.culverprops.com/pitchselection.htm
  14. I understand that stockpiles of dead solar panels are starting to accumulate and no one seems to know what to do with them, as they are currently mostly unrecyclable and toxic.
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