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  1. M61A1

    Home, home on the mange

    "Clever country"
  2. We chilled my friend to minus 273.15 degrees celsius.......He's 0°K now......
  3. I think this shows part of the RAAus mindset..........We are recreational pilots. If I was doing it for a living, I would be looking for "professional development". I would be willing to bet that no 737 driver who owns a Pitts or Extra flies it the same as their work aircraft. It's done for fun. Take away the fun, and no-one will do it except those who find fun in making a list of unnecessary rules and following them to the letter (and we have enough of those).
  4. When I was struggling, my only flying was my BFR, I don't know how making it twice as expensive will help infrequent flyers, when most of the infrequency is directly because of cost. Yep.........
  5. Good luck with that...It's not just CASA, it's the whole country. They won't allow people to be taught to drive properly either, because that would encourage hooning. Doesn't matter that we have hundreds of deaths every year, mostly due to poor driving. All they do is try to fix the symptoms (make them crash slower) rather than cure the disease (make them crash less).
  6. M61A1

    Drifter Conversion to Rotax 912

    Have a talk to Glen at Dalby Air Maintenance.
  7. M61A1

    Small Flying Schools

    Better get onto RAAus and have some power tool training included in the syllabus.... On a more serious note...If they can seriously (just what is a "serious" angle grinder injury?) and unintentionally injure themselves using an angle grinder, I wouldn't want them around me, and if they won't go then I will. (taking responsibility for my own safety)
  8. M61A1

    Small Flying Schools

    Essentially what you're saying is that it's tin plating for the manager's butt. Any decent tradie knows not to do that, but the boss can prove it wasn't his fault if he gave them a checklist? Checklist or not the tradie was responsible. As pilots, the only person you can rely on to keep you safe is YOU. Use a checklist is that's what you want, we have so many checklists now we need checklists for our checklists.That was also the original premise of flying ultralights, you, you alone took responsibility for safety of you and your machine, get a few lawyers involved and the handwringing do gooders and you get what we've got now. They've done it to most forms of sport, with the exception of a few diehards, the only people affording it are those at professional level. Articles in the papers seem to acknowledge the high cost and unnecessary rules, but they still can't seem to understand why very few people are playing. It starts at junior league and goes right through to motorsports. Must be an awful lot of angle grinding tradies doing roadside work......or maybe it's something else...hey smokers?? Because most of our safety people (where I work) once worked in mines. They waltz in the door then start trying to enforce draconian unusable mining safety concepts in aviation maintenance, an industry that already has a very good safety record. They do this in the name of compliance with OH&S regs of course, yet when you read said regs, they have gone absolutely overkill. Yes they have complied, but usually they could have complied in many different ways most of them way more worker friendly than the rubbish they've just come up with. I have seen millions of dollars spent in compliance for no appreciable outcome except that box is ticked. Then they wonder why there is a collective groan everytime they unveil some new bit of policy. For the most part they seem to be "not so bright" ex-tradies who did a course to get them further up the managerial ladder, I suspect my dog has more capacity for rational thought than most of them. (he is smart for a dog though) It's meant to be as simple as Turbo says, but in reality we seem to have a bunch of mugs who think the most complicated, expensive solution is the only way.
  9. M61A1

    Small Flying Schools

    It would be great if it was as simple as Turbo says, but in reality all auditors have different interpretations and expectations.. while the principle of the SMS may be good, here in Australia we have a very poor record of implementing any good ideas. I’ve worked alongside quality and safety managers for close to 30 years now and have developed a serious disdain for all of them. Parasites.
  10. M61A1

    Small Flying Schools

    Yet that isn't what happens. Safety and quality management people are continually making up new processes and rules, that ensures employment. Like any parasite, left for long enough, they will kill the host that feeds them.
  11. M61A1

    Small Flying Schools

    If the SMS is as above, it might be the reason small schools go broke. I would assume people like yourself consider that to be a good thing,as you seem to think that it weeds the bad ones. The terms of compliance will continue to grow, until no-one can afford to fly legally, only then will the skies be truly safe.
  12. A quick glance at their pages tells me that they are more likely be be culled by natural selection than most pilots.
  13. Works for private vehicle on the road, no reason it won't work for private aviation. (using the same standard we use for road use that is).
  14. Exactly, how does vehicle licencing prevent distracted fools walking in front of or into them? Start making pedestrians responsible for their own safety when on roads.