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  1. Yes it's certainly dry. I didn't see any green all the way down, but some places appeared worse than others. I left early Saturday last year because of predicted weather and arrived home to hear that they had some quite severe storms. I really felt for that guy sitting in a camping chair next to his Jab and a 2 inch high tent still pegged firmly down, covered in dirt.
  2. You could send up someone who costs less or send someone who can do the job.
  3. I thought it was a good event. Less air show and more catching up and meeting other aerosexuals.
  4. Was that you sitting next to a Jab with a very flat tent on Saturday afternoon?
  5. I should mention that’s not me in the pic. It’s just a photo pulled from the interwebs. The photo doesn’t show the knife usually strapped to the leg either. At Avalon this year one of the aircrew thought he might not make the flying display because a security guard wouldn’t let him in with a knife and the Army won’t let them fly without all their kit.
  6. I thought similarly, but with the Air Warrior vest the Tigger crew use. They fit with a harness, but to quote Emily Joy Hills "Look like a f**kin gypsy caravan".
  7. Alway have a tool bag with main and tail wheel tubes and a pump, plus a couple a water bottles.
  8. Sounds exactly like what Space Sailor was getting at. Some have called it “ mission creep” on the safety / regulator part, but I heard the correct term for it a few months ago, and that is “ bureaucratic inertia “. Sooner or later it will become so big it can’t support itself, much like the parasite that eventually kills the host, and effectively kills itself in doing so.
  9. I'm not suggesting they should be. All I'm saying is that as usual here in Australia, the rules are far more restrictive than need be (and getting worse), for no actual benefit (unless your business is safety , quality or training) and all the while they would have you believe they're doing YOU a favour.
  10. As usual you've completely missed the point. Yes we have heaps of members doing exactly what they are told and when just so that they can aviate. Basically we're just taking the crumbs we're offered and expected to be thankful, also, many of those members you just mentioned are not actually recreational aviators, they are RPT/CPL in training.
  11. I call BS on your BS......all recreational activities in this country are in decline due to over regulation. They only still exist for those that can afford them and will do what they're told and when. Your favourite word "COMPLIANCE" is all the go. They just tell us we're free, to do what we want as long as it complies with the short list of things you're allowed to do. Then you can always get training so that you're allowed to do more things in accordance with their rules. That's not freedom, no matter which way you look at it. Then they wonder why it's all in decline. Before you suggest that RA is booming, just remember that a significant portion of our member numbers and flying hours belongs to overseas students starting their CPL training on the cheap, it's not recreational. It's industry.
  12. The Hummel Bird has not met the requirements of 95.10 since way before 2004.
  13. I’m not so sure....many bulldozer drivers I’ve seen look like they’re going to pop, usually their shirts already have.
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