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  1. Super Hornets...You can tell by the rectangular intakes. The classic Hornets have oval intakes. I don't know if they are CGI, but I would guess they are supersonic shockwaves. "I'm too close for missiles, I'm switching to guns".....
  2. It was self chosen as a last ditch effort to find a user name (different website) that wasn't already in use. Can I assume you know what it is? I also used to work with them.
  3. Anyone with a bit of common sense would seek out some experience, but the rest sounds too good to be true. I could happily do most of my flying around the paddock below 300" if it mean't having those conditions.
  4. Did you deliberately spell Manuel wrong too?
  5. Skip, the Sensenich ground adjustable are hollow composite blades. It weights a little less than the Warp Drive I removed but most of the weight is in the hub, so it has much less inertia than the Warp Drive. I probably would have just bought a Bolly but this one came along at an affordable price. I replaced the Warp Drive after seeing some pics of a Sling in the desert with a departed blade and then finding out that this was more common than I'd like.
  6. What does the cooling exit look like? I can't see much there. you may benefit from a lip on the exit to aid creating a low pressure and draw out the cowling air. The inlets look plenty big enough.
  7. Based on post #16 I would have to agree Jason. I put my radiator underneath and while my CHT is relatively high (100-110) my coolant temps never get above 80. My radiator inlet is quite small, but I worked on the 500% rule ( outlet should be 500% of inlet) I suspect my my CHT is as high as it is because the cowl doesn't allow enough air out. It is quite pressurised in flight and even on ground runs it will blow the inspection door open (at idle) if it isn't fastened. But my temps are well within limits so I haven't bothered to fiddle with it. In the pic below the whole rear of the cooling unit is gilled while the radiator lays almost flat. I like how yours is done, I considered doing it that way, but I didn't feel like doing any more work on the cowl.
  8. 1. Yes Skip, that is straight from the Rotax Owners site. 5500-5600 WOT 2. The reason I asked about the coolant type is that Evans Waterless runs up to 30° hotter, which works for some people but not others. If the OP is using Evans, it would be advantageous to switch to a water/glycol mix. 3. I asked about coolant temp display because it is useful to know if coolant temp is high up there with your CHT. It can help determine whether you radiator is not cooling or cowling air is not cooling. 4. The outlets on you cowl will have far more effect than the inlets of your cowl. 5. As for the Sensenich. Here is a photo at a similar angle to your Fiti. I recently installed a second hand one. the chord near the root is quite broad with a good helix. Edit: I since reread the OP and he has a fixed pitch one. So I guess that not really relevant.
  9. Your prop needs to be pitched to get 5500-5600 at wide open throttle straight and level at your preferred cruise altitude. Being over pitched will raise temps. Are your heads the late model ones that have the temp probes in the coolant or the earlier ones that actually read cht? Do you have a coolant temp readout? What sort of coolant do you run? I am currently using Evans waterless, which will result it higher temps, than 50/50 water/concentrate. if you only have the earlier cht only probes, Rotax require you to have a coolant temp display also unless using waterless.
  10. The Sensenich props are a similar profile to the prop you show there. http://www.sensenich.com/shop/aircraft/2-blade-rotax-ground-adjustable-propeller/
  11. Do something that makes lift exceed gravity......
  12. Mine sit around 100-110 in cruise. On a hot day on continuous climb the highest I’ve seen is 130. Zenith 601HD
  13. His crash was exactly the same as many before him and many after him. It happens to the best of them. Believe what you like, but there is no glaring alternative.
  14. What the guy said was "Graveyards are full of indispensable men". It is a quote often attributed to Charles De Gaulle, that means people who thought things couldn't go on without them end up dead. It's about people pushing on when they shouldn't. Pilots with "get thereitis" are a very good example. There is no suggestion of conspiracy in that statement.
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