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  1. M61A1

    Corby Starlet Wanted

    There is one hangared at Clifton. If you gave Trevor Bange a call you could probably organize to try it on and see if it fits.
  2. M61A1

    Carby heater on a Rotax 912

    All I was trying to say Nev, is that there is a clearly defined design standard for carb heat temp rises. The figure I quoted came from an engineering order by Bill Whitney, I couldn’t find the standard he was quoting though.
  3. M61A1

    Carby heater on a Rotax 912

    While probably adequate for our temperate climate and conservative flying, I'm pretty sure that the actual requirement (can't recall which standard) for carb heat is to produce at least a 30°C rise when applied.
  4. M61A1

    BalanceMaster testing

    Interesting...I was skeptical when I put one on my Drifter, but was pleasantly surprised. Huge difference throughout the rev range and no more numb feet. Also, they can only compensate for a certain amount, if you have a serious issue, it's not going to magically fix it. Did you ever sort out the vibes on your Drifter?
  5. My sentiments exactly.. I generally have no concerns about motorcyclists (or ultralight pilots) killing themselves, because generally they don’t take innocent people with them.
  6. Except in the local paper paper, where apparently he's a much loved genius, cut down in the prime of life and would have been a contributor to world peace or something if he had survived. As long as they're not slowing down afterwards and holding you up, who cares? They finally made "filtering" (lanesplitting) legal here. I can't speak for W.A. but drivers in QLD seem to believe that they are entitled to force everyone to stay behind them regardless. In heavy traffic it's almost always some truckie (probably because they're the only ones that use their mirrors)that sees you coming and tries to move over and block you, never mind the fact that you will never make a difference to to anything they do. They just want to stop you because they can. I've personally known a few truck drivers who actually are "smart-arses" and openly admit (boast) to deliberately obstructing traffic. Wanting to kick someone simply because they went around you says a lot about the Australian public. Just a variation of "tall poppy syndrome". That said, I agree entirely about the loud bikes. They carry on with absolute bullsh1t about loud pipes saving lives. The statistics apparently say otherwise. Most motorcycle fatalities are single vehicle crashes.
  7. M61A1

    Fuel Bladder

    I find them no more difficult than normal jerries. The only time I have trouble is when it's windy. I use a Mr Funnel and don't usually bother with the screw in spout. My fill point is fwd of the cockpit at about chest height. In any case, I think the concerns of the Onetrack were about the integrity of the bladder itself. I would suggest they are quite resilient. I also find that the jerries act as a lay flat unit. I can get 23 litres in them easily and then lay them flat in my wing lockers (1 each side) and still have room for other bits. A rigid plastic jerry also fits but leaves less usable space.
  8. M61A1

    Fuel Bladder

    I use a couple of collapsible jerry cans made by this lot http://www.liquidcontainment.com.au/page/contact-us They look the same as the others posted. In my opinion they are probable stronger than your aircraft's fuel tank. You would be doing very well to accidentally puncture one, I would think it difficult to deliberately puncture one.
  9. M61A1

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    Could you also charge the same for your opinions?
  10. M61A1

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    It happens every day. You can be reasonably certain they knew the risk, they just didn't think it could happen to them. Sad perhaps, but It doesn't justify stopping everyone else. If you agree to get in that aircraft, you're not an innocent party.
  11. M61A1

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    No, I don't think anyone is surprised....That's the whole problem. Everyone could see that trainwreck called CASA coming ready to overreach what should be the limits in a free country. Oh wait...we're not a free country, they can do whatever they want and they know we'll all just toe the line. Or else.....
  12. M61A1

    I kid you not

    Are there really that many "cowboys" out there? I know quite few instructors from various schools, some I can relate to better than others but none I would term "cowboys". In fact, for the most part I would consider the average instructor to be quite conservative. I have in earlier days seen some quite severe denigration and animosity between schools, but hardy any these days. Perhaps I am just fortunate not to be meeting these "cowboys".
  13. M61A1

    What`s Happening???

    Start burning hippies...win/win.
  14. That would be a reasonable point if the current maintenance and training requirements were the same for both organisations. The who idea of recreational flying is that you could perform your own maintenance if you desire. Currently a full GA licence and medical is required to operate a heli, the licence itself is hideously expensive and could be reduced in cost significantly with the right machinery and a sensible approach to training. I've already answered question 2. Probably irrelevant to where you're at right now, but some of us see no reason that recreational aviation couldn't be all recreational aviation. not just really lightweight fixed wing stuff.
  15. M61A1


    I fear that this article is about as honest as most other ABC left biased, virtue signalling garbage. It also gives them way to much credit for intellect. Trolls do live with their mothers, if not actually, psychologically.