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  1. My J400 with 914 is a great combination! Very happy with it.
  2. In the ERSA or by notam if applicable. Yes area hazards are covered by notam not always easy to find though.
  3. Nev 912’s don’t have head gaskets. The coolant does not go past any gaskets except the o rings on on inlet and outlet pipe of each head and on water pump.
  4. Anybody had a a look at RAAus strategic plan? What can I say? Accountability In everything that RAAus does we must be accountable for our actions. This applies to directors and staff as well as members. We must be consistent with how we approach problems and be respectful of each other. Transparency Being honest and open with members and other stakeholders is the centre of everything we do. We must act in an inclusive manner and our actions must always be viewed with integrity. this is must be what they are hoping to achieve
  5. Carby icing has to do with moisture freezing (that's why it's called icing) inside Carby throat restricting air and fuel normal supply.
  6. SS I would very much expect icing in Darwin when humid.
  7. planesmaker

    Rotax 912

    My 914 jab cruises 115 kts 2 up 20lt/hr at 28 in/ 4900. I'm happy!
  8. planesmaker

    Rotax 912

    Possibly due prop pitch
  9. I went out of my way to show my kids the old bus when we were up that way, quite difficult to get to the parking area, so I pulled up close by as I had come in from the north, just got out of the car and was told by airport security that I could not park there, so the wife and kids walked over to see the plane. Whilst I tried in vain to get around to the proper parking area, found out it is a 17km trip out and back around and if you miss the turn you are back where you started( don't ask). Ended up stopping in the same place and called my wife to come quickly whist I opened the bonnet to check a "problem". I still didn't get to see it!
  10. He obviously needed to go around, to run off the end and still travel that far in a 172 I'm amazed I am assuming he was landing?
  11. I would think waiving landing fees for such an event would be good business for council
  12. What idiot would stand in front of an aircraft with engine running? Tricycle or TD?
  13. Passenger weights? Just ask them, people usually know how much they weigh, except maybe children.
  14. A kitfox is a good machine. Definitely nothing wrong with fabric covered aircraft, I love them, usually strong airframe and light! Easy to repair etc. have a look on YouTube for kitfox to see the possibilities.