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  1. Hi Ethan is that a pic of your 801? or 750? Am keen on knowing what you are finding during the building journey.Am a keen missionary minded bloke myself Love to chat Greg
  2. A Lycoming 320, thats a 150hp engine isnt it? wonder how it would go in the bush in PNG? the preferred option is a 180hp due to short bush strips at altitude for a steep climb out with full load. What price I wonder? May be interested. email me [email protected]
  3. bushpastor

    CH-701 or 750

    I am thinking the same and am 130kgs wife is 100kgs we are thinking of CH801 and keen to get your opinions too. BTW my last name is Gibbons...Conicidence running into a "Gibbo" .Email me.
  4. Am giving serious consideration in building a CH801.The aircraft will eventually live in PNG taxying nurses in and out of bush strips. Wanting to know if any have ideas on easier 4 place building options, pros and cons of the 801 from builders perspectives inc any 701 builders opinions on the kits. Thanks GG
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