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  1. A quick video of me flying my Australian built kit ultralight, the Supa Pup MkII. The aircraft is flying from a farm strip at Duckmaloi NSW 3100' AMSL, powered by a Rotax 503DCDI with a carbon ground adjust Powerfin Prop. Fuse is welded Chromoly tube and wings are Aluminium rib and spar. Aircraft is covered with Ceconite.
  2. A-hoy me hartee's I've read that hell also has strippers and a beer volcano...... But the beer is warm and flat, and the strippers are old, with missing teeth and have venereal diseases. Sounds a bit like Sydneys western suburbs to me
  3. Unbelievable, just as an update... i made contact with helsinki police who have been incredibly diligent in thier efforts and they have followed up, seized the pc of the person who holds the finland bank account that i paid. There were many other "unexplained deposits" into the account from all over the world but the account owner (Nigerian man who recently moved to finland) denies any knowledge of fraud even though he transferred most of the money to other os accounts and withdrew the remainder as cash very promptly. He is being charged by finland police on my behalf pending any evidence on his pc of the fraud. I believe he may be a middle man and not necessarily the person who i was in email correspondence with, however his local police are squeezing him, and it's not all beer and skittles for him in helsinki. I hold no hope of regaining any money but i feel a bit less stupid knowing i wasn't the only goof who paid, and i feel a bit better knowing it's not completely consequence free for the guy i paid.
  4. Yep, it makes me wonder if it's worth the time and effort to bother reporting.. obviously in your case authorities ignored you, bigger fish to fry i guess.
  5. There are many goran stojkovic's online, the scammer however provided a photo of a goran stojkovic holding his drivers licence to reassure me he was genuine, i looked up his name on google images and found the same guy had linked in profile which listed an i.t. business that he owns and also his qualifications as ultralight instructor, trike pilot licence etc. i thought creating a bs linkedin profile, aeroclub website listing his involvement, his own business with all addresses and contact detail etc would be too much trouble for a scammer and decided he must be genuine, What i failed to see was that i wasn't dealing with goran at all. It turns out after talking with goran that he made enquiries about a fake ad by the same scammer months ago but smelled a rat and didn't pay, but he had already sent his details inluding the id photo via email to the scammer. His identity was then stolen for future ads as he's a perfect candidate and has a large online presence which can be easily searched by potential victims like me.
  6. just to rub salt into the wound, The real goran stojkovic (who i was sent a photo of holding his id by the scammer and who is a genuine aviator and aeroclub founder) DID infact email [email protected] and notify them of the fake ad weeks prior to me loosing my money,,, but the ad wasn't taken down. i still don't think it's been taken down.
  7. I searched this forum before paying, hoping to find some warnings of these fake ads in our classifieds but found nothing... hopefully the next person to search will find this thread.
  8. Ad is still up, my link doesn't work. Its ad number 4999 on aviation advertiser. 2012 rotax 912uls 164hr and transponder $5000 I know its a scam because money is gone and no engine was sent. I think it is a fake seller copying a legit ad and detail etc, the person collecting the money is not the name on the ad
  9. For the benefit of someone reading these forums who might be as stupid as me, (unlikely i know) The following ad on aviation advertiser is a scam. Www.aviationadvertiser.com.au/detail.php?id=4999
  10. Ye Yes it may well be a standard statement for legal reasons as you say, but our engines can and do stop regardless and we knowingly choose to fly them to the places we are when the engine stops, so in relation to the original post "engine failure does not cause a fatal accident in an Ultralight" i say it's up to the pilot and where they chose to be when the engine failed.
  11. Ab It may not be part of the exemption but its certainly part of the engine manufacturers requirements. I'll follow up with the raa opps manual. It may well say the same thing in continental and Lycoming manuals for all i know. But either way the rules dont help you much after your deceased. From operators manual (all versions rotax 912)
  12. To me, it's mostly the chain of events before the failure that determine the severity of the situation. Ie. Where did you fly to leading up to the failure? And what landing options fo you have below you? I've read in this thread that some are "forced" to fly over hostile terrain in their ultralights due to airspace rules, but i question whether us recreational pilots are ever actually "forced" to fly at all. It's always a concious decision to go flying I've never heard about a hijacked ultralight in Australia. As part of our exemption from the maintanence requirements of vh rego we are required to always fly within gliding distance of a safe landing option. We do otherwise at our own peril. Anyone who has flown nvfr on a dark night will attest to the realisation that any total engine failure is going to be fatal as you can't choose a suitable landing site in the dark. Learning this on my first nvfr nav flight was a sobering experience after all the confidence building practice forced landings i had done in the day time up till that night.
  13. Like most of us, I'm wishing i had more hours flying a plane than I do working on them..
  14. Like most of us, I'm wishing i had more hours flying a plane than I do working on them..
  15. As far as these fluid balancers goes, aren't they what has been used in spin dryer/washing machines for many years? Dynamic balance offers the ability to balance more than one axis where static doesn't. This is the difference in my mind. So picture a long shaft with a big weight hanging off each end where one weight is out of phase with the other by 180 degrees on the shaft. Ie one weight at 3 o'clock position and the other at 9 o'clock. When its stationary it could be perfectly bslanced in any rotated position so a static check would say "spot on" but if you were to spin it then it would shake off its mounts. By dynamically balancing it with two axis ie both ends measured at the same time tjen it could be corrected with two counterweights and it would spin without vibration. For a prop which is effectively one axis and there is only one measurement taken for prop balancing it's hard for me to see how, if the engine is already correctly balanced a dynamic balance can offer more than an "ideal" static balance.
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