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  1. Hi Marty if you reprint you manual on chip wrapper then put them in the oven ,this will solve your problem Kev
  2. Well done Australia is a big beautiful place get out there and enjoy
  3. kjfab

    New Cougar

    That,s ok he could always fit an overflow pipe ?
  4. kjfab

    New Cougar

    Nice job Gary and co I like it Kev
  5. Hi guys you need to find a good Sheetmetal shop with a guillo or better a punchpress I know of a good one in Adelaide Merry Christmas Kev
  6. Hi David i have been keeping an eye on this thread for some time and reading your post it is one of the most intelligent comments I have read, this problem is not isolated to Morgan aircraft I would be interested if a report of this magnitude was made with any other manufacture Australian or import how many problems would be unturned. I purchased a Morgan Sierra based on the fact that it was Australian product and I AM extremely proud of the product that Garry and co have produced and will stand by my decision. I would not like to see any Australian manufacturer go to the wall over an isedent like this. At the end of the day it like the Spanish inquisition it looks like someone needs a scape goat for a very public accident that was not caused by a problem of the aircraft.
  7. Why is it that people feel the need to be judge jury and executioner ALL based on speculation. This incident could have happened to any one of us, let’s see what the outcome is based on the facts. So hopefully we all can take something positive out of it. Foot note to Paul Sorry that this has happend,i have met you when i was doing my training at Taree and know that safety is paramount with you.Please dont let this unfortunate incident stop you continuing your flying Kind Regards Kevin
  8. Good to see another Morgan out there ,we are having lots of fun flying around SA definitely made a good decision Kev
  9. hi kev just touching base how’s the progress coming along. kev
  10. oops bob i have noticed you are in NZ ,well if you visit aus it will be worth a trip to morgan aeroworks
  11. hi Bob There are a number of ausie made aircraft that offer great value in comparison to imports and no problems with spare parts. I have recently taken delivery of a Morgon Sierra and am very impressed with it.Worth a trip to Tarry NSW to see Reg Kevin
  12. hi guys kev here thought i better put up some photos for you,have now been flying with new control stick and its just a joy to use,one hand on control stick also adjusting trim,flaps and radio leaving other hand free for throttle or scratching my nose.
  13. Hi bob Well there are lots of aircraft to choose from in LSA what are you lookig for,good luck Kind regards Kevin