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  1. "At about 200 ft agl, the aircraft pitched suddenly and significantly nose down before descending in a left turn from which it did not recover before striking the surface of a crop field. The reason for this final manoeuvre was not determined." There are many instances of stall/spin accidents in Tiger Moths, often following an engine failure. I note the comment about "benign stall characteristics at between 45-49 mph IAS, adopting a high angle of attack and rate of descent with the stick held full back and no tendency to drop a wing" - well, that depends on where the ball is.
  2. djpacro

    Dave Clarke ear pads

    I guess that the description is correct, doesn’t say they are DC so I wouldn’t expect them to be. I have a local store so I generally stop in to buy http://www.skylines.com.au/products/378/david-clark-gel-undercut-ear-seals
  3. Cleaning out my office and found this article on the subject
  4. djpacro

    Clearing a fouled plug

    Depends on the cause of the fouling - see https://m.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/pdf/tempestplugmaint.pdf My IO-360 has the fine-wire electrodes on the bottom of the cylinders so the only type of fouling that I'd experience is the "bridged electrode" and cycling the prop pitch generally knocks the deposit off.
  5. Not to mention high wing aircraft without laminar-flow aerofoils ..... I’ve experienced much less tendency for an uncommanded wing drop in low wings with laminar-flow aerofoils (but there are many types that I have not flown). Perhaps something to do with the wing taper, washout ...
  6. and one effect of skidding is to effectively add sweepback on one wing, sweepforward on the other
  7. Lots of other factors in a descending, skidded turn.
  8. djpacro

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    I’m out, I thought at first it might’ve been something by Gordon Bedson or Graham Percy but seems not.
  9. Some general comments from https://www.pprune.org/archive/index.php/t-221613.html here: "As for toe-in/out; a small amount of toe-in will cause the drag to be reduced slightly on the inside wheel if a swing starts, and the yaw moment that this creates is stabilising i.e. it wants to swing you back straight again. For toe-out the converse is true, and any deviation from straight ahead is exaggerated. The elasticity of spring-bar type undercarriages means that drag on the wheel wants to turn the wheels outwards towards a toe-out configuration ..." A Pitts can be decidedly ornery with too much of either, especially with the bungee gear - you can see the effect just pushing it backwards and forwards on the ground.. The 8KCAB Service Manual specified nil toe-in/out and rectified by shims (which can also be used to fix the camber). You can buy shims at https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/lgpages/tapershim.php with this advice: "For wheel alignment. Ideal setting is zero toe-in and zero camber at normal operating weight. shims may be rotated to any one of four positions to obtain desired result."
  10. djpacro

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    I hadn’t seen a single seater E-3 before (I lead a sheltered life).
  11. djpacro

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Can we rule out the Su26, 29, 31 and Juka.
  12. djpacro

    Internally mounted Go-Pro ruling

    All good questions but not all of the questions ... and doesn’t answer the original question of what CASA’s position is.