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  1. djpacro

    ASIC renewal

    CASA really has nothing to do with ASICs.
  2. Yep, Jim is hard work to follow but he has much info available. "In pilot school, you might have been taught to “hold the nose up” during a turn. If so, did you ever consider that advice could kill you? Consider the fundamental fact that certified airplanes do not stall; pilots cause airplanes to stall." http://www.dylanaviation.com/stick-and-rudder-what-does-that-mean/ http://www.dylanaviation.com/avoid-loss-of-control-use-the-tape/ http://www.dylanaviation.com/bad-habits-and-improper-turns-can-be-deadly/ http://www.dylanaviation.com/dont-stall/
  3. Yep. http://www.dylanaviation.com/the-ailerons-and-airmanship/
  4. djpacro

    Built up areas

    The rule has changed, for one thing it refers to populous areas now.
  5. djpacro

    Built up areas

    Taken to be approved, eh? CASA approvals are very specific. Many years ago I tracked through and found a definition of “built-up area” wrt aviation and it was, from memory, places which had street lights. Who knows what it is these days.
  6. djpacro

    Proposed Wing Spar AD for PA28 and PA32 aircraft

    Back when Australia had its own certification requirements: http://services.casa.gov.au/airworth/airwd/ADfiles/under/pa-28/PA-28-058.pdf The PA-28 and others with initial certification many years ago (CAR 3 with a smattering of FAR 23 tossed in for later models) in the USA were not required to have any fatigue life assessment. An aluminium structure will suffer metal fatigue just a matter of when and if inspection picks it up. I like my FAR 23 certified aerobatic airplane with its lifed items.
  7. djpacro

    CASA EX25/18 Class 1 to Class 2 Medical

    I don’t understand the question? If you get a Class 1 medical then you also get a Class 2 with a later (normally) expiry date. So, just let the Class 1 expire and until then just state that you are exercising the privileges of your licence with the Class 2 medical. I was one of those who renewed early this year when we knew the new rule was coming in but no idea when in 2019. As it turned out I had just completed my Class 1 tests so when CASA suddenly announced the new rule would take effect a week later I simply asked my DAME to withdraw my application for a Class 1 and proceed with just the Class 2.
  8. djpacro

    Bungendore incident

    Nope, see http://www.cfidarren.com/r-mccabe.htm
  9. djpacro

    RPL fees

    Part 61: AFR and endorsements don't go in logbooks - everything is on the licence.
  10. djpacro

    Affirm? Or Roger...

    yes. https://www.facebook.com/dhsquirrell