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  1. I was only there a few weeks ago. I used leigh creek frequently when commuting a few years back. Not an easy strip with hills all around, even to the north there is a slight rise. At the start of June we left YLEC and had a 50knt headwind. We decided to put down at Renmark rather than continue on into the unknown. Final destination was Hamilton Victoria. I have 600 hrs and was flying with a commercial pilot with over 2000 hrs. We were doing calculations most of the way. Easier when you have a qualified navigator. It cost us two taxi fares a room at the hotel, two meals and about ten beers. It was a situation that we could have ended up in if we didn't make the decision to put down early.
  2. piecrust


  3. There is also another flat spin incident in Portugal. Both died on impact. Witnesses said it was spinning into trees.
  4. I think the general consensus is that it's just another revenue raiser. I for one will no longer be renewing my asic card after expiry. I think most have really given up on it.
  5. He did a great job under pressure. No fatalities on ground. This could have been far worse. No one knows the circumstances and the battle he had on his hands. Good glide slope, wings level till the end. Can't ask for anything more.
  6. I would say that both engines had failed. Does anyone know if this plane had auto feather?
  7. From video footage taken it looks as if his wings are level and he is on a good glide slope. Just no where to go.
  8. I personally know two people working from home for the ABS in Adelaide. Both on big money and live the life of Riley. When will this stop.
  9. Gives you a warm feeling knowing the people running this whole thing are on over 100k a year. Government classic disgrace.
  10. Is anyone using this http://kti.com.au/safety-alert-plb/
  11. Kannad xs4 battery replacement $295.00 new model $295.00 no one in Australia can change the batteries. Going to go with gme
  12. And at the back of the manual it says as/nzs 4280.2 Thanks for walking me through it m61.
  13. Yeah I didn't go to law school but I try hard to meet all the requirements
  14. Sorry just read 252a again and it says ELT and not epirb. So I'm hoping my kannad xs4 is approved.
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