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  1. I was really, really keen to buy a viking for my project. So much so that I flew to Oshkosh to have a look at them and to speak to them about the engine. Jan (?) was there and wasn't particularly interested in talking. There were a few Viking owners there that would talk, and all seemed impressed (though they could have been employees for all I could tell). Jan at one point said "We have a special for Oshkosh - 50% off". I said "Ripper - I'm here to buy one". He then said it was 50% off the competitors price. His "50% off" was the normal listed price on the web site. Since then they've been showing a greatly reduced price - but the FWF has more than taken up the "savings". Since then I've been thinking about other makes...
  2. There's "Stupid" and there's "Illegal". What you're basically saying is "It's OK to break the law because you'll learn from it". And what a lot of people on this forum will think is that another jerk is making our hobby look bad.
  3. The article on the abc now says it crashed on take off after multiple attempts. It veered off the runway and crashed (which looks like the nose wheel collapsed, there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of damage). Looking at the wind sock it might have been some crosswind attempts and one of them went wrong. Though it may just be that the sealed runway was his preferred (is the grass one open atm?).
  4. I can't tell make or rego from the image. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-07-08/man-killed-in-light-plane-crash-near-geelong/6603990
  5. IIRC correctly there was a Tiger moth break up near Coffs a few years ago. I think it was put down to the ageing glue (the wing that didn't break up had been rebuilt due to a minor altercation with a runway light - so it had modern glues while the other didn't). Edit: Not Coffs - Williamstown. http://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/2002/aair/aair200200377.aspx
  6. Video linked above has been taken down - here's a link to the story and vid on ninemsn. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/2013/12/02/10/18/passengers-views-of-planes-crash-and-eplode That's some terrifying footage - great that they all got out. Is it normal for the pilots to wear chutes?
  7. The ABC said it was an air tractor, however the above links both say it's an M-18 Dromader. It doesn't sound good - hopefully it isn't something that will ground the other water bombers.
  8. Onboard footage in this article. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-09-03/pilot-makes-emergency-landing-in-light-aircraft/4931182
  9. Image on the article doesn't tell me what it is (I'm sure some eagle eye's on the forum will know) or what it's driven by - maybe a VW? Looks like a Anti-Clockwise prop to me so not rotax. 2 pob - minor injuries - so a good outcome. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-08-01/kit-plane-crash-lands-in-paddock-at-stirling-north-near-port-au/4858710
  10. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-06-27/man-dies-in-plane-crash-in-country-victoria/4786330?section=vic Assuming the time is right in the article, that would put it after last light.
  11. The stall warning in our clubs 24- registered gazelle is also disabled. Our CFI says that this is because it is unreliable. On the Port wing you'll probably see an open tube that points pretty much straight down from near the Jury strut. I guess the idea is that when the airflow into the tube gets to the right level, the stall warning will sound. The problem with this method is that it could be triggered by any significant change in the airflow (a large up draft could do it). And because of the way it works, and it's location, it is very difficult and time consuming to adjust. Stalls in a Gazelle are a real non-event - and you have to be going pretty slow to even stall. There's (virtually) no buffeting, no tendency to drop a wing and you have full authority of the ailerons (which you shouldn't be using). All you do to recover from the stall is put the stick back to neutral (to get it to stall you have to have the stick embedded in the cushion on the seat) and then apply power. I've done stalls while in a climbing turn, and the Gazelle just stopped climbing and started sinking. Our CFI was super impressed with how the Gazelle performed in performance limited Turns (basically you turn hard enough that the outside wing will stall). It would drop a wing (outside wing), then that wing would start flying and lift again, and then it would repeat the process. You'd basically go from 60 to 45 then back to 60 degs bank.
  12. Agreed Maj. It's all very well to say whether or not you think it's right - but it's perfectly within the rules AFAIK. Heck, I did it pre-solo as part of my training (albeit in a Gazelle - so it was a much, much longer low pass). From the descriptions above sounds like the airspeed dropped off too much, combined with the left roll caused a tip stall. I've been told a few times that model spitty's are prone to tip stalls, maybe that extends right up to 80% scale (though I seem to remember hearing that full scale suffer from it too). That combined with pushing the flight envelope a little too far would result in a tragedy like this. Prayers for the Family and Witnesses. RIP to someone that loved Aviating.
  13. Drove through Cape Clear yesterday and had a bit of a look on the way past. The powerline near the school is a single strand with about 300+m between the poles. If the paddock they tried to land in is the one I thought it was, then the poles weren't in the paddock at all (more like in the middle of the paddocks on either side. Around that area there's a bunch of paddocks the same - it's a bit of a lottery if the viz is bad and you have to land around that area. Pure bad luck on hitting the wire - extremely good luck on the outcome.
  14. Good to hear that all 3 onboard got away with only minor injuries. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-01-22/seaplane-crashes-in-geelong/4479078
  15. Can you store the weather/ERSA etc. on the iPad so that it can be recalled without a 3G/Wireless link? I could bring up the weather on my Kindle, then turn off the wireless and I have the equivalent of a printed weather report with me at all times (and if I can get a wireless link while flying/at another AD then I can update the weather - Eg. pairing with a phone). Personally (because I hate iPad's with a passion) I can't see why printing Wx, relevant ERSA's etc. is a problem. Use a good phone/tablet to get Radar via 3G and you're ahead of the game anyway.
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