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  1. Recent news this month regards court case in US; American female journalist Marie Colvin was killed in a targeted assassination by the Syrian regime in 2012. Why don't you give equal criticism of actions by opposing forces? Syrian Defector: Assad Forces Targeted, Killed Journalist Marie Colvin
  2. Actually Muslims in Indonesia have been killing entire Christian villages for decades without causing so much as a ruffle in our local media. As for what is going on in Sthn Philippines atm, it barely gets a whisper for fear of upset. We should leave Assad where he is as he is at least tolerant of Christians and we have recent knowledge of what happens when you remove ME leaders.
  3. And Iran is not? I was in Persia during the uprising and civil war and know of things never reported in media. I can tell you there are NO human rights in the renamed Iran, especially for women.
  4. What's wrong with a folding bike, with or without battery motion?
  5. PilotPenner, don't forget about us once you have your ASIC and CoV. Report back your success and any pitfalls along the way.
  6. VH-LMY ... Sorry Nightmare, I neglected to answer your question fully, and then there it is in this week's news.
  7. Thank you for the welcome Phil. My comment re landies was in response to someone suggesting getting a Land Rover, presumably because no-one would want to pinch it. I am in an online UK LR group. Every other week someone is reporting their landy has been stolen.
  8. Are certain about that Phil? From what you have related the chap did not have a license for IMC. You on the other hand have previously held such a license.
  9. Know what that is like BirdDog. I am at the back door whenever something flies past.
  10. Hello Bird Dog and Nightmare and thank you. I haven't flown/trained in a few years due to the GFC which knocked the stuffing out of me. I keep hoping to get back on top and finish it off. Was out at Bankstown. Did have ambitions for a 20-30 year old Maule, though now if I can afford to get back into it a/c will probably be RAA.
  11. RAA Wozz sounds like he has good strips and is near you. Offer to pay a weekly rent and use his strips if he is agreeable. ;)
  12. Hello, I have been a lurker for some time. I'm a stop start student depending on finances. I find this site is a good information resource so thanks for having me.
  13. Landies are very hot property in UK. You would not leave one unattended. BTW, hello, this is my first post as I have been a lurker for some time.
  14. G'day Jeff, I have tracked you down initially from the Maulepilots site to talk Maules. You sound like you are still a happy camper with your MXT7? I am doing my PPL atm and looking around for something to get around in and have some fun. Maules look like they fit that bill nicely esp. at the price. What would you estimate your fixed running costs? regards Pieter Hoekstra [email protected]
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