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  1. This is not meant to mark the accident site, just one point on Paterson Rd. Woodville.
  2. [Edit to my previous post.] That location appears to be right on the eastern edge of the lane.
  3. What I'm not sure about now is whether the main length of that runway is extending off to the right of the frame or is it off to the left? At first I assumed that the a/c that did all the damage was throttling up (regardless) for a take-off run. But then his flaps seem to be full down, so maybe he had just landed and the area we're looking at is near the far threshold of the runway in use. So maybe the aircraft that we see taxi onto the runway didn't realise that he'd landed - or maybe he did and thought the best way to clear the taxi-way for him was to enter the runway and move to the far edge so that the just-landed a/c could slip by and up the exit ramp. If that is the scenario then the pilot landing (and stopped) was just gunning his engine to get the wheels moving on the grass, aiming to taxi slowly off to his right, well clear - but somehow lost control ... and the rest is misery. Any other ideas or guesses or explanations?
  4. Garfly

    What`s Happening???

    Hey Frank, is this all about you in your younger days?
  5. This is a bit of a different kettle of fish - the failure is at low level cruise rather than take-off. But still, these caught-in-the-act videos are good lessons on just how quickly things happen at that height; on the need of getting that nose down now (especially with flying-garden-furniture types) even before we set about pondering, at a good few seconds length, the sheer impossibility that this is really happening; and on just how soon needs-must returns us to mother earth - somewhere, somehow - when the great silence descends.
  6. Old BC182 keeps his videos coming and I reckon they're always worth a watch.
  7. An interesting video with a savvy comments section (might need to click through to view on YouTube's own site.)
  8. Here's an interesting 4-place build walkaround:
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