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  1. But CFIT can also happen in plain sight; as when attempting a 180 escape in a valley and misjudging the max rate turn. https://www.news.com.au/national/breaking-news/raaf-remembers-worst-peacetime-crash/news-story/af10948a903da81c02f3dc23d381ae4a And I think what Poteroo tells us (in Post #7 above) about the everyday realities of charter work in tough terrain also needs to be kept in mind. This Aviation Safety Digest from 1971 holds many lessons along these lines - as relevant today as then: https://www.atsb.gov.au/media/5774770/asd_73_mar_71.pdf
  2. The Last Minute Hitch: 16 March 2018 - Australian Flying WWW.AUSTRALIANFLYING.COM.AU Frogs Hollow, currency and feedback. Here's a piece by Steve Hitchen in Australian Flying last March about Frogs Hollow. Mention is made of the only 4-place Victa Aircruiser ever built which happens to live here. I was glad to have a chance to see it last Sunday week. Herewith some pics including its owner pilot 'Des' seen here on the left. Another story here: Merimbula Fly-away Report 10-12 March 2018 – Lilydale Flying Club LILYDALEFLYINGCLUB.COM.AU
  3. Ah, I see, thanks. I wonder if there's an option for arranging the pic on the page without using a thumbnail link.
  4. The Aviation Herald AVHERALD.COM Aviation Herald - News, Incidents and Accidents in Aviation
  5. It seems that NSW south coast planning authorities last night knocked back the big development proposal, just south of Bega, by the outfit called Sports Aviation Australia. https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Community/NO-Frogs-Hollow-Chinese-Flying-School-818213558262343/ http://www.sportsaviationaustralia.com/about/ The plan was huge. According to one report (below): “Every 12 weeks there’ll be 360 trainee pilots, that’s 28,000 takeoffs and landings.” and “This is a development equivalent to a town of around 500 people.” https://aboutregional.com.au/community-steps-out-to-reject-frogs-hollow-flight-school/ Whilst a blow to the developers, it will probably come as a relief to the Frogs Hollow Flyers who've developed the ALA on the site for years, for their own use - and for that of visiting recreational aviators. Perhaps now, they won't be turfed off their home strip to make way for the big new school. Frogs Hollow Flyers aerodromes south coast flying pilots WWW.FROGSHOLLOWFLYERS.COM.AU Frogs Hollow Flyers provides an alternative to landing at Merimbula Airport and gives opportunities for pilots and enthusiasts in the Bega Valley without the formalities of an official Aero Club. Visitors welcome, but remember it is an active ALA Sorry these pictures which I took at Frogs Hollow a couple of weeks back are ultra-tiny and repeated. I've no idea how to enlarge or even delete images in this version.
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    How, in this version of the software, do you have pictures display in posts bigger than thumbnail size?
  7. This was the take-home-message that one YouTube commenter took from it: "What I have learned from this series the most is that general aviation is not transport. It is a hobby, and if you end up also being able to get to a destination, then that is a bonus, not the expectation."
  8. https://www.seattletimes.com/business/boeing-aerospace/faa-evaluates-a-potential-design-flaw-on-boeings-737-max-after-lion-air-crash/ Interesting to revisit this documentary from 2014 which argues that Boeing went downhill after swallowing MD..
  9. https://www.avweb.com/blogs/insider/Runaway-Terror-231851-1.html https://www.avweb.com/avwebflash/news/Pilots-Not-Told-About-737-MAX-Auto-Trim-System-Updated-231846-1.html
  10. https://theaircurrent.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/B737-MAX-AD-1107.pdf FAA Issues Emergency Airworthiness Directive Against Boeing 737 Max 8
  11. ... and furthermore, when art imitates life, life fights back: Stills from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5ftsTVwTfs:130
  12. Speaking of Japanese attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection; did anyone catch the documentary last Thursday (SBS Viceland) about Hayao Miyazaki, the famous animator, and director of The Wind Rises (among lots of others, including Porco Rosso)? THE WIND RISES The feature length documentary (called Miyazaki: the Kingdom of Dreams and Madness) was shot inside the Ghibli Studios over a full year during the making of The Wind Rises (an animated biopic about Jiro Horikoshi, renowned designer of the Mitsubishii Zero.) MIYAZAKI: THE KINGDOM OF DREAMS AND MADNESS I missed the first half of the documentary and was hoping to pick it up on SBS On-Demand, but, so far, I haven't seen it. But I did discover I could buy it (the doc) on YouTube premium so I will watch it in full later. It's a beautifully done film in the observational style. We learn a lot about the guy and his philosophy and his way of working just by hanging out over a long period; listening in - with the magic of subtitles - to his ordinary conversations with colleagues and employees. Miyazaki is an amazing person and, as it happens, a total aeroplane nut. (But who among us finds that a strange combo!!?? ;-) Here's Wiki about the doc, the man and his more aeronautical films: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness - Wikipedia Hayao Miyazaki - Wikipedia The Wind Rises - Wikipedia Porco Rosso - Wikipedia (The fact that he named his animation studio "Ghibli" after an airplane - the Caproni_Ca.309 - indicates just how much of an aviation fanatic he has always been.)
  13. Dying pilot tries to clear his name after fatal plane crash This relates to the earlier thread: https://www.aircraftpilots.com/threads/cessna-down-with-4-on-board.156745/