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  1. Ha, ha, Stude ... hilariously vicariously, I'm afraid (mostly over the glare-shield of old mate 'Backcountry 182') Been away OS most of this past year, but hoping this might just be the year I finally learn to fly (properly) 😉 While you're here, though, check out this Kiwi chap demonstrating the backcountry chops of the poor-man's C182. (I'll call to discuss.)
  2. Lovely Cobargo, NSW, before, during, after.
  3. Yes, it's pretty amazing when you think of it, that we still use what is, arguably, a 400 year old technology to perform that vital aviation task of separating aircraft vertically. (And don't even airliners still have a little whiskey compass swinging around up there on the overhead panel somewhere? Wow, that's lasted a thousand years! LOL.
  4. I'm not sure how much difference that would make in our kind of craft, Nev. And I'm not sure whether the act of calibrating in situ for current Area QNH, say, or to a known ground elevation before take-off would obviate that problem. Be that as it may, these kind of apps aim to exploit the precision barometric instrument that's built into most modern phones, and I guess, tablets. This particular one from Radiant allows you to Bluetooth to a separate 'Sensor Tag' which provides temperature and humidity data (which'd have the same problem, depending on where you placed the tag.) From their website: "An external BlueTooth sensor is optional, and opens up more capabilities like true temperature / humidity based Density Altitude. (SensorTag from Texas Instruments -- $29.00 ( Part # CC2650STK)."
  5. And with an app like this on your iPhone even altitude shouldn't be a big problemo. http://www.beliteaircraftstore.com/ios-apps-precision-altimeter/
  6. And this is the link that started this thread some years back. It seems to have disappeared from the first post.
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