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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/12/science/amelia-earhart-search-robert-ballard.html?action=click&module=Editors Picks&pgtype=Homepage
  2. Here are some lovely air to air shots of a couple of Ercoupes over Germany.
  3. Gilbert and Sullivan had a theory: If you give me your attention, I will tell you what I am: I'm a genuine philanthropist — all other kinds are sham Each little fault of temper and each social defect In my erring fellow creatures, I endeavor to correct To all their little weaknesses I open people's eyes; And little plans to snub the self-sufficient I devise; I love my fellow creatures — I do all the good I can — Yet everybody says I'm such a disagreeable man! And I can't think why! To compliments inflated I've a withering reply; And vanity I always do my best to mortify; A charitable action I can skillfully dissect; And interested motives I'm delighted to detect; I know everybody's income and what everybody earns; And I carefully compare it with the income-tax returns; But to benefit humanity however much I plan Yet everybody says I'm such a disagreeable man! And I can't think why! I'm sure I'm no ascetic; I'm as pleasant as can be; You'll always find me ready with a crushing repartee I've an irritating chuckle, I've a celebrated sneer I've an entertaining snigger, I've a fascinating leer To everybody's prejudice I know a thing or two; I can tell a woman's age in half a minute — and I do But although I try to make myself as pleasant as I can Yet everybody says I'm such a disagreeable man! And I can't think why!
  4. But "in training" one might also be advised to unload the wing whenever necessary or desirable. As in:
  5. No wonder the Skyranger has been eyeing-off the Jimny ... and vice-versa. 😉 https://sites.google.com/site/bestultralightengine/
  6. To reiterate: a.) We're not all great guys here. b.) Subtlety sure ain't one of your problems. Prolixity, maybe, but not subtlety.
  7. It still seems to be up. You may want to search Youtube for "Icon A5 Crash" Also in Flying Magazine's site: https://www.flyingmag.com/michigan-icon-a5-accident/
  8. A new article: The Roots of Boeing’s 737 Max Crisis: A Regulator Relaxes Its Oversight https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/27/business/boeing-737-max-faa.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  9. For anyone interested, here is a link to a YT video review of a third party C152 model for X-Plane11. X-Plane 11 - Just Flight C152 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd471phwT5s STILL SCREEN SHOT ONLY: It's quite long and detailed so drag through as required. I think the take-off happens at about 15:00! Truly real-time simming! But I think it's a good example of how "home" sims have advanced in recent years and just how useful they can be for real training. And it shows what can be done with head-tracking technology that allows you to look around as needed in a more natural way. In this case the guy is using "TrackIR". The idea is that you wear some infrared targets on the peak of a cap on your head so that the device is able to alter the view according to how your head moves. Of course, the obvious question arises: but if I move my head to the left, how can I keep looking at my monitor?! That issue is solved by having one or two degrees of side movement translate as something like ten or twenty degrees of view change. (Up and down, I think, uses a lesser factor.) In my view, a downside to the latest X-Plane, though, is that it places very high demands on computers; especially Graphic Processing Units (GPUs). Even though I have a recent, top-specced, MacBook Pro which does a good job on heavy duty video editing, I've found that it struggles to keep up a smooth frame rate in the sim. So I've dropped back to X-Plane 10 until I graduate to some faster hardware (or at least, an external GPU).
  10. Yes, on the "Don't pull back" theme, this has been posted here a few times already, but I reckon it's always worth a re-view:
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