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  1. AND Again the OLD is comparable with the new. 1940's McCulloch motor of 3 litre, 72 hp @ 4100 rpm, weight 85 lb 8.0 to 1 compression ratio. Runs very Smooth, But very thirsty. spacesailor
  2. " This VW type engine is the perfect example of what "simplicity" gets you. Low power, poor economy, poor tbo and heavy weights." Well it is a 1930 design ! LIGHT weight, Great power to weight, 61 U.S. MPG = 3.86 Liters per 100 km, at 100 mph Runs forever, Remove the "Flywheel.
  3. YES But I,ve been offered lead acid batteries at half the retail rate. So why the Big markup on the "mobility scooter" batteries, ?. $ 185 the cheapest mobility battery, compered to your $145 for a golf-buggy battery, the same size AND Brand. spacesailor
  4. I'll be checking that site too, as I would prefers a light-weight battery to a very heavy lump. spacesailor
  5. THANKS. onetrack, Outstanding work, The "Spiders did to make that "KIT-HANGER". It would be nice to see Big Birds of that magnitude in the skies again, like "Bondies Blimps". My Mother watched the R100 fly overhead, & always praised it as spectacular. spacesailor
  6. OK. come on over & I'll let you have a try on the Hummel Bird. LoL spacesailor
  7. Originally that Biggie hanger was for the Grand-Zeppelin. spacesailor
  8. I WANT ONE NOW ! " do not disturb app, " Please. spacesailer
  9. The Kiwi's have a sign for "Beware of wind" (Rimataka hill) The Aussies have wreath or a Cross at the side of busy roads, for the gaper's to watch while driving. spacesailor
  10. Switched off the Flight simulator. LoL spacesailor
  11. You mean a Very high polish like this. The orange is wrap, I believe. spacesailor
  12. Just another typo. or Ive got the shakes. lol spacesailor
  13. Skippydiesel "Well Jaba lets deal with a fact or two - My Rotax 912 ULS contains 3 L of oil, which I change at 50 hr intervals. I have never had to add oil between services in its 850 + hours to date. It uses about 12 L /hr @ 100 knots, can loiter at 60 knots consuming about 8 L/hr and if I ask it, it will do 120 knots on about 17 L/hr. It prefers ULP but at a pinch can dine on AvGas. It is smooth running and quiet (compared with even a lawn mower, let alone almost every other aircraft engine). Its seems to deliver power without effort, from sea level to 10,000 ft (my legal limit). I did have to replace the "sprag clutch" probably from using under-powered battery's but other than this the engine has never been opened and only routine service items replaced. I expect it to be still motivating my aircraft at 2000 + hrs. "on condition" Thats good How about 500 ml oil. 6 litres an hour fuel consumption, at 100 mmph, VNE 140. (in a dive) SHAKIEST of all the motors. All of 35 HP (Hand-cranked ). spacesailor
  14. I noticed the two "nozzles" at the front, are they for Steering ?. spacesailor