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  1. WHY not a flat twin, Same as Vw & many others. All depends on the crank:ie lump in the middle. Why a Sump on a two-stroke,? No oil in there, sometimes a seperate oil-tank, but a sump of oil !. spacesailor
  2. I would like a 1/2 McCulloch motor. two stroke . two pot, about 1.5litre. Would be smoother with-out the rocking motion of the four stroke.: 90hp or the 75 hp, spacesailor
  3. spacesailor


    I have read !. Canard's don't stall but mush. spacesailor
  4. spacesailor


    If the 95-10 aircraft Were Not designed to be 40k, stall, & Flimsy for weight, Then add in that wing-load rule. We possibly could design & build better, & safer aircraft, that Don't fall out of the sky when Abiding by Bureaucracy. spacesailor
  5. spacesailor


    If that stall speed dictated by the Bureaucrats was a few klicks more (for 95 aircraft) perhaps doing a speedy landing (with contrary wind), that even a really good DRAKO pilot can get caught out , when flying so slow. spacesailor
  6. My sentiment as well. I miss all that stop contributing, for whatever reason. Come november will you miss ME ?. Only stopped by the NBN. spacesailor
  7. The 1/2 VW has gone to flat bed installation too. more HP too. spacesailor "
  8. Better to have the airframe crumple around you, that a stiffer one that damages the occupants. spaceailor
  9. Electrical Switches !. The NONE maintenance product. Has anyone tried a little lubricant yet. I had good result from "Lanin" & Inox. aboard my yacht, to combat damp switchgear failure. spacesailor
  10. I agree entirely with this as only being educated for Five years, Then off to the work-force. " Posted On 16/09/2019 at 1:18 AM, pmccarthy said: "It's not about making you safer, it's about limiting the risk to the people around you. You can make your own decisions and choose your own risks, but limited speed and limited weight limits the kinetic energy available to cause damage." IF CASA wanted safety for the public, they wouldn't allow PROPELLERS on the front end of aircraft !. "Back in the AUF days, exemptions were negotiated on the basis that the ultra-light weight of the aircraft meant that risk to others was insignificant. On that basis, You can fly without a CASA license You can do your own maintenance You don't need an aviation medical Aircraft don't need to be certified to the normal GA standards as long as the weight and stall speed were below specified limits. In the early AUF days the weight limit was 450kg. Then it was raised to 480kg. Then 544kg. Then 600kg. Now talk about 760kg, and campaigning for higher stall speed as well." And they didn't have to comply with the WING LOAD Rule. spacesailor
  11. " Running out of water because no State water grid" Today It's raining ! :Yippee. So Council have sent a flyer warning of floods, & spending more money on "FloodSmarts" new free online flood warning service. Forgetting the NBN will stop the house phones & oldies internet services. spacesailor
  12. " the "race to be the NEW GA." . Except for the Old 95-10, We Can & would probably be better off under the experimental VH rules. Without any weight or wingload rule. Just have to dismantle your aircraft to facilitate, endorsing Each step of construction . More Bureaucracy, of course !. spacesailor
  13. I thought, C,A,S,A. stood for Civil Aviation Safety Australia. But it keeps proving, It's Just a Part (very small) of FAA. AND Not a bit about safety in that Bureaucracy. So don't expect normality from them. What is Sensible to us, is just bureaucratic words to them, spacesailor
  14. Talking about "CNC machine" Sainty's, big billet (of aluminium) becomes a Beautiful V8 motor, for drag-racing. Fascinating to watch the process. spacesailor
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