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  1. News to me. Sydney's rocketMan. Congratulations to David Mayman,rocketMan.html "https://www.recreationalflying.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=39722" Only took ten years. spacesailor
  2. Ask MR Da vinci for his Hang-glider plans ? ( Leonardo da Vinci ) spacesailor
  3. m61A1 Yes very daunting. So easy in training with an experienced instructor besides me, (A-22 FOXBAT ) BUT New single seat aircraft, not knowing how much input to controls. I wouldn't be the first to porpoise a Hummel to a Bad landing. Are the wheels in line with the rudder,? Fast taxi-ing will soon have your heart in your mouth, if the plane goes left under take-off speed , then right as soon as the nose-wheel looses grip, I did ask the only experienced HummelBird pilot if he would test-fly it, but he had others to checkout as well, so declined. It is a Big ask for anyone to take a risk in an unknown aircraft. So a quick run on a closed road, & yes the wheels are Not aligned with the rudder. (great having someone that can close a road legally.) spacesailor
  4. Jaba "I think ink those who want the old rag and tube days have to just make the most of their own time to fly and give up pining for a return of the good ol’ days. " DO you mean,"just go & fly". Its a bit frightening, NO license. NO registration . NO insurance. NO experience. Any chance you have a hide-away airfield. We could use. Just occasionally spacesailor
  5. "Another skill that had to be leaned was standing up 8 foot 10x10 inch salmon gum legs in a mine, " Pit-Props . My elder brother had a funny job one day. To close a mine-shaft he dynamited the pit-props, so caving in the roof, of an unsafe shaft. Fire-in-the-hole !. spacesailor
  6. The Big sods were a lot too thick to use their heads, & do it the easy way !. spacesailor
  7. "IF there was an easy and cheap way, everyone would be doing it.. Nev " (to fly). The BUREAUCRATS will kill it off quick !. Aren't the "Nanotrikes cheap to run. spacesailor
  8. When I was young !, at 7st7lb, I could throw a full sized oxygen bottle onto my shoulder, to take to the welder. Like Yenn rolled it over the knees to get momentum, then up & over , (silly bas ard ) probably ruined my hip, if not other bits. spacesailor
  9. DON't forget the" wing loading" " aircrafts hp cruise speed and stall speed instead of MTOW " 35hp, 80_90 Mph, 40Mph, should fit your bill 6 to 8 ltrs per hour AND all metal !. Pity the Bureaucrats had to kill it off !. Kids of all ages still love to sit in it . If someone is in your aircraft, do you have to have their permission to post "their " picture. Or name. (Sister,in,laws, grand-kids in my picture) (was on the RAA registration list, but removed) spacesailor
  10. PS I Never gave a thought that he was having a bite out of me. BUT he could have been a big liar !. Who knows the working of a farmer's mind. PPs the friend who got the Uncles car was lost to a traffic accident . spacesailor
  11. NO I went to pick up his old 57 chevy, (Freebie) for a friend. He took me around the farm, because I queried all the New looking diesel motors, strew around the yard & paddock. sat in the cab of the harvester watching little birds scurrying out of the way.(quail ?). Met again in the Dubbo Bowling club "All you can eat restaurant" the following year & He told me He's got the same government incentive again (No Wheat). I have posted this aspect of someone Not using diesels (as maintenance was not only expensive but very slow to get the gear running in the harvesting time. If the NEW diesel powered machine stops for a day he could loose a crop. So he bought a number of ford v8 petrol motors as back up.(out with the NEW in with one He can maintain. PS the farm at Maryvale was sold & the airfield plowed under. But still has the expensive red balls outside the property. spacesailor
  12. just a note. I notice the New plants are only a third of the output of the first smokey power plant !. " max power 1400 mW, with lots of smoke." & " On the right is the Tarong North power plant, 443 mW, on line 2003. With a much cleaner exhaust due to the more modern supercritical design", spacesailor
  13. I had an acquaintance that was told by the guvment NOT to plant wheat, & got a big handout which payed for a crop of "chickpeas". The chickpea buyer offered $5 m. for the crop, the farmer (Dubbo) hired the harvester & promptly got the crop in & boxed up, Informing the buyer to take it away. & was promptly told the buyer would have to give him a $million more for the harvesting, which wasn't in the contract. Money in farming if your lucky. spacesailor
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