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  1. spacesailor

    RAAus really do not care about procedures

    Members increase as All TIFF pilots, compulsory join. Aircraft builder have to compulsory join to get the RAA cert to fly their machine. I know we can join other organisations, But only one gets a none PILOT certificate. spacesailor
  2. " , the road rules that apply to everyone else, apply to him, too - and that he was effectively riding through an exclusive pedestrian area (same as a footpath) - and he could have easily mown down a kid, a dog, or a senior - and come a cropper himself, as well as injuring someone. " NOT every one has to abide by the road rules !. CYCLIST, Can have passengers in a trailer legally, No license, Rego, Warrant of fitness for the road, or insurance. Can ride on the opposite side of the road, (facing oncoming traffic ), No lights or reflectors at night. And the list goes on into infinity. Do not have to read the "Hy-way code book or abide by it. Yes I have a pushy. spacesailor
  3. spacesailor

    How am I still flying?

    Many thanks, KASPER. In two weeks I have the "RUSTY" hip inspection, so will hold on your Marvelous offer until I know what the future will hold for me. At the moment I can't get my leg over a push-bike to exercise, Now weighing in at 98Kilos. and feeling FAT. The extra weight is putting my back out as well as my right ankle. "Same with Brian Gabriel’s Hummel." That's my gripe. RAA knew we were building But Never said a word, I could have had the Final inspection a couple years previous to the date I was (shocked), to be told its No good, & No inspection because of the New rule, That we weren't told about until too Blooody late. Sixteen Builder's left out in the cold and not one had correspondence from RAA. PS The reason for my delay, was to do the flight training (pilot certificate) then I would be all set to soar like an Eagle. Please bring on the "New Organisation". spacesailor
  4. spacesailor

    How am I still flying?

    No, as it was NOT flying, it can't be grandfathered. Registration number's were issued. affixed and stamped all over the aircraft parts. Data pack was paid for, The final inspection was when told. NO GOOD,! The "wing loading farce is only to remove aircraft from the 95-10 register. It was on the register with a few other HummelBirds, but the last time I checked My rego was removed. How many HummelBirds HAVE been registered in ANY registration, ? since that time. there was over a dozen in the build stage when I started building. Dave King is the only 95-19 rego I know. Remember V H experimental, If most of the folk on the 95-10 register, go to V H E, CASA will not be too happy. Hopefully Another organisation will take us orphans in. ( flex wing: Gyro: Or powered parachute.(Two of which beats that Wing-loading rule)). spacesailor
  5. spacesailor

    Rotax 912uls oil level

    " If over full it's spat out the vent pipe, that's why I aim for 2/3 rods as my max. Cheers " Why over fill to above the max, if you throw oil over that lovely clean aircraft,? This usually takes the cold level, to slightly above max on the dip stick. In 50 hrs it will drop to max. " Just throw a few Dollars into the coffee/biscuit tin. LoL If you start with just a little less oil, it could be Added at 25 hours IF needed. So 2.75 litres into the motor & a bit for the oil-can, Several rotation's of the engine, ! TRY the 1/2 VW, 30 rotations to pump the oil pressure up to readable . then put the spark-plugs back in. When people watch, you just say, "winding the rubber band". spacesailor
  6. spacesailor

    Fire Bomber Down

    Possible the surrounding trees contributed to the formation of a vortex ring. The Down-wash fans out to the edge of the lake then moves up to go over the tree-line. At the hight of the trees tops it could be sucked Back to the Skycrane. It would leave No time to maneuver out of difficulties. spacesailor
  7. spacesailor

    Are you happy?

    Not voting But very Happy with this site. It's great as is and If you need to do improvements, It will be DIFFERENT , But still Happy. spacesailor
  8. spacesailor

    How am I still flying?

    " IF you are enjoying your flying let us know. You can be assured we constantly actively pursue our time honored goals" NO If you get rid of that "Wing loading rule" I & possible a dozen other's could start to pay RAA contributions. We all started out looking at other HummelBirds's flying, With legal registration, only to be told After the fact of build start, that we are now Illegal. You are fighting "tooth & nail" to get exemptions to the Weight increase, but nothing for 95-10 registration. spacesailor
  9. spacesailor

    Flight mate for some fun flights

    I don't know how you would organize it But i witnessed A fly in to, " Dalhousie Springs Witjira SA 5734 " Flew from Brissie over the big red, had a great swim at Dalhousie, onto the Pink-roadhouse, for top up fuel, then return over the Lake Eyre, back to Brissie ( Redcliff). Dalhousie is a National park and has an airstrip. spacesailor
  10. The same "Group" that takes heli-flights at tax payer's expense. LoL Poor Bronwyn. spacesailor
  11. spacesailor

    Fire Bomber Down

    " vortex ring " Just googled it, Fantastic experiment with two colliding rings in a "fish tank". I had thought about vortex rings when looking at big jets taking off, But the idea of those big rotor's on a "Sky-crane" having No lift when hovering, is remarkable. spacesailor
  12. spacesailor

    New member looking for recomendations

    Hoping you can get out of the Airfield, tour around the local area. "Rylstone to the NW is a lovely private/open to fly in, airfield." And not far away is a beautiful spot called "Dunns swamp" It;s not a swamp but a Dam, in the National Park. spacesailor
  13. spacesailor

    How am I still flying?

    FLAPS Not all planes have them. How do they manage spacesailor
  14. spacesailor

    Rotax 912uls oil level

    A little Gem I found out about !. The dipstick has only two mark's on it, if your level is around the bottom mark you have Minimum oil, (and things get hot as oil is used for cooling) And Don't fill to the top mark as it means MAXIMUM,do not exceed. 3/4 should be marked, but isn't, so keep it between 1/4 and 3/4 OR the "Half" 1/2 mark that's not there !. A lot of people are going to oppose this as they've always filled to Maximum, giving longer time to an oil burning engine, between Topups. spacesailor
  15. Many thanks IAN, The best site I know of. spacesailor PS. I've noticed my spelling has NOT improved. So, THANKS for the spell checker. (makes me look good)