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  1. I feel such an idiot, complaining about the smoke, now My niece has been evacuated, & a grandson is in the thick of it. Son-in-laws are Firies & SES members so they are at the forefront of it all. Hoping all are safe, that's for every one. Can't go outside, but have my air-filter running. spacesailor
  2. I would be miffed if I bought a ticket, & the prize, is not going to be drawn. To the point of requesting a refund of my hoped for ticket !. So who IS going to get that aircraft, a Friend of a friend ?. spacesailor
  3. NOW ! were is the class action over the missing prize ?. spacesailor
  4. "or effecting shares they own," Thats the problem, with most of the profits going into CEO's pockets, & share's not performing. spacesailor
  5. Thank so very much Much, better than anything I could write. spacesailor
  6. It's the bureaucracy that puts a lot of "back-yard mechanics" out of getting a certificate. Even the great, "late" Sainty was not a certified mechanic, but what an engine he created. spacesailor
  7. "So fear of looking like a dork ranks above your desire to avoid injury." Some of us, Just can't stand their Head squashed in a anything, I had to give away Motor cycling, when that arbitrary law came in, & took fifty years, to get another bike-ride, (off road). spacesailor
  8. "Regardless, I agree that the old stuff should be known by pilots. " I don't know of anyone (younger than me), that Has or could use a bubble sextant. So the old shooting the moon, while flying a single seat aircraft would be hazardous. spacesailor
  9. " it was worth it to get a decent dividend on their investment." BUT. there's the rub !. The interest/dividend Is not increasing, only the perks for the upper management is increasing. IAG profits are up, Shares given to the exect's are up. Dividend to shareholders is 1% DOWN. That's from their own information to share holders. My own father, "Factory owner" was told by his lawyers to make himself & sons "Directors" just to lower the Tax, and skim the profits down. Also told to give the directors new cars every year. "Less profit" to hold the wage bill in check. spacesailor
  10. You don't think the Hoards of lawyer,s vetting all bureaucracy,s paper work, is gobbledygook enough !. spacesailor
  11. The highest Aussie I head, M bank CEO. $53million per annum, Then the undisclosed Golden handshake to top it off. spacesailor
  12. Airframe LOG. Engine LOG Propellor LOG Pilot LOG. Fuel LOG. (for the missus ). spacesailor
  13. Just a "subscribe" page. With no content. spacesailor
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