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  1. spacesailor

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    Some planes are exceptional flyers. The Hummel Aviation stable seems to be one of the better designers. Probably the only Part 103 all metal aircraft. Not the same specs as the faster or more frugal ones they have. spacesailor
  2. spacesailor

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    Even the Kiwi's had a pretender to that "first flight" Wings on a bicycle frame going down a large hill. spacesailor
  3. spacesailor

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    " to elicit responses from admirers of Aircraft Form." I found one of my favorites in an Art Studio's pictures !. Not once but twice So someone thinks they'r beautiful. check it your-self. : Makeshift - John Michael Kohler Arts Center_files. : GO HUMMEL LoL spacesailor
  4. spacesailor

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    This has to be a laugh. Makeshift - John Michael Kohler Arts Center_files. I don't know if it's hanging on the wall, parked in the art center. Hummel ultra-cruiser. spacesailor
  5. spacesailor

    Small Flying Schools

    I had an angle grinder accident, put a big scratch into my thick leather apron, glad I put it on tho. along with glasses & earmuffs. spacesailor
  6. spacesailor

    Pushing Your Weight Around.

    "high fructose corn syrup" Now added to HONEY. Cheap Bast,rds. I love honey, Black instant coffee, with a spoon of honey, that's a good drink. I keep trying to cut down on my Tea with milk and saccharin. spacesailor
  7. spacesailor

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    "And the ligeti stratos" Saw the one in the museum, fantastic design. Would love to see that aeroplane flying again, spacesailor
  8. spacesailor

    This bloke's seen it all...

    They'r making cars that way too. If all the airbags go off, the cars scrapped, because to replace them all, requires stripping the entire inside of the vehicle. The outside of same vehicle can straightened, and panels replaced. spacesailor
  9. spacesailor

    This bloke's seen it all...

    FOUND IT My OLD grease-gun is worn-out, Cleaned it out but the piston is loosing most of it's pressure from the bad wear, so will have to be replaced. Worked out I have owned it for about 61 years, a good run !, but WORN-OUT, its a grease gun, never used without being lubed. LoL spacesailor
  10. spacesailor

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    The same same with the Fairy RotorDyne. If only the bureaucratic knife wielder's in government hadn't the power's to ruin a company who invented, what possibly was the next leap forward in aviation, we would not be trying at this date to get a vertical take-off passenger aircraft, that was past its trials in the fifties. And yes it had faults, but don't they all at the beginning. The company boss ordered all parts Destroyed by steam-roller, & all paperwork including any pictures burnt, That's the reason we can't make a new one. spacesailor
  11. spacesailor

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    The bluebottle jellyfish is beautiful too. When it wraps its tentacles around your neck when swimming, It changes to awful. Don't you agree !. spacesailor
  12. spacesailor

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    THE COMET. Who's joking, Bad design, Bad work-man ship. Five destroyed before they stopped it flying, (Or have I got the wrong aircraft). Had to to it in a bath tank to test the fuselage, ( it failed ). spacesailor
  13. spacesailor

    This bloke's seen it all...

    Just a note "The old LAME is great encouragement to keep going in your old age. While you're still upright and reasonably fit, and able to carry out tasks satisfactorily, you should keep doing what you like to do." Was under my Delica today, & it's not just the normal things that get you, But to get down & squirm around on the floor, or pumping the jack while on your back is bludi hard, compered to when we were younger. Now can I remember where the Grease-pump was, the last time used. spacesailor
  14. spacesailor

    Lower your MTOW

    Bad back brigade ! I have a collapsed disk as well, In the USA they inject a filler into the damaged disc to fix the problem. Australia doesn't & just fits a steel ladder to your bones to stop any movement, fragile bones won't take much to crack with screws in them. I have to exercise every day to keep my back working, now the hip tells me to sit still so it doesn't hurt. spacesailor
  15. spacesailor

    Lower your MTOW

    J W Yes it will be in a public hospital. As a quote from another hip replacement person said, "The surgeon filled out the very basics in the Hospital Elective Surgery Admission Form then past it to me saying fill this out and take it to hospital Elective Surgery Administration.. Good Luck!" Yes it will be in a public hospital. So it's not just me being awkward, (Surgeon won't be paid for surgery, but get's $270 for their letter) spacesailor