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  1. Latest news. A class action law suit is being looked into. spacesailor
  2. Really nice looker, BUT has a reserve that could be the $25,000 motor price. Hasn't reached a grand yet, AND I want it. spacesailor
  3. Sopwith Camel - Full Scale Replica For sale ON ebay 19/1/20 For sale is my Airdrome Airplanes full scale Sopwith Camel Replica. . The aircraft is currently being test flown (I flew it last week) and as a result is restricted to how far it can fly from the strip, it will therefore be the buyers responsibility to organise transport and disassembly to have it relocated. I have decided to list the plane for sale due to work commitments as I will no longer have the time nor commitment to complete the remainder of the test flying phase or sort out any associated issues as they arise. I am hoping that the aircraft will be purchased by someone or a small group of enthusiast that can put in the time that I don't have. Aircraft Information: Robert Baslee designed Airdrome Airplanes full scale Sopwith Camel Replica Engine: 150hp, 9 cylinder Rotec R3600 radial engine Propellor: 90"culver wooden . Currently registered under RAAus 19-2137 Paint Scheme is based on the WW1 Canadian Ace Donald MacLaren's sopwith camel Wishing you luck. spacesailor
  4. I didn't see any piston rings , or did I miss something else, no plugs. compressed air could explain it, O-rings would be expectable. spacesailor
  5. AND I GAVE- UP SMOKING, Now its come back to me. spacesailor
  6. When people give us information. They end up in jail. Julian Assange . merely let us know that the US is as BAD. as the rest of the world. spacesailor
  7. No, had a ride in a Thruster when starting, The owner had two, & wanted to sell them together. He should have taken my & my brothers offer of one grand each, Then he lost everything in a fire, could be insurance job, but didn't think he had any, lived behind the cafe on the Hawksbury river bridge. Someone will know who he was I think. Did my training in a Foxbat. But failed the paperwork. spacesailor
  8. I,m in Sydney, so in front of Melbourne & Adalaid & of course Perth..LoL spacesailor
  9. Me next. LoL spacesailor
  10. Just look at the Swallows or Martins, birds, if flying high expect rain of some description. If flying low no rain. spacesailor
  11. It,s the old Pajero running gear under a Star wagon body. A bit low with only 15 " wheels, good on Fraser Island, & can be moded to 16" wheels & becomes a GREAT touring vehicle. spacesailor
  12. My worst batteries (plural) are any brand of absorbed,glass,mat. They seem to dry out & die just after the warranty period . All my WET battery, s seen to last years. Would like to try the new Lithium batteries, but not at those rediculess prices. Almost $400 for a $90 battery. spacesailor
  13. YES A Mitsubishi Delica Wagon Was a seven seater, now it's two with a double bed. Ten year ownership, New hip, must find a COOL place to go. spacesailor
  14. What do you do to the other end. or ARE YOU DOING studs?. I have found it's easier to undo the bolt head, No lock-washer, under the bolt, than to undo the nut, scrapping the lock washer over the surface metal, scaring it. spacesailor
  15. Mine only went through the corner of the nuts hex., with a clock-wise turn (wrap) to the next nut. If it went through the nut & bolt I could have used a split pin !. spacesailor
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