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    Design and build an 'Ultralight'

    Stall speed restricted, Is it a different Stall speed to 95-10, ?. spacesailor
  2. spacesailor

    ASIC renewal

    I only get asked for the. Driving License, Then, I give them my I D CARD, WITH A PICCY ON IT, ISSUED BY ROADS & TRAFFIC. spacesailor
  3. spacesailor

    Design and build an 'Ultralight'

    Just another "woe be me" It's not just weight that get you, It's that BUREAUCRATIC Wing load Rule. spacesailor
  4. spacesailor

    CASA booklet

    " He then pointed out that I was, in fact, flying at the wrong height for my direction, which I guess I was, however as I was on descent into the airfield and had indicated such.I told him I felt that his lack of radio usage was of more a concern, because he knew where we were, but we had no idea he was even in the air anywhere near us.He had made no calls either on landing or take off other than the garbled message we had heard as he approached.Far be it for me to criticise others. I have only about 130 hours flying time and I know I still make mistakes and have a lot to learn. But I do know that for every pilot to be safe in the air (and my instructor drummed this into me), not only do you need to know where I am and what I am doing, but letting me know where you are and what your intentions are - especially when we are in the same airspace - will make a huge difference to all concerned It’s common courtesy" Exert from Sport pilot. Say's lots in a small paragraph. I was told to make my intentions known !. spacesailor
  5. Yoke In a gearboc mine has "selectors " My HB has a stick, eggs & American aircraft have yokes. Goog joke spacesailor
  6. spacesailor

    RAAus to disclose member details

    Am I wrong, G registered aircraft no longer have to paint their rego on their aircraft. RAA aircraft are still required to Show their rego numbers. spacesailor
  7. spacesailor

    A new iPad Mini

    If you go electric panel. You have to have Good battery !. "Work in progress for my new dashpanel with the new "OMNIA57" instruments by Flybox Avionics. You can see the new instruments to measure Volt Ampere, the only one available on the market which monitors the status of the electrical plant, and makes a real time diagnosis; it is mandatory if you have installed an engine with electronic ignition/injection. Hummel builder's". My HB doesn't have a battery, only Magneto ignition, But why is volt/amp-meter Mandatory ?. spacesailor
  8. spacesailor

    Looking for a 503 prop

    Is the 503 R with reduction-box ( when standing Behind Aircraft )Clockwise ?' AS 583 R, is clockwise !. spacesailor
  9. spacesailor

    CASA booklet

    Poteroo Only if Not on Solo training. (single seater) spacesailor
  10. spacesailor

    CASA booklet

    The MARINE RT has been ruined by making channel 16 emergency calls Mandatory, which clips out the message your listening to, ( lost weather part you need) even when there's no emergency. I just switch it OFF , then phone home on expensive Sat-phone to get the missing weather. SO NOT listening to channel 16 at ALL. spacesailor
  11. spacesailor

    CASA booklet

    Roundsounds " By limiting routine calls to those recommended, you are leaving RT space for critical calls." At a training facility those Many calls are getting the student used to RT procedure. Yes, we can & do it in the car traveling there, but the Instructor needs to HEAR you make the calls. spacesailor
  12. spacesailor

    SPOT satellite locator

    B Belcher ( if I remember the Name right), Had TWO, both of which FAILED. Leaving him on a reef, Had to cut the drogues off his life-raft to try to get to Australian coast, was Found & rescued within sight of coast but far to weak to survive the surf . ( caught & tried to eat a seagull). My own "Obsolete" EPIRBS were dismantled one OK, but the other had the antenna wire NOT soldered on to bottom of antenna. Only a month or two old when outdated to new frequency. (the dud) spacesailor
  13. spacesailor

    CASA booklet

    Get your own back . Photo copy it, Put it on Eba or gumtry, the charge $ 2.50 for an "Electronic Doc" copy. Should get more than three sales !. LoL spacesailor
  14. A silly reply BUT Have the carbies any play on their "butterfly shafts" I have Seen a very weak mixture on one cylinder due to the Shaft being in that Zone, letting more air in than when in a different position. I possess a "Glass spark-plug" that lets me See the firing "colour". spacesailor
  15. spacesailor

    Built up areas

    Bummer. I really wanted to do , the house sight-seeing thing. LoL spacesailor
  16. spacesailor


    Like you said ! CASA moves slowly, BUT they change it, ready or not. If your away or just incognito you Can get caught out. spacesailor
  17. spacesailor

    BalanceMaster testing

    Smokeybear. I only need that prop for the monthly engine runs, No license (certification) so it';s not going anywhere but making noise. The engine I acquired had a "rich" cylinder. that I saw on "visual" had its rubber cap (on the side of the carbi" missing. . A bit of tube & a 22 shed-case plugged. that problem, then tuned it up, to exceed the recommended tacho speed. spacesailor
  18. spacesailor

    BalanceMaster testing

    Will putting extra "pitch" on a trailing edge first prop, make up for it's over revving of the motor. silly question but I presume it would be under-pitched running in reverse. spacesailor
  19. spacesailor

    BalanceMaster testing

    I have a question, but Not on the "Balancemaster. I know sitting in a "Tractor aircraft you face the prop & say it's, either "clock or anticlock-wise rotation. BUT In a Pusher, do you rotate your Head 180 degrees, or Stand behind prop To say which is the rotation, ( left, or Right handed prop). Reason, My Rotax 582, (cheapie motor) seems to have a tractor prop on backwards, was offered a replacement, but it also looks like a tractor prop. AND The 1/2 VW motors are the worst for vibration, Iv,e ever encountered, No talk of a "B M" on those engines:, re. the mercury thing, in a rotating ring, wouldn't the mercury get pushed to the furthest point of the circumference.( opposite of aim). spacesailor
  20. spacesailor

    ultralight brakes

    Using Hydraulic brakes eliminates "Binding, splinterJams, and rusting cables. Is not much heavier either. spacesailor
  21. spacesailor

    Western Sydney Airport named.

    WHO Can push the Badgery name through the political crap. And is this woman's name set in concrete ?. spacesailor
  22. spacesailor

    Western Sydney Airport named.

    READ IT. And fully agree. BYE BYE the Waltons Badgery's here to stay !. spacesailor
  23. spacesailor

    Western Sydney Airport named.

    Mascot Airport is known for it's locality. Nancy-Baird Walton, needs the hyphen, because it was her husband's "pet" name for the Very famous flyer. BUT what a mouthful. Badgery's will be its name forever, & finger up to the pollies. Were is avalon airport ?, : "Avalon in the City of Greater Geelong in Victoria" . Brisbane ?, & so the list goes on. spacesailor
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    The fastest HB lost it's tail-feathers, at about 170Mph, Pilot didn't survive. Skeets Bird with it's MacCullogh 72hp engine is fast and thirsty. spacesailor